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God is telling you right now oh my dear

child I never remove the Red Sea for

Israelites however I’m a deal way for

them via the Red Sea I never prevented

the broke from being dried up within the

region in which Elijah turned into

hiding however I provided what he wanted

in no way took the situation from

Daniel’s life to be in the Lion’s Den

but within the Lion’s Den I dispatched

my angel to protect him I in no way took

the scenario from Samson’s Lifestyles

away but while he prayed and I heard him

and gave him power

and gift you may be going through some

situations a few situations you cannot

even recognize why this is occurring

even at that point you continue to

understand that I am with you move on

with the aid of trusting me if El made a

way through the purple sea for

Israelites like this message if you

believe omnipotent God

if I supplied Elijah what he wanted if I

have dispatched my angel to Shield

Daniel from the land’s Den if I have

heard Samson prayer and gave him

electricity where there seems no way I

can be with you through establishing new

doors which cannot be shut to using

absolutely everyone

I could be with you via presenting what

you need in its time I will ship my

angel to defend you

I will hear your prayers and will

deliver answers even inside the midst of

the conditions that you’re going via

allow me inform you I am with you I am

faithful I am your one and simplest

god.trust me the entirety is in your


God says if you want my blessings type


and bible verse Romans to always

says do not agree to the pattern of this

world but be converted by way of the

renewing of your thoughts then you’ll be

in a position to test and approve what

God’s will is his suitable appealing and

ideal wool

let’s pray dear God I need to stop for a

minute and pray for healing cleanse my

soul and refresh my coronary heart run

to my body repair Uncle ailments and


make me whole again and you you are my

healer company and protector you can do

something amen

type amen if you believe and listen the

complete message if you trust in God’s


Christ declares in life we all have

negative things occur to us I know those

who were raised in an environment in

which human beings have addictions low

shallowness Despair and poverty their

mother and father had problems and now

it is making matters lots more tough

but when you take delivery of Jesus

Christ as your lord and savior he gives

you a brand new heart to ten other

phrases your bloodline modifications no

longer are you difficulty on you herbal

owned family lion

you become subject in your Godly history

his non-secular Blessing overrides any

curse in the natural realm when you

recognize who you are and whose you are

then no matter what someone else did or

did not do no matter the way you were

raised you might not get sour

you won’t live with a chip for your

shoulder you realize that not anything

can forestall you from satisfying your

god-given destiny remember

almighty God breathe life into you when

you pick him you’re choosing your Godly

historical past

type I love dearly you father

God’s plan to your existence began

earlier than you were even born if

you’ve taken some incorrect turns to

your Lifestyles don’t surrender Paul is

an example of this in the start of his

life he became in opposition to Jesus

and anybody who followed him

he made it his purpose to lock

Christians in jail or worse he attempted

his exceptional to wipe out all

Christianity but then Paul met Jesus he

believed grew to become away from his

pre by his life and spent the relaxation

of his existence telling others

approximately Jesus

type now

hopeful lesson that God used Paul and

such superb approaches

he used Paul to write tons of the New

Testament did Paul’s trade of coronary

heart surprise God no God had a plan for


he knew what he’d become going to do

before turning into a Christian and he

knew what Paul could do after accepting

Christ God is aware of the same about

you whatever your pre-christ light W

became like will not prevent you from

serving God after you turn how to be a


his grace forgives all you had been

earlier than his grace covers all you

sin he knew his plans for you earlier

than you had been even born

if you agree please say yes now

the almighty God declares and the warm

temperature of the solar and the mild

blow of the Moon recognize my nearness

even in moments of solitude or doubt

realize what you’re enveloped in an

everlasting love that is aware of no


life may additionally gift towering

challenges however with my energy no

impediment is insurmountable as you

Journey forward bear and mind that each

step you’re taking each tier you should

I am beside you presenting Comfort

recovery and steering

in every heartbeat each sigh I am

steadfast of regular presence of putting

up with love

you were questioning yourself these days

and wondering if you are genuinely

sturdy sufficient or good sufficient to

do what I located to your coronary heart

to do let me remind you that you could

do all things through Christ

don’t let fear communicate you from your

dream remember I am with you and you

will make it you can do that if you

agree God’s words then share this video

who is closest to your heart

God says ever be aware how life’s

Adventure is full of unexpected twists

and turns sometimes you’re cruising and

other times it feels like you’ve hit a

detour but bet what every direction you

tread I’m unfooted with you

when the road gets Rocky lean on I’ve

got you and whilst you locate those

moments of natural pleasure well I’m

celebrating proper long Yule so anywhere

your adventure takes you some split and

forget I am with you through it all

listen carefully the handiest way you

may ever simply realize in case you’re

doing what you’re referred to as to do

for the approval of God and no longer

human beings is when you do not get the

approval you’re looking for from people

it’s handiest when people forget about

you exclude you forget you ignore you or

move on from you that you understand who

you are doing what you are doing for if

you are in a season of isolation

rejection or being misunderstood do not


this is a time of testing in which God’s

getting ready you for what he has

prepared for you the identical God who

called the new definitely is with you

now he’s no longer forsaken you his

promise is nevertheless stay his cause

will be triumphant trust him

write Jesus’s Supreme King

he says be nonetheless and recognize

that I am God I could exalt some of the

Nations I can be exalted in the earth

Psalm to .

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me Lord there is no one

like you after I upward push and while I

sleep you defend me through the night

time and guide me I the morning mild I

am blessed redeemed and loved

I will stroll in integrity and will not

allow my foot to slip I have the

entirety I want to achieve success and

have inconsiderable existence and you

teach me to give extra pray extra and

press into you in order that I will be

completely prepared to do your paintings

I will not depend on my own electricity

however yours who’s strong to store I

will now not agree with the lies of the

enemy that say your promises aren’t

authentic or that you do not heal today

as you’ve got accomplished in instances


I name my body to line up with God’s

word that says I am healed I am robust

and I am extra than a triumph over I

will not concentrate to foolish talk or

communicate of evil for I will claim

that my God as a rewarder of folks who

love him type yes to affirm

he can flow mountains or part Rivers for

me too perform his paintings in me

search my coronary heart oh God and if

there is any wicked aspect in me solid

it out for nothing can stand inside the

way of what God is doing no pressure of

Darkness will prevail

my enemies will fall at his first rate

call I am surrendering at the present

time to the Lord to use me too D his

vessel to show this International His

Brilliant love

I’m excited to see how he will perform

Miracles and open doors no guy can close

I will wait in Humble expectation due to

the fact my God is tremendous and he

chooses me every time amen we appreciate

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