? God Says; Never Miss Out This Video If You True Believers‼️

God is speaking to you right now my dear

little children if you’ve ever felt

annoyed by using an unsure season that

lasts longer than you predicted you’re

not on my own you can grow to be so

targeted on your disappointments which

you overlook Kaya nonetheless and manage

that’s why it is crucial to don’t forget

that you’re ready is never wasted

even even though the Israelites couldn’t

see it on the time I wasn’t withholding

my promises from them I become making

ready them for that like the video of

assurance and supreme god

so in case you locate wary from waiting

do but the Israelites forgot to do

search for evidence of my presence and

look again on a watch I already

accomplished my timeline may be distinct

than yours but my faithfulness does not


when you are ready I am preparing you

for my plans my functions and for my

promises that I even have for you trust


God says type on man if you believe in

my words my

heart I am with you and for you when you

determine on a course of action this is

consistent with me will nothing in

heaven or on this planet can force to

owe you you come across many obstacles

As you move in the direction of your

goal however do not be discouraged in no

way surrender

with my help you may overcome any

impediment do now not expect an easy

route as you Journey hand in hand with

me but do remember that I your very

pleasant helper I am omnipotent

much plenty pressure results out of your

trying make things show up before their

times have come one of the main methods

I assert my sovereignty is in the timing

of activities


live close to me and do matters my way

ask me to expose you the root forward

second by means of moment instead of

rushing headlines towards your aim allow

me to set the tempo slowed down and

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