🛑 God Says; My Dear Child It’s Hurt Me If You Skip This‼️| God Says Today

if you’re a true God’s believer then yah

won’t want to miss out on this chance to

receive his Abundant Blessings In This

powerful video we will discover how

God’s love can bring joy and hope into

your life and why it’s so important to

stay faithful to him so make sure you

watch this video until the very end your

life would never be the same again

grading my child in certain situations

you might find yourself feeling stuck

wondering what more you can do

look at the example of Abraham who

waited for a long time and instead of

dwelling on the situation he chose to

focus on me and trust it

that I had a plan

similarly Daniel faced a daunting

circumstance when he heard about the

Lion’s Den what he to chose to

concentrate on me and trust it in my


like this video If you believe Jesus


likewise in your own life you may

encounter situations that leave you

feeling stuck and unsure about what to

do next when these moments arise I

encourage you not to fixate on the

situation itself but rather shift your

focus on to me

in my divine plan and move forward with

faith rest assured that if I permit

something to happen I have a purpose

behind it remember always that


unfolding in your life is for my glory

Embrace this truth and have unwavering

faith in me

by doing so you will find the strength

and guidance needed to overcome any

obstacle or challenge that comes your

way trust in me and together we will

navigate through life’s journey

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Hebrews to says and the find favor

in his sight one must possess unwavering

Faith understanding that God exists and

bestows rewards upon those who earnestly

seek his presence

my dearest child today I want to remind

you of the unwavering power of Hope in a

world filled with uncertainty and

challenges I am the steadfast anchor of

hope that holds you steady

when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged

turn your gaze toward me

for I am the source of Hope and the one

who holds your future in my hands

trust in my promises for they are true

and unchanging no matter what

circumstances you may face I Am with You

guiding and strengthening you

as Jesus said only a few loyal people

will stay connected to this video till

though end

listen up today at my age and stage in

life I have decided to continue pressing

on to lay hold of all that for which

Christ Jesus has laid a hold of me I

will remain full of faith hope love and


my belief in God will not waver and I

will keep expecting him to fulfill his

promises I am eagerly anticipating more

salvations signs wonders and miracles

I refuse to stop settle become cynical

or bitter I will not step back or pull

back doubt fear negativity murmuring

grumbling or complaining will not have a

hold on me

from the beginning I walked in faith and

I will finish in faith I trust that he

who promised is faithful

God says type amen if you’re looking for

my guidance

the Lord is good of Fortress in the day

off distress he acknowledges those who

seek refuge in him Nahum one to seven

here are four things God wants you to

keep your mind

one love and compassion Embrace love and

compassion in your heart not only for

those close to you but for all living

beings show kindness and understanding

to others as it brings joy and peace to

both yourself and those around you


self-discovery and growth take time for

self-reflection and personal growth

understand your strengths and weaknesses

and strive to improve and become the

best version of yourself through

self-discovery you’ll find greater

purpose and fulfillment in life .

gratitude and contentment practice

gratitude for the blessings in your life

no matter how big or small cultivate

contentment with what you have for it

opens your heart to abundance

and helps you focus on the positives

rather than the negatives

for faith and trust Have Faith In the

Journey of life and trust that

everything happens for a reason even

during challenging times believe that

there is a higher purpose guiding you

and you have the strength to overcome


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community for it is by Grace you have

been saved through faith and this is not

from yourselves it is the gift of God

Ephesians .

dear God I humbly Bob before you at this

moment please illuminate what is

obscured in me fortify what is feeble in

me repair what is shattered and me

restore what is ailing in me and revive

the peace and love that may have Wane

within me this is my prayer for myself

my family and my friends in Jesus name


the message dot dot the more secure you

are and who God made you to be the more

effectively you will fulfill the call of

God on your life

if you keep waiting for everyone to like

you accept you affirm you believe in you

support you encourage you or celebrate

you in order to take the first step of

obedience towards the will of God for

you you will never do it

God called you

not a people-pleasing version of you not

another version of someone else through

you not a cookie cutter of everyone else


he made you specifically wired you

particularly and equipped you with a

certain personality gift makes and

passion to do the thing he has called

you to do

it’s time to seek God for yourself and

step out in faith to complete your

assignment on the earth just a slight

modification to the script but the

essence Remains the Same embrace your

and fulfill your god-given purpose type

how man if you have faith in God lift up

your eyes your help comes from me not

from people I am bringing forth a fresh

start in your life it will become

evident to all I am eliminating the


individuals from your path and

positioning you for something Superior

and grander though they may have

intended harm it is I who have removed

them sees your tears over the losses and


redirect your focus and energy toward

the new blessings I am bringing into

your life have faith in my work

everything will ultimately turn in your


type amen if you believe

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