? God Says; My Child Why Are You Ignoring My Message✝️

Lord’s words for you

today my sweet child the sky will change

the earth will

exchange however my words will never if

I said I will shield you I will guard

you if I state it I will offer you I

will provide you if I state it I will

deliver what you’re praying for I will

supply what you are praying for if I

stated I will guide you I will manual

you if I state it I will heal you I will


you if I state it I will make the manner

for you I will make the manner for you

don’t worry about something whatever I

said and promised may be achieved in the

proper time within the way you didn’t

expect what you need to do is trust me

like this video if your faith is strong

and Bible voice Isaiah

– always says go and tell Hezekiah

this is what the Lord the god of your

father David says I have heard your

prayer and seen your tears I will add

years to your

life rejoice in me always no remember

what goes on you may have fun for your

relationships with me this is the name

of the game of being content material in


circumstances so many humans dream of

the day after they will eventually be

glad when they’re out of debt when their

kids are out of trouble when they have

more enjoyment time and so

forth while they Daydream their moments

are trickling into the floor like

valuable bombs spilling wastefully from

overturned bottles fat aside in about

future happiness will in no way bring

success because fantasy is

unreal even though I am invisible I am a

long way greater real than the global

you spot around you my truth is

Everlasting and

unchanging bring your moments to me and

I will fill them with colorful Joy now

is the time to have a good time in my


to receive it type then send this

message to people who believe in

Lord lovely child in moments of guilt

and disgrace it Smiles importance to

recollect that I am a god of forgiveness


compassion I am here to remind you that

mistakes are a part of the human journey

and they do not lessen your well worth


cost embrace the opportunity for growth

and study that comes with acknowledging

your movements and recognize that I am

right here to guide you each step of the

way to overcome these emotions my child

it Smiles critical to exercise

self-compassion treat yourself with the

same kindness and understanding that you

could offer to a cherished


one understand what you are deserving of

forgiveness and Beauty just as another

individual has release the weight of

guilt and disgrace by acknowledging your

errors making amends were vital and

committing to personal

increase comment on men if you believe


Jesus addition Al are looking for solace

in prayer and meditation connect with

your inner self and with me for I am

always here to pay attention and provide

steerage pour out your heart and release

your burdens in those moments of quiet

reflection allow my divine presence to

fill you with peace love and

acceptance remember my baby which you

are not alone in this battle seek aid

from the ones around you friends family

or even experts who can offer guidance


knowhow share your feelings with them

for they are my vessels of compassion

and empathy placed on your life to

provide love and

support lastly my treasured infant

recognize that I am usually here for you

I am your constant companion geared up

to pay attention in your prayers and

preserve you near my Divine

heart trust in my love for it’s far

boundless and

unwavering together we will navigate

this adventure of healing and self

acceptance with me with the aid of your

f it there’s not anything you cannot


over God claims bless someone’s Day by

sharing this

video great child I’ll apprehend the ACH

and now not having your way that’s a

pleasure and ego trouble I recognize

what it feels like to combat love and

try to be wanted by the man or woman you

want but the feeling is not mut

Mutual that’s a self- problem never live

in a scenario where you’re sad that’s

how humans use you for their

gain when you wake up every morning God

sends you a unique shipping of Joy it

comes knocking at your

door when you arise in religion and make

the Declaration that this is going to be

an excellent day do you understand what

you simply did you simply answered the

door you simply acquired the gift of

pleasure that God sent to you the

problem is that a few humans never

answer the door Joy has been knocking

for months and months years and years

saying come on let me in you may be glad

you can enjoy your existence make up

your mind that you are going to reply

the door for pleasure wake up each

morning and say father thank you for

another beautiful

day I’m going to be glad I’m going to

enjoy this present day I’m going to

brighten someone else’s Lifestyles I get

hold of your gift of Joy

today to confirm type to

listen up now I simply felt to

encourage those of you who are feeling

hopeless helpless and on the verge of

depression right now it’s so hard to

hold trusting believing or hoping when

you experience disillusion betrayed

heartbroken misunderstood rejected

abandoned neglected or

undesirable when your strength is

depleted your thoughts is tormented you

have lost your joy and and you cannot

even don’t forget whilst you remaining

felt any semblance of Peace you simply

want to

surrender giving up appears a great deal

less complicated than getting back up

letting pass appears less difficult than

preserving on and going lower back

appears easier than shifting

ahead the enemy has been operating over

time to take you out because you rely

and so does your motive the purpose you

are still right here is because Jesus is

maintaining you

tight you don’t ought to maintain on

simply fall into his loving fingers he

were given you and he’s now not letting


cross typ how man in the comments also

subscribe to this

channel the God Jesus are keep keeping

watch come to me requesting peace that

simp plasy can offer you need more of me

invite me into each part of your

existence I will help you rely upon Me

Greater absolutely and completely give

me all your worry and fears I will help

you stay stressful for not anything

through relying on

me trust me I will give you all you need

in its best

time do you have got performed something

in your Lifestyles that you’re feeling

you cannot come again

from something you stated or did at such

Bleak and disheartening outcomes that

you don’t have any concept how I should

ever forgive you well true information

to is why I dispatched my

son type I love you for

father Jesus called his disciples to

him and gave them authority to drive out

impure spirits and to heal every disease

and sickness Matthew

Dear listener join this powerful

prayer with me and repeat after me I’m

the present lordy come to you in prayer

understanding that I am your toddler and

you constantly listen to me once I

pray father if I have sin toward you in

any way and feature now not ask for

forgiveness I apologize properly

now please forgive me for whatever that

I may additionally have carried out that

became not ey catching to you and assist

me no longer to maintain and sin father

today today I will ask for your help as

I begin something

new God the enemy Whispers terrible

thoughts because he desires to ship

discouragement I will withstand and

rebuke the one’s mind right now in Jesus

call God I know that if you are for me

who can be towards me I am reaching to

better myself and as I step out in faith

to attempt God God I understand that I

do not step

alone I ask you to bless me with the

knowledge braveness and staying power

that it takes to obtain my goals God I

know what you care about each area of my

Lifestyles I know that I can pray to you

about everything I praise you for


me I understand that you make inent

continually guide me God my confidence

is not in my capacity but in you you

have by no means failed me I surrender

all to you and I thank you for all which

you have achieved and all that you may

do in jesus’ name I pray

amen our Channel needs your regular

support our aim is to bring happiness in

your life and to develop the spirit of

Devotion to almighty God we will

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