? God Says, My Child Don’t Skip Because You Can Skip If You Hate Me

God says

my beloved child sometimes how you get

doubts about some thing which could

motivate you to doubt approximately my

plans or else which can reason you to

doubt approximately my life sometimes

you can ask why is that going on in my


when will I get relief from this when

will you answer my prayers when will

this ready stop but you already know

that if I do something in your life it

will likely be for your suitable

still believe that firmly and you

continue to live in faith hand Hope by

means of pronouncing my God will provide

the whole thing that I need in time if

you are feeling positive then like this


then why do you still worry when you get

to doubt I am equal God who you still

agree with long earlier than your

situations I already deliberate how to

finish off what I actually have begun.so

don’t worry believe me

God says type why yes if you want to be

a light in the Darkness

my pricey children and moments of

Despair recognize that I am here a

steady presence guiding you through the

storm just because the solar Rises after

the darkest night time so too will your

spirit upward thrust above those trials

you own a reservoir of inner strength

which could weather any project even

while Shadows Loom huge take into

account that light always finds its way

have faith to your ability to conquer

for you’re more potent than you realize

in times whilst you experience lost

attained deep inside yourself and locate

the flicker of Desire that is living

there it’s a flame that may never

virtually be extinguished

with each step you are taking I am

beside you whispering braveness and

fortitude into your soul while watching

this video write Jesus my Savior wants

and send it to the one who is closest to

your heart believe in the energy of your

desires and the resilience of your

spirit embrace the demanding situations

as opportunities to grow and study

through your journey recognize that my

love surrounds you wrapping you in

warmth and unwavering help

if you desire Miracles watch this video

all the way through to the end

in Bible verse Romans to to says

hence there exists no condemnation for

those who belong to Christ Jesus this is

because the law of the spirit of life in

Christ Jesus has liberated me from the

law of sin and death

let’s pray dear God I pray that this

week I would discover ways to position

you first earlier than the entirety help

me to not worry a lot about my struggles

or allow my anxiety to overcome me

when doubt begins to fill my thoughts

help me recall that with you all matters

are feasible Lord you recognize what is

quality for me I provide you with

complete control over my Lifestyles and

I consider you in Jesus name amen

today’s message you are tantalizing this

by means of twist of fate this is your

confirmation everything is going to be

all right God is making a manner for you

right now God is sending you a unique

transport the blessing goes to show up

on time God has permitted your prayer

request it goes tooger there is about to

be a shift to your Lifestyles get ready

for your advantages you have been

through sufficient and a breakthrough is

on the manner

Thai power man if you have faith in God

affirm I choose to make peace with the

past so I can be mentally and

emotionally unfast dented from it I

forgive myself for what changed

end-to-hand refocus my contemporary

energy to what’s feeble for me I am

loose to be who I virtually want to be

right now I can evolve I can change I

can get higher sweet kids in this

adventure there may be moments of joy

and moments of mission Embrace both with

gratitude for it is through the

challenges that you will develop

stronger and wiser and via the moments

of pleasure that you will endure the

fullness of my love and style

your past is no longer outline you it

smiles and me that you discover your

true identification let go of regrets

and mistakes and open your heart to the

renewal that I provide

in my presence you’re made new and

vintage things by pass away

embraceth adventure of transformation

understanding that I am continually with

you seek me within the Stillness and I

will guide your steps

as lord said my children if you love to

listen to my voice and receive my

blessings then I urge you to watch this

video till the end

listen up it’s simple to lose hope when

overwhelmed it’s tough to maintain trust

hope or belief amidst the crushing

pressures of Life the adversary of our

souls capitalizes on moments of weakness

confusion disappointment or grief

the intention is to convince you it’s

concluded there’s no light ahead and

surrender is the only option I am here

to reiterate that this isn’t the

conclusion this circumstance won’t

defeat you your God loves observes

listens and accompanies you

he hasn’t abandoned you he’s reliable

even in uncertainty Jesus is dependable

type if you agree

God claims you’ve anticipated this

breakthrough for quite a while

often dotting its possibility yet

persisting with faith your struggles

mostly hidden have been immensed now

your time has come I can surpass all

expectations more than you imagine or

see I’ve stood right beside you through

every situation you’ve faced I’ve always

provided you with everything you need I

will protect you and your family always

though you might be in a tough season

now trust in my timing trust me and

embrace this new month

if you’re convenient taipa man

it’s a brand new day I can turn your

tears into Joy your shame into Glory

your failure into success and your

defeat into Triumph lean on me these

days it’s going to be okay

everything remains going to work out

your situation is in my fingers things

may better proper now however recognize

that’ll aim to your corner I actually

have in no way failed you and I’m not

going to begin now

man if you have faith in God

today God tells you I’m renewing your

strength you’re being refreshed for

brighter days what the enemy intended is

bad I’ll Transform for the code all

losses will be restored and I’ll speak

the final word in your life

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me almighty God thank

you for creating me thank you for

retaining me and my family till this

time I pray for your protection in

opposition to spiritual and bodily


I pray for the strengths to resist the

devil’s sassos help me placed on your

full armor and your breastplate of

righteousness protect me once I sleep

and when I wake

please get rid of all the traps that

haven’t been set for me that oh can’t

see please guard me from the eyes and

snares of the evil one order my steps

for me so do not walk inside the

Enterprise of the wicked protect my

circle of relatives from any worldly

cultures on the way tobering about them

dropping their souls protect us from all

evil interests from strangers and from

those close to us

block everybody with awful intentions

from coming into our lives be a shining

mild unto our toes so we won’t stroll in

Thorns or slippery slopes

protect us from all level which include

the ones who carry upon ourselves

let us no longer wander far from your

safety come what can also give us the

strength to walk with you we dare us

from Sunrise until dusk watch over us in

everything we do be our accomplice

wherever we move thank you for the

responded prayer Lord thou men

God has spoken I am going to ship people

resources and budget to you which you

never imagined your State of Affairs is

set to alternate type yes to affirm

I see your demanding thoughts and your

restless coronary heart bring those

burdens tone for I deeply take care of

you you do nothing to navigate these

worries by myself remember that I am

here to guide and support you

breathe and discover relaxation in me

presence knowing that I am your refuge

and energy my peace and sins all

understanding and it is to be had to you

right now lean into my love and let me

consolation case your anxiety

walk with me and together we’ll discover

a way through that hurricane trust in my

goodness for I am continually with you

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