? God Says; My Child Don’t Dare To Ignore Me Don’t Skip It‼️|

Lord is telling you right

now my beloved Offspring when I provide

you with a promise it could take place

right now or it is able to take

time but it’s going to never manifest

when you wish it too because you by no

means assume whether you are prepared

for it or not whilst you preserve un

wishing it for show up that’s the reason

why I always say trust me

because I will provide what I promised

simplest whilst you are organized for it

so that you may never lose it from your

life for any motive trust me I will

never provide you with a fake

promise if I stated I will do it always

take into account blessed is the one

that believed what I promis will

fulfill like the video of assurance and


God in Bible vce Isaiah

– always says the moon will shine

like the sun and the sunlight will be

seven times brighter like the light of

Sevenfold days when the Lord binds up

the bruises of his people and heals the

wounds he

inflicted my pricey infant inside the

large t tapestry of existence I hear

your prayers and sense your coronary

heart’s craving for desire even inside

the darkest of

moments I am right here your ever

watchful father or mother to offer you

consolation and guarantee your plea for

desire and trials touches the very

essence of your being and I want you to

understand that I’ve listened

closely and your existences journey

trials are The Crucible in which your

spirit is forged and it Smiles in those

trying moments that the glimmer of my

promise shines

brightest I actually have witnessed your

struggles and the burdens you endure but

do not forget I am with you usually my

Everlasting Love Is An unwavering mile

that may pierce the thickest dark us

it’s a beacon to manual your steps while

you feel

lost Lord claims bless someone’s Day by

sharing this Divine

video lovely kids in every tear you shed

and every doubt that clouds your mind My

Love Remains a steady it’s a love that

transcends time and area a love that is

aware of no

bounds so my baby take solace now

understanding that desire even in your

darkest moments is a gift I offer you

it’s the promise of a brand new day a

sparkling began and a hazard to discover

Beauty amidst

adversity as you navigate the storms of

life recall that my love is your anchor

and in it you may continually locate the

hope you are

seeking keep religion for your heart and

allow it to be your Guiding Light you

are in no way on my own for I am right

here and your hope is my

promise if you have confidence in God

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this video seven

individual affirm I am attracting my

desires and imaginative and preent of

the destiny into my cutting Dash

edge.a I know that the existence I want

to living is

possible I trust in myself fully and

agree with that I will arrive wherein I

am intended to be I recognize that if I

can consider it in my thoughts I can

create it in my fact I am effective

author here are seven things presently

Lord desires you to recognize this

today one let us upward push up and meet

the day God is with us right now and

always two a New Day brings with it new

possibilities true things will happen in

case you just have

faith three do no longer pass G gentle

into that right nighttime rage rage

against the laws of life of the

mild four the simplest man or woman

who’s knowledgeable is the one who has

found out greater than they have been

taught five don’t listen to your fears

pay attention in your heart it’ll never

lead you off

pee six what lies in the back of us and

what lies earlier than us are tiny

subjects in comparison to what lies


us seven great minds speak ideas average

Minds talk events small minds speak

humans to confirm right

the world is too much with you dot

my child your mind leaps from problem to

trouble to trouble tangling your

thoughts and stressful knots when you

watched like that you depart me out of

your world view and your mind turns into

darkened though I yearn to assist I will

no longer violate your freedom I stand

silently inside the heritage of your

mind waiting with the intention to don’t

forget that I am with you when you turn

from your issues to my presence your

load is right away

lighter circumstances won’t have changed

but we stock your burdens collectively

your compulsion to Restoration the whole

thing gives manner a deep enjoyable

connection with me together we are able

to deal with something nowadays

brings lovely Soul all matters are

possible when you trust in me you can

take me at my word my promises are

genuine and I will always observe

through my

intentions my loving kindness will never

ever fail you where for your Lifestyles

do you feel Hamed and invite into it

beloved let me give you my better

perspective so that you may see wherein

I am already at work turning the

tie Noah barrier can stand up against

the Rushing River of my Mercy I

continually make a manner where there

seems to be none when you cannot see an

opportunity for step forward let your

Consciousness shift from your own

expertise to seeing with the eyes of

Faith would you dare agree with that the

same God who cut up the sea so that the

Israelites sought to break out the

bondage of Egypt will make a way for you

I will will do

it dig to my word and to the energy of

the testimony of my faithfulness inside

the lives of my old ones what I have

executed for others I will do for you or

even more let Aur guarantee increase to

your coronary heart as you accept as

true within

me right I love dearly you

father sweet kids I become trustworthy

to David whilst he faced to massive I

become trustworthy to Shadrick mesha and

a bed Neo in the fiery

furnace I changed into devote to Moses

whilst he told pharaoh to permit the

Israelites pass I turned into

trustworthy to Mary wow she discovered

she would Supply start to my son I

chained into devoted to job when his

physical existence become

shamble I was devoted to Esther whilst

she took a stand for justice I became

trustworthy to Jonah after I sent him to

Nineveh Time and Time have proved how

trustworthy I am I will never alternate

even my phrase too so believe

me sometimes times the matters which you

anticipate the most will in no way get

why you want but that doesn’t suggest

with the intention to by no means get at

the right time I will give it to

you sometimes you’ll never get what you

most expect because I don’t need you to

accept less and I even have planned

something bigger than your

expectations you will by no means

understand what how and why until then

until you receive that blessing but all

you need to do now could be to consider

me I will give what you need in It’s

Time type our man if you believe in

god listen carefully stay genuine in

your calling stay targeted to your

Venture stay faithful for your

discipline don’t allow distractions

discouragement disappointment delays or

demands to cause you to

derail the enemy does not want you to

run your race are to finish your path he

will do everything he can to sabotage

your destiny you count numbers your


subjects your faithfulness subjects your

fruitfulness subjects your perseverance

subjects your religion m matters your

prayers be

counted your obedience matters your God

could be trustworthy to you he is with

you he is for

you type

if you

believe news about him spread all over

Syria and people brought to him all who

were ill with various diseases those

suffering severe pain the de demon

possessed those having seizures and the

paralyzed and he healed them Matthew for

dear listeners let’s join our prayers

together do father how lucky I am

because vesus I became your

daughter and with all the evil assaults

of the enemy I thank you for the assist

in my weakness in order that I can still

stay status I come once more nowadays to

you in prayer with the intention to live

a life with faith and consider in

you to have confidence not withstanding

chronic illnesses Jesus suffered plenty

too but never complain due to the fact

you have been with him and consistent

with your word I am crucified with

them thank you that Jesus Jesus confirm

that with you I took and Conquer let me

continually see the beauty inside the

Mido ailments to see beyond the mountain


difficulties to cognizance upwards

onwards and a existence after dying let

me see my present instances as a tool to

develop more in faith to you I pray in

Jesus call


thank you for watching this video I hope

you feel happy after reading this

message and we will continue to do more

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