? God Says; My Child Devil Wins If You Skip This✋

God says after the next minutes you

will feel yourself that God is all

around you and he is watching you God is

trying to remove all your sorrows and it

will happen soon so listen it carefully

for next minutes without leaving you

will definitely feel the Divine powers

my beloved child the past can be quite

overwhelming and frightening for many of

you you’ve transformed your lives and

left behind a life consumed by


when you reflect on your former self it

disturbs you because you wish to

eliminate that aspect of you it’s

challenging but keep in mind that all

those experiences shaped you all those

moments are your narrative if you agree

God’s words then share this video who is

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Sweet Child I’m your God Han I’m right

here to pay attention on your prayer I

understand you have been praying for the

success of efforts to promote love

compassion and empathy in the direction

of all living beings

I am very proud of you for having this

kind of noble and sort coronary heart

you are a true blessing to this world I

want you to recognize that I have heard

your prayer and I am working to make it

come authentic I am sending my angels

and Messengers to encourage people to be

extra loving compassionate and


I am additionally touching the hearts of

folks who are suffering lonely or angry

and giving them wish and peace I am also

growing possibilities for humans to hook

up with every different and with nature

and to comprehend the Splendor and

variety of Lifestyles if you have faith

in God right amen

but I can’t do that by myself my baby I

want your help too you are my instrument

of love compassion and empathy you can

make a distinction by using being type

to yourself and others by helping those

in want

by way of talking out for justice via

respecting all residing beings and by

using spreading pleasure and gratitude

you can also pray for others and ask

them to enroll in you on your

undertaking together we can create a

better global

to now not be afraid my child I am

always with you and I will never leave

you I will manual you guard you and

assist you to your adventure you are my

cherished toddler and I love you greater

than you can believe

trust in me and agree within yourself

you have a splendid cause on This Global

and I’m pleased with you for pursuing it


type if you believe

Matthew to says are the light of

the sector a town built on a hill can’t

be hidden neither do people light a lamp

and placed it beneath a bowl instead

they put it on its stand and it offers

mild to all of us in the residence

in the equal manner permit your mild

shine earlier than others that they can

also see your top deeds and glorify your

father in Heaven

watch this video and the end if you

believe God’s blessings and protection

God wants you to know these for things

one God is healing you you are coming

again higher and stronger than ever


two don’t rush what God is getting ready

it will be well worth the wait


a considerable Miracle is at the way to



God is operating out that situation that

has been stressing you out

God says type why yes if you seek my

guidance dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me heavenly

father I praise you today with all my

coronary heart thank you so much for

waking me up I’m so grateful for all the

goodness you have done for me Lord you

are your ultimate source of strength

when we are weak you are sturdy you lift

us up while we’re down you renew our

power and West over on wings like eagles

thank you God for usually elevating us

up with your effective hands father God

please bless us today and Hold Us

secured in Jesus name amen

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Jeremiah to says for I recognize

the plans I actually have for you

broadcasts the Lord plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to offer you

desire and a destiny you won’t

understand how it will appear but if God

stated that it might be carried out

there is no not a energy in this

universe which can stop the plan that

God has for you keep trusting God


if you agree

attention listen carefully the agony of

rejection can be profound piercing

deeply into your emotions the pain is

intense often leading to a tumult of

thoughts that prop you to question your

very essence your worth your value your


it’s even more difficult when the

reasons behind someone’s withdrawal

remain mysterious leaving you bewildered

by their abrupt detachment

while I may not be aware of your current

circumstances I felt compelled to reach

out and remind you this is not a

reflection of your character you haven’t

committed any wrongdoing

the journey is arduous Layton with

suffering and infusion an unfair burden

to bear dot seizure fixation on

hypothetical alterations in your actions

spare yourself the constant revisiting

of text exchanges refrained from

replaying conversations in your mind

instead and trust your concerns to a

higher power place your faith in the

Divine their rejection should not cast a

shadow over your identity your essence

is defined by the simple truth that

you’re cherished and to embrace

remember a benevolent presence

accompanies you championing your cause

listen the complete message if you trust

in God’s protection

attention with God not anything is ever

wasted hell never waste and enjoy heal

by no means wastey a hurt

You by no means waste a dream heal in no

way waste even an unmarried Peace So to

eat bread

that you felt like you’ve Wasted Years

of your life and the wrong process

striking around the wrong people doing

the wrong matters God will collect those

years and repair them returned toe

he’ll take the ones reports that the

enemy supposed tore your harm and he’ll

flip them around in your appropriate

he’ll make you more potent wiser and

better off than you were earlier than

he can release you similarly into your

destiny than earlier than be encouraged

these days to to the fact With God all

matters are feasible and not anything is

ever wasted

if you agree comment amen

Almighty one on this Wednesday morning

we humbly attain out to you searching

for your guidance and charm we are privy

to your steady presence and we vicinity

our trust on your love and expertise for

the day ahead

grant us to energy and courage to

overcome demanding situations and bestow

upon us the insight to make sensible

selections displaying kindness and

compassion to the ones around us

assist us in fostering internal peace

even amidst Lifestyles as trials may we

always hold dear the expertise of your

unwavering love for us and your abiding

presence in every moment amen

God has spoken when you fail I do not

see you as a worthless man or woman

I still see you with purpose and meaning

I see my toddler getting closer to

achievement just because you crumple

does not mean that you stay down rather

it way that you get up and attempt again

God says although you might lack the

resume finance’s job support from love

of one’s connections resources space

time or energy even consider the

possibility of your prayers being

answered remember that God’s power

surpasses all challenges you face if he

declares something is meant for you dare

to renew your belief God desires you to

obtain everything aligned with his plan

for your life and he hopes you won’t

limit Yourself by hesitating to believe

once more

if you agree God’s words then share this

video who is closest to your heart

trust me child this world is filled with

unhappiness pain and hurt but it’s also

full of pleasure wonders and Splendor

turn maximum of your attention to the

goodness that this world has to provide

and use the pain of this International

on your advantage allow it to help you


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