🛑 God Says; Many Were Called But Only You Are Chosen To Open It, & Pray This‼️

Lord is speaking to you right now my

beloved kids the humans anticipated me

to heal Lazarus however something

greater than expected had took place

over there in the identical way there

will come instances like when I would

not do what you expect me to do or you

think I must do on your life if I would

not do what you believe you studied I

should do it Smiles very in all

likelihood that I even have something

better in my thoughts so entrer State of

Affairs to me then ask me to use your

instances for my honor and glory and

treat me to bring on the greatest Glory

feasible for your existence and State of

Affairs it may also appear like I’m

doing nothing for the time being but I

can be doing more than you may ever

consider trust me like the video of

assurance and omnipresent Lord in Bible

verse Psalm – says Lord my God I

called you for help and you healed me

you Lord brought me up from the realm of

the Dead you spared me from going down

to the pit Heavenly Father ather is

saying you love me because I first

cherished you I had my Eve on you

lengthy before you were inquisitive

about me I observed the whole thing

approximately you and accompanied you

anywhere I orchestrated situations and

occasions to your Lifestyles to help you

see your want of me I furnished people

and coaching that instructed you the

truth approximately me and you may have

apprehend my spirit labored inside you

to make you spiritually alive enabling

you could get hold of me and consider in

my name all of this flowed out of my

deep effective affection for you I have

loved you with an eternal love the

greater you realize the immensity of my

artor for you the more completely you

may love

me this permits you to do develop step

by step into the person I designed you

to be as you spend time in my smooth

presence it becomes less difficult for

you to Delight in me and to reveal

kindness to other

people when you are with others ask me

to help you love them with my

love please share this Divine video

other people and watch these blessings

multiply my child I want you to find

Solace inside the understanding that

your journey has not useless your

experiences though difficult preserve


meaning they shape you into someone of

resilience and compassion through your

struggles you have the strength to

inspire others who face comparable

battles seek way within the smallest

moments of joy that sparkle for your

existence embrace the beauty of a

sunrise the soothing Touch of a love

one’s hand or the warmth of laughter

shared with

friends these moments can also seem

fleeting but they maintain immeasurable

cost in brightening your

root right thank you God if you

believe discover motive by way of

nurturing your passions and skills

engage in activities that bring you

pleasure and ignite a fireplace within


soul whether it be writing painting or

helping others these Endeavors will

provide a sense of success and reason


degree remember my baby that you’re well

worth isn’t always describe by means of

your infection or pain you are a Divine

deing with endless

ability Embrace

self-compassion and love yourself

unconditionally surround yourself with a

supportive community that knows and

outlift you Lord claims type yes if you

need this God declares I have armed you

with power for each struggle no weapon

formed against you may ever

Prosper you have not visible heard or

imagined the notable things I have in

shop for you and your family believe

today that matters are changing on your

choose I have blessed and protected you

in the Beyond and I will do it once more

in the

destiny when as you start a new day I

will give you electricity whilst you

feel tired perseverance you are

discouraged and luxury whilst you lose

desire lift your eyes to the hills your

help comes from

me don’t be concerned don’t be afraid

I’m watching over you every second of

the day and every moment of the

night I’m ordering your steps and

protecting you with me peace you’re no

no longer going to bet feated you will

make it to confirm type

to lovely kids waiting is simply to

hard but ready until my perfect time is

better do you believe you studied

whether or not without having a plan or

reason I will let you anticipate some

matters while you wait you just only

think of approximately the blessing what

you’re looking forward to however I even

have a variety of different blessings

for you through your waiting trust me in

its best time the whole lot will

appear God has located desires and goals

in everybody’s coronary heart but most

instances there’s a season of waiting

involved maybe you are expecting a day

ating to enhance ready to get married

expecting a promotion or ready to

overcome and

contamination much of existence is spent

ready but there’s a proper manner to

attend and in correct way to wait too

frequently when matters do not happen on

our timetable we get down and

discouraged or hectic and

fretful that’s because we are not now

not waiting the right manner notice that

today’s verse would not say if you wait

it says as you wait the reality is that

we are all going to wait it is going on

to say that we need to bear in mind how

the farmer wait patiently and

eagerly we’re not supposed to sit down

round discourage we’re intended to be

hopeful fine and complete of expect

expectancy today irrespective of what

you’re praying for anticipate matters to

exchange on your

favor today can be the day that God

turns all of it around as you wait with

endrance and expectancy you will see God

open the door to the Abundant Harvest

he’s promised in each area of your

life enter to

if you believe believe in the

Archangel when they had crossed over

they landed at

jarit and when the men of that place

recognized Jesus they sent word to all

the surrounding

countries people brought all their

sickness to him and begged him to let

the sick just touch the edge of his

cloak and all who touch it were healed


attention listener join this powerful

prayer with me and say it with me. dear

heavenly father I bow my head and

coronary heart in reverence to you you

are all powerful on don’t knowing you

are self enough you do now not need me

or something that I actually have

however you invite me to be your infant

freely because you adore me and need a

dating with

me I praise you and I thank you for all

that you have finished for me father

thank you for making manner for me to

come back to you for goodbye my sin

separated us while I became still a

sinner your son Jesus willingly laid his

existence down for

me I Repent of my sins and apologize as

I forgive others whove hurt me I agree

within my heart and confess with my

mouth that you raised Jesus from the

lifeless I be given your present of

Salvation and

forgiveness I realize that your blood

washes away all of my sins and I believe

that I’ll become a new advent as I

devote my Lifestyles to you I’ll ask

which you come and stay in my heart be

my Lord and

Savior teach me to stay a Lifestyles

that brings you glory and honor type

if you agree do father you created me

and you understand all of my

struggles I deliver all of me to your

throne of grace there is not anything to

tough for you I Surrender and I ask you

to supply me from every chain that has

sought to restriction me from being all

that you created me to

be please send your Holy Spirit to

provide me the electricity that I need

to defeat the enemy in my life I accept

as true with and I accept as true with

that as your child you will assist me

stay a Lifestyles that is pleasing to

you I want to live my lifestyle s in

keeping with your will and now not mine

thank you for listening to me after I

pray I ask the whole thing within the

name of Jesus

Amen thank you for your unwavering

support our goal is to enrich your life

and make it dependent on your

inclination towards God and if you want

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