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day God is speaking to you right now my

beloved deeply child

sometimes you can sense like the heavens

are closed in any other case to can feel

like I don’t listen your prayers at that

point you could get a temptation of give

up on what you’re praying and waiting

I know you’re feeling precisely the same

scenario now but don’t surrender because

do you believe you studied I do not

listen to your prayers if you do not

experience like that keep on on your


I will in no way go away something in

the mid without completing what I have

started I realize your wish is me I

additionally recognize you completely

trust me because of that you may never

get disenchanted trust me your Leap

Forward is close to so don’t surrender

Lord says type why yes if you want my


sweet kids I know that waiting may be

tough but it’s far during these

instances that your faith is tested and

strengthened embrace this season of

ready as and possibility for boom man


Allah endurance to mold your man or

woman and deep in your consider in me

when frustration arises take a second to

breathe and give up your issues to me

release the burden of manage a hand

vicinity your agree within my Palms I

promise you my toddler that I will never

leave you nor forsake you I am with you

each step of the way guiding and

assisting you

remember my liked baby that my

approaches are better than your methods

and my mind are higher than your mind

what might also seem like a postpone or

a setback is mostly a Divine redirection

closer to something extra

trust in my plan to your existence for

its miles packed with motive and

benefits past your imagination

Thai pound man if you agree and share

this video people who is closest to

your heart

lovely child in this adventure of

patience lean on me for power and luxury

seek solace in prayer and locate peace

in my presence I will furnish you the

serenity to accept the stuff you cannot

trade the courage to change the things I

could and the understanding to recognize

the distinction

rest confident my valuable infant that I

have heard your prayer for staying power

on my timing and technique I am working

all matters together on your right even

while you can’t see it trust in me

believe and recognize that I am with you

each step of the way

type thank you Father now remember in

the Bible verses Corinthians to

says love is affected by people love is

type it does not envy it no longer

boasts it isn’t always proud it does not

dishonor others it isn’t always

self-searching for it is not without

problems angered it keeps no record of


love does no longer pleasure and evil

but rejoices with the truth it’s usually

protects constantly trusts continually

hopes and constantly perseveres

the Divine message saying God’s plan for

your Lifestyles started before you have

been even born if you have taken a few

wrong turns on your existence don’t

surrender Paul is an example of this in

the start of his existence he became

against Jesus and anyone who followed


he made it his goal to fasten Christians

in prison or worse he tried his great to

wipe out all Christianity but then Paul

met Jesus he believed grew to become far

away from his pre voice

Lifestyles and spent the relaxation of

his life telling others approximately


it’s a hopeful lesson that God used to

Paul and such great ways he used Paul to

jot down much of the New Testament did

Paul’s alternate of Hearts surprise God

no God had a plan for Paul

he knew what he turned into Goran to do

earlier than turning into a Christian

and he knew what Paul would do after

accepting Christ God knows the same

approximately you

whatever your pre-christ existence

became like will now not save you from

serving God when you end up a Christian

his grace forgives all you have been

before his grace covers all sin he knew

his plans for you earlier than you were

even born

right God as Supreme King

as lord said thy child if you love to

listen to my voice and receive my

blessings then I urge you to watch this

video till the end

listen up even when past hopes are

shattered and present ones seem Out Of

Reach it can be challenging to feel

optimistic about the future Despair and

hopelessness take over as you replay

alternative scenarios from the past and

struggle to Envision a different future

this cycle of fear and dread can feel

endless however it’s important to

remember that Jesus serves as the

steadfast anchor for our souls offering

an enduring hope

while disappointment is a part of our

Earthly existence we can cling to an

eternal hope knowing that Jesus will

never abandon us he is the reason we can

rise look ahead hope dream believe and


let us pray dear God I desire to mention

facts thank you for my circle of


thank you for my instructions thank you

for my possibilities

thank you for my existence I recognize

I’m not usually thankful and I’m sorry

help me to no longer get so distracted

by This Global that I neglect how

blessed La

um in Jesus name Amen to confirm right I

am thankful

my dearly beloved kid Lam calling you to

a lifestyles of love and compassion

extend kindness Grace and forgiveness to

those around you just as I have

prolonged them to you through acts of

love you could reflect my individual and

make a difference in the international

be thankful in all instances let

gratitude be your day by day exercise

for it aligns your heart with my will

and brings contentment and peace as you

cultivate a heart of gratitude you will

find out that plentiful benefits that

surround un locate renew pleasure for

your relationship with me give thanks in

all situations for this is my will for


if you’re convinced enter

do not not be eaten up by means of fear

trust in my provision and take care of

your every want I am the god who

transforms your pain into reason trust

me along with your recovery I am the god

who lead you beside Still Waters

find rest in my peaceful presence

the subsequent doorways beginning up

will place you in a function in which

you may never have to borrow your best

to come back beg or conflict for

anything you are on the verge of your

step forward and every voice that speaks

in opposition to yawned your destiny may

be silenced

taipao man if you believe in God

dear listener join this miracle prayer

with me and repeat after me Father God

each day darkness maintains creeping in

and my egg is sort of unbearable but

nevertheless I thank you do to the fact

no amount of Darkness you can’t

penetrate and you are my consolation

amid difficulties

Lord thank you that regardless of what

type of nation Lam and right now with UL

can nonetheless convey your mile

wherever I challenge you into I can

still do your cause in My Lifestyles due

to the fact with you nothing is

Unstoppable impossible

or thank you that by way of accepting

Jesus as My Savior and Lord I had been

moved from being a slave to sin to being

forgiven and cleansed

I have been given a brand a new life

identification New Hope New desires and

motivation so father help me not to

concentrate to the arena who tempt me to

depart from you who diverts my attention

from you helped to assume as you would

thoughts which are actual sincere just

natural adorable and precise Let There

usually be reward in my mouth due to the

fact there are millions of advantages

every day no matter hardships

to take every notion captive and train

my thoughts to follow your direction to

persevere and keep on going in energy

and maturity to be extra like my savior

Jesus who did the whole lot in love who

is effective however humble bold but


who obeyed till the factor of loss of

life rekindled the small flame of faith

in my coronary heart father and permit

its Caesar Blaze to subdue the enemies

to unfold a long way and extensive and

attain lost souls for you I pray in

Jesus name amen

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