? God Says; Listen It’s About Your Heart” | God Message For You Today

today God is telling you right now you

are my beloved child I chose you before

the inspiration of the world to walk

with me along paths designed uniquely


you concentrate on maintaining and step

with me in preference to looking to

anticipate my plans for you if you

believe that my plans are to prosper you

and now not to damage you you may loosen

up and experience the existing

moment your desire and your future are

rooted in heaven wherein Eternal ecstasy

awaits you nothing can rob you of your

inheritance of not possible riches and

being sometimes I provide you glimpses

of your glorious Destiny to encourage

you and spur you on on but your primary

Consciousness has to be staying close to

me I set the pace and step with your

desires and my

functions like the positive video if you

needs low

Direction God declares child rather than

judging behavior and weaknesses of

others ask me what I am attempting to


you my love you are referred to as to

peer matters deeper when they seem only

on thef to others so while you are in a

stor my everment pray for

discernment sometimes I will ask you to

hope for them other instances I will

train you the way to cope with these

battles but different instances I will

monitor trends that in a sure form stay

in you

this is why My Chosen One by no means

judge bring the case to me and I will

monitor you the fact I love

you in the Bible verse Romans

always says may the god of wish

fill you with all pleasure and peace as

you accept as true within him so that

you may additionally overflow with hope

by using the energy of the Holy

Spirit Lord claims right amen if you

believe in my

words you are my love child and I am

pleased with the religion and compassion

that you have for your coronary

heart I see the way you care for the

ones around you and the way you leny for

them to Revel in the equal pleasure and

peace that comes from understanding

me your prayers aren’t in useless an I

am operating in methods that you can now

not even see to bring about the success

of your

dreams even whilst you sense like your

voice is small or insignificant keep in

mind that I am the use of you to make a

difference inside the lives of these


you trust in my energy and my plan and

recognize that I will in no way leave

you by myself on this journey of sharing

my gospel with

others chapter

if you

believe I am here to guide and support

you every step of the manner and I will

give you the phrases and courage to

speak up whilst the time is

right continue to Hope For The Heart

hearts of these round you and believe

that I am running through you to bring


transformation and salvation of their

lives you are my valuable toddler and I

am continually taking note of your

prayers trust in me and collectively you

can witness the energy of my gospel

inside the lives of those around

you share with nine people and watch

these blessings

multiply as you get out of bed within

the morning be aware about my presence

with you you won’t be wondering

genuinely but however I

am your early morning mind have a

tendency to be disturbing ones until you

get connected with me invite me into

your thoughts by means of whispering my

name suddenly your day brightens and

feels greater user Pleasant you can’t

dread an afternoon that is colorful with


presence you gain self-belief VI knowing

that with you that you face Nothing by

myself anxiety stems from asking the

incorrect query if such and such takes

place can I deal with

it the actual question isn’t whether or

not you may cope with something

happening however whether or not you and

I together can manage something that


place is this you and I collectively

element that offers you self-belief to

face the day

cheerfully typa man if you believe in

Christianity God says my sweet baby by

now you realize that your receive

Supernatural Peace by using being near

me acknowledging your dependency on

me just like Mana within the

Wasteland you can’t keep it up for the

next day so please Revel in peace

surrounding you right now and revel in

the joy that comes with

it tomorrow as you wake up we will meet

once more and I will present you peace

needed for that day trust me baby the

instant you learn how to obtain peace to

the fullest you will flow that mountain

and you will stroll on

water stop judging and evaluating

yourself for this is not your function

above all first all comparing yourself

with different humans this produces

emotion s of Pride or inferiority on

occasion a combination of

each I lead every of my kids along a

path this as uniquely tailor made for

her or him comparing isn’t always only

wrong it is also meaningless don’t

search for affirmation in the incorrect

places your very own reviews or those of


people the only source of real

confirmation is my unconditional love

many Believers perceive me as an

unbeatable judge angrily looking for

their faults and failures nothing might

be further from the truth

I died for your sins so that I would

possibly dress you in my garments of

Salvation this is how I see you radiant

in my God of righteousness when I feel

due it Smiles never in anger or disgust

it is to prepare you for face to face

fellow deliver with me during all

eternity immerse yourself in my loving

presence be receptive to my affirmation

which flows always from the throne of

grace watch this video and the end if

you believe God

blessings and

protection listen up one time in

scripture there were lepers who saw

Jesus they hollered out Jesus have mercy

on us and make us complete Jesus should

have healed them proper then but as an

alternative he requested them to do

something to express their

religion he said go show yourself to the

priest and you’ll be made complete it’s

interesting that the ones lepers were

not imagined to be round different

people they had to stay in colonies due

to the fact they had been contagious and


unclean I’m sure they debated among

themselves do you without a doubt assume

we have to move I don’t appearance any

better it’s simply going to be a waste

of our time but they D to position

movement at the back of their

faith they determined Jesus stated if we

go we are able to be properly let’s pass

let’s take a step of religion the

scripture says as they went they had

been made

whole Fran what is God telling you to do

on your heart these days take a step of

Faith put motion at the back of

faith if you’re convinced enter

dear listeners join me in prayer

Heavenly Father we come to you at the

moment of harrowing surprise and grief a

expensive love one has been taken from

us so and so all at

once we are misplaced for fre phes our

hearts broken our Spirits shattered a

sorrow that best grows with every

passing day as we long for our loved

one’s presence in our lives with our

Heavy Hearts we turn to you for comfort

and in your eternal

love light in our Darkness dear Lord

help us see you in all your glory and

compassion so so we are blessed with the

expertise of your will in this time of

immeasurable grief we pray for energy


encouragement our faith in you Lord God

is what continues us status you give us

existence you provide us sunshine you

give us the propensity for romance and

that is more than sufficient at a

distressing time like this we also are

reminded of the Frailty of life our

fleeting area in this

International we pray that you manual us

to be wiser to be kinder and to be

greater appreciative of something time

we’ve left we recognize Almighty father

that there’s no unexpected loss of life

and your Divine

Beauty our cherish one is now peace in

heaven surrounded by means of Radiance

and countless love may we stay

beautifully from nowadays forward and

use us to present Solace to others who

may also experience similar times of

Splendid loss and Devastation in Jesus

call we pray

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