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God is saying to you

today dear child you’re idolizing your

performance to do exact in my name

although I do Revel in seeing you

following the anointing stay your you

Consciousness on me contrary to cultural

ideology it’s not the works that make

you valuable or extra

adorable child I already love you extra


bask within the luxurious of information

that you’re loved completely and

unconditionally virtually do to the fact

you’re mine remember I am jealous God

and what I long the maximum is to spend

time with you help you and deepen our

according like the video if you have

truly faith and supreme

god for things God wishes you to realize

this one whoever is coming in opposition

to you is coming in opposition to God

the conflict is not yours but the Lord’s

he goes to combat for

you two God is operating matters out for

you trust

him three don’t surrender on an A and

the following day due to a terrible

previous day God could make all things

new for your week can be full of

benefits and hurt of Tavor breakthroughs


miracles dear kids I want you to

understand that I apprehend your

struggles and your flaws and I love you

unconditionally as you are looking for

to embody my spirit and energy energy

bear in mind what you are made in my

picture and feature the ability to

mirror my goodness and love to others

you have the power to pick kindness

forgiveness and compassion even if it

may be tough or

uncomfortable I need you to recognize

that I am usually right here that will

help you in this adventure when you

experience peton or misplaced turn to me

and ask for steering I will provide you

with the power and wisdom to navigate

any scenario with Grace and

love remember that being a God is not

about being best or infallible it is

ready striving to Encompass my

characteristics and values to your

everyday existence it is set the usage

of your presence and ability to serve

others and make the sector a higher

vicinity so do now not be discouraged

through your

imperfections or failures instead

embrace them as opportunities for boom

and learning trust in me and recognize

that I am constantly operating for your

life to result in my Bast

will Lord declares bless someone’s Day

by sharing dur ing this powerful

video affirm with me dot I am riding the

highs of peace and plenty with the

Divine I always have more than enough am

am completely surrendered to love I

experience it surging via every part of

me right now it elevates me it energizes

me it expands my

Consciousness I experience love flowing

through me dissolving every notion idea

energy pattern that isn’t always of love

I am a Clear Channel for love I

continually have extra than sufficient I

am full of gratitude for this

love God wisdom I will bless my people

with peace this biblical promise is for

anybody who trusts me as Savior so while

you’re feeling tense attempt praying

Jesus bless me with your peace this

brief easy prayer confirmation you with

me and opens you as much as my

assist teas and agree within me are

richly entertwined in my nation the

greater you lean on me in confident

dependence the less frightened you may

be if your heart is steadfastly trusting

in me you won’t not be frightened of B


news because I am each Sovereign and

properly you can be assured that this

world isn’t spinning out of manage there

is masses of bad information within the

global but I’m not ringing my hands

impotently I am continually at work even

within the most

devastating conditions bringing

desirable out of evil my state is set


and I’ll invite you to sign up for me in


undertaking live as a infant of the

light together we will draw others out

of Darkness into the light of my


presence type amen if you

believe trust me belov every time you’ve

got traumatic for idea you want to take

multiple appears at me speak my name to

remind yourself I am near prepare that

will help you quote scripture lower back

to me trust in you oh Lord I say you are

my God my times are and your

fingers express your love to me

pronouncing I love you oh Lord my

strength remember that your savior and

king take extremely good Delight in you

you’re a loved member of my Royal own

family for all

time connecting with me interrupts the

terrible mind that have a tendency to

direction through your thoughts so more

consistantly you talk with me the Freer

you turns into since I am the truth

dwelling closed to me facilitate you

apprehend and smash free from

distortions and

lies trusting and loving me are at the

very core of your courting with me these

lovely approaches of drawing clothes to

me defend you from being to centered on

yourself and your fears turn to me time

and again again stable in my Sheltering

presence if you’re prepared typ yes and

send this video to nine believes and

Lord God says L am giving you greater

than you requested for No Greater will

you be appeared upon as unworthy and

damaged I am raising you doing away with

the curses breaking the limitations and

benefits you past human

information it’s time if you want to

smile again never Overlook you are not

on my own in this let me help you my

angels are with you already relax and

just agree with

me I even have high quality plans for

you in reality that is why you want to

get excited again because the plans I

actually have for you are extra then you

may ever ask or soon the exceptional is

but to

return type I love you Jesus

now listen carefully it’s often while

you’re on the verge of your greed is

step forward that the enemy will unleash

what feels like all hell against you you

will begin to second guess

yourself you’ll encounter loss

disappointment betrayal discouragement

confusion chaos rejection or loneliness

you’ll Marvel if you even hurt God

inside the first place you assume the

charge is to high and the cost to

awesome to maintain

going you’ve got to learn to see the

assault for what it’s far or you will

give up and tap out if you have been no

longer AR RK to the kingdom of darkness

the enemy might no longer hassle with

you the reality is you rely your calling

topics your reason

topics your witness matters don’t pay

attention to the lies of the enemy

greater is he this is in you than he who

is within the international keep going

through till you get your breakthrough

he who promised is

trustworthy there might be a day when

God caess you to forget about God goes

to make up for the condition in such INF

firstr manner that you’re no longer

going to keep in mind the pain of the

Beyond you’re no longer going to awaken

considering who arm

you you will wake up considering how

blessed you are you’re not going to

undergo the Day Feeling discreted by

means of the loss with that heaviness

God is going to turn things round to in

which all you could reflect on cons

consideration onest how grateful you

are you’re going to have a deep PRI a

pleasure that you cannot give an


for if you’re convinced enter

even though I walk through the

valley of the shadow of loss of life I

will fear no evil for you with me your

rod and your personnel they can s

validate me Psalm

– attention listener join this prayer

with me and say it with me heavenly

father I humbly bow my head and heart in

prayer today God you are all powerful

and I recognize there may be nothing

that you cannot

do I reward you for a way you have got

already blessed me and I understand and

you solution prayers. God please forgive

me for any sins that I may have devoted

in thought or deed I repent and I ask

you told me so that I do not retain to

sin toward

you father please bless me my own family

and my friends I’ll ask you to meet all

of our basic wishes and Supply as prefer

as we attempt to to attain our dreams

give us Fitness energy and protection as

we electricity through the tasks for


days let your M shine through me I give

up to your will mold then manual me to

be a mirrored image of you and your

Everlasting Love let every say and do

honor you in jesus’ name

amen I I pray for everyone watching this

video that may Lord Jesus bless you all

today your life will uplift mentally

spiritually financially may you get


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