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God is saying to you

now my little beloved some of the

matters that you suspect you need won’t

be the element you want because you

deserve more than those matters you

suspect you

needed when you get that you will say

that was the Pleasant now some things

you want you may want would possibly

have been

misplaced however do not worry about the

things you lost instead instead of that

be glad and thank me for the excellent

blessing you’re going to

get you merits the great that in the

right time I will provide it to you


me like this message if you trust God is

unwavering in Bible vce Isaiah to

always says the spirit of The Sovereign

Lord is on me because the Lord has

anointed me to Proclaim good news to the

poor he has sent me to bind up the

Brokenhearted to Proclaim freedom for

the captives and release from Darkness

for the

prisoners Lord says typs if you need

this in this adventure my infant I

apprehend that the direction may be hard

and full of uncertainties but fear no

long longer for I am here to guide you

every step of the

way your electricity lies not only

inside yourself but additionally in the

love and support that surrounds

you open your coronary heart to people

who care for you deeply as they are my

vessels of compassion and

empathy remember my infant that

perseverance is isn’t always just about

overcoming bodily

barriers however additionally about

nurturing your

spirit in moments of Despair are seeking

solace in prayer and meditation connect

with your internal self and draw upon

the Wellspring of resilience that is

living within

you you possess a spirit this is

unbreakable and it’ll bring you VI even

the darkest of

times typ our men if you

believe additionally do not

underestimate the electricity of

self-care prioritize your well-being and

listen for your body’s

wishes rest while importance however

additionally find moments of pleasure

and laughter amidst the challenges seek

Out Sports that carry you you

peace and contentment for they’ll

rejuvenate your spirit and renew your

electricity lastly my infant don’t

forget that you are by no means alone I

am usually here watching over you with

an unwavering love lean on me when your

burdens sense to heavy to

undergo trust that I will provide you

with the strength to bear

the resilience to conquer and the grace

to discover Beauty amidst

adversity if you have confidence in Lord

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individuals God says I recognize you

feel worn out stressed and completely

overwhelmed but recognize this morning I

even have your

again I am going to ship you a blessing

to remind you that I’m usually for your

Nook don’t surrender I am approximately

to open a few doors for

you I will provide you with strength

whilst you suppose you can’t Crossen I

will provide you with pleasure when you

experience discouraged I will make a

manner while it seems not

possible lovely kids this is your season

for divine prefer I even have a great

plan for your life this is your get


time the matters which you have long

gone through have simplest organized you

and M you stronger you are blessed and

appointed for

greatness if you’re persuaded enter

God wisdom when you belong to the

most high God God you will defeat Giants

when You Face situations that you don’t

see how they could work out you shift

your perspective from the how to the

wh there’s no giant too big for himn no

illness to incredible no addiction to

effective no impediment to robust when

you already know the how isn’t up to you

you stay from an area of religion

knowing God will show out for your

Lifestyles try to stay conscious of me

as you move grade by grade via these

days my presence with you is each a

promise and a protection my very last

Kingdom meant just before I ascended

into heaven changed into surely I am

with you

always that promise became for all my

fans without exception the promise of my

presence is effective Pro reaction As

You Adventure by your life there are

numerous pitfalls alongside the

way many voices clamor for your

attention enticing you to head their way

a few steps far away from your actual

direction are pits of self-pity and

despair plateaus of pleasure and self

will if you take your eyes off me and

observe every other’s way you are in

chance even properly that means buddies

scan lead you off beam if you let them

usurp my place to your Lifestyles the

manner to stay at the root of life is to

hold your cence on me awareness of my

presence is your quality

protection type how man if you agree and

by taking comfort from those people

increase your faith in

God affirm I’m now not going to rush

something I’m no longer going stress out

or worry about how matters a training

session for

me instead of overthinking I will align

my faith with Divine timing and trust

that everything that belongs in my

lifestyles is making its way toward me


now the Divine message saying I am g o d

your joy and your satisfaction I want

you to find Delight in me and in my

word I am the ever living word inside

the starting and forever more so you can

find me richly present in my written

word the Bible as an increasing number

of scriptures soaks into your inner

being you may experience the Delight of

my presence greater

consistently make time to meditate on

Bible passages and to memorize some of

them they will assist you get via

sleepless nights and encounters with

adversity knowing that I am your Jo and

guard you from beem moing your

situations or envying others whose

conditions appear higher than yours

because I am continually with you you’ve

got an everpresent source of joy to your

Lifestyles you can find pride in Me by

rejoicing in my name all day lengthy

simply uttering Jesus as a prayer can

lift your

spirits and superb manner to pleasure

substantially in me is to exalt in my

righteousness which I have lovingly

bestowed on you this robe of

righteousness covers you flawlessly

forever typ I love you father listen up

one of the greatest challenges you’ll

face is to keep believing God inside the

face of persistent setbacks

disappointments obstacles and

discouragement it’s hard to keep going

when you feel that for each break

through your pressure to take steps

back it feels less complicated to give

up then to have your hopes shattered yet

again it’s less painful to settle

wherein you’re than to hold combating

for your

Victory I get it I’ve been there so in

many instances I simply want to inspire

a person to get lower back up and move

again although it is probably difficult

to see it proper now your step forward

might lie behind your next

attempt you’ll continually wonder what

may were viable if you stop right here

God is for you and he is with you he has

a dependency of creating a way in which

there may be no

manner you can trust him even when you

cannot trace him he who promised is

faithful Jesus reached out his hand and

touch the man I am willing he said be

clean immediately he was cleansed of his

leprosy Matthew

– type our man if you believe in

Christianity to love listeners let’s

join our prayers together rescue me oh

God I recognize which You Are Holy and

properly your methods proper and your

phrases are

authentic even before I bow my head in

prayer you know my thoughts you are

loving and merciful god I understand

that I am now not ideal there are times

when I say matters that I ought to not

say there are instances that I have now

not acted in a way that brings you

honor I ask you to forgive me for any

wrongdoing please assist assist me to

live in keeping with your word I ask

that you tame my tongue please assist me

to be more aware of the phrases that I

communicate please fill my mouth along

with your reality and permit your spirit

monitor what I need and have to now not

say please assist me now not to

retaliate whilst others say something

negative to

me guard my thoughts and Supply your

peace and your pleasure every day help

me to think about your goodness and

mercy I thank you for persevering with

to train me your ways let your may be

completed in my existence and on Earth

as is in heaven in Jesus call I pray

amen we acknowledge you are still

watching our divine videos I hope hope

that the message you receive has

uplifted your spirit and given you hope

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