? God Says; Ignore This Now Then Success Will Ignore You‼️|

God tells you sweet kids don’t fear

about whatever instead pray about the

entirety and trust in me you always say

your assist comes from the maker of

heaven and the Earth and you accept as

true with that too you even understand

that I will never disappoint people who

consider in me

then why do you continue to worry

approximately certain matters you

understand what passed off within the

lifestyles of Elijah when drought befell

I provided what Elijah wished the water

to drink and I had directed the Ravens

to supply him with meals

in the equal way I realize what you need

higher than everyone I will provide it

to you at the proper time have faith in


Jesus claims type amen if you accept my


believe in yourself my dear child for

you are able to overcome something that

stands in your path trust in the energy

inside you and believe that I have ready

with the equipment necessary to triumph

over your fears embrace them for they

may be possibilities for increase and


and instances of Doubt or uncertainty

flip to me I am usually here ready to

concentrate and lend you the strength

you are looking for together we can face

your fears head on empowering you to

rise above them and emerge Victorious

remember my baby that worry is simply

and Phantasm it may seem daunting in the

beginning but when you confront it with

unwavering willpower it’ll disintegrate

before you you are resilient Brave and

able to reaching greatness

while watching this video write Jesus is

with me and send it to a loved one

and bible verse Philippians to

always says do not be anxious

approximately something however in every

scenario by prayer and petition with

Thanksgiving gift your requests to God

and the peace of God which transcends

all knowledge will guard your hearts and

your minds in Christ Jesus

type if you agree

God plans where my robe of righteousness

with no trouble I custom made it for you

to cowl from head to toe the rate I paid

for this masking you was astronomical my

own blood you could never purchase this

kind of Royal garment regardless of how

hard you worked

sometimes you forget that my

righteousness is a gift and also you

feel unwell comfy to your Regal gown I

weep when I see you squirming beneath

the velvety material as iFit have been

product of scratchy sackcloth

I want you to agree with me sufficient

too understand your privilege function

in my state relax in the luxuriate folds

of your mind-blowing robe keep your eyes

on me as you exercise walking on this

Garment of Salvation when your conduct

is unfitting for one in my nation

do you no longer try and throw off your

boiled robe instead throw off the

unrighteous conduct then you may be able

to sense comfy on this glorious garment

enjoying the gift I customary for you

earlier and the basis of the world

luxuriant folds of your mind-blowing


keep your eyes on me as you exercise

walking on this Garment of Salvation

when your conduct is unfitting for one

in my nation do you no longer try and

throw off your boiled robe instead throw

off the unrighteous conduct

then you may be able to sense comfy on

this glorious garment enjoying the gift

I customary for you earlier than the

basis of the world

write to us to claim this blessing

listen it up it’s common to feel

overwhelmed at the start of the week

with too much to do then not enough time

many face daunting obstacles and

challenges leading to weariness

confusion fear and disappointment some

may even require a supernatural Miracle

to get through it all

they might feel invisible or unwanted if

you’re dreading the week ahead on this

Monday know that I’m thinking of you

praying for you

and believing that you’ll experience

God’s presence favor provision

protection grace mercy love and Power in

the coming days

he is on your side so trust and find

rest in him your in good hands


if you believe in the Lord Jesus

has God spoken things in your heart that

haven’t come to pass but sometimes Wiles

were believing for matters it is clean

to emerge as discouraged when it would

not happen according to our timetable

but when you are making this selection

to get hold of your promise through

picturing it to your minds I am

affirming it with the phrases of your

mouth your faith becomes stronger

you start to have pleasure and peace due

to the fact you understand God is

working behind the curtain on your

behalf what are you believing for God to

do on your Lifestyles see it for your

minds I see yourself healed see yourself

paying off that last debt

as you allow God’s thoughts to become

your thoughts and receive his guarantees

through religion just like it says in

contemporary verse anything you ask for

in prayer might be yours

if you are a concurred type amen

don’t give up do now not provide into

hopelessness or believe there’s not

anything left for you your situation may

be frustrating due to the fact you can’t

see any relief for the pain you feel and

the setbacks you have persevered

that you may make a horrible mistake if

you quit do too the fact you observed

your situations were in no way change or

get better God can intrude at any moment

and approaches that could absolutely

Astound you

he has not left you neither is he

confused by means of the challenges you

face these have all come so that he can

show himself effective on your behalf

but you cannot give up on obeying him

and doing what is proper due to the fact

if you do you’ll pass over His Brilliant


affirmation today I pick out to take

lower back my electricity on a mental

bodily and emotional degree all matters

I provide my interest and existence

Force to could be useful and elevating I

choose to get higher I select to adapt I

pick to Low cross it’s a new day to

recreate myself

I am organized to triumph over any

obstacle that comes my way to confirm

right I am grateful

the almighty said behold of those may

not see recognize or help the calling on

your Lifestyles until it really happens

Joseph’s personal father who favored and

cherished him rebuked his dream David

was disregarded the way of his circle of

relatives and mocked by using his


yet I appoint David to be king they

could not see past who he was inside the

moment to who he could be the Divine

Purpose of mine has located and you can

no longer be established or identified

with the aid of those surrounding you

now pay attention me and recall this my

infant it can’t be taken away through

them both you do not want their approval

to succeed if it miles from me it’s

going to come to bypass

you are my masterpiece created for

accurate works I even have organized for

you do no longer be discouraged through

setbacks I am the use of them to shape

you I Am The Giver of strength lean on

me when you sense susceptible

I’m giving you the courage to face tall

whilst you sense like giving up you’re

developing beyond what you can see you

beyond is in the back of you I’m making

all things new

right thank you Father share this video

to help us spread the message

oh dear listeners let’s join our prayers

together Divine Lord father I thank you

that you whom we serve are above each

other name I pray that we will

relaxation within the understanding that

no one can defeat you

and with you and us nobody can subdue

you aspath let us Renown that fact as we

talk stay and behave may we show the

sector how incredible and effective our

God is allowing forgiving and showing

Mercy to all and Sundry who comes to him

I thank you that your love brings

existence to our souls and your grace

facilitates us to trade for the higher

regardless of what’s taking place to the

sector today you have the final word we

can take a breath and relaxation our

weary souls to you

thank you Jesus that you got here to

alternate the global hand with you we

can transform a troubled existence into

a non-violent one then the damage

coronary heart and heal a broken soul

and you we’ve got the whole lot we need

to live our lives comfying no matter how

turbulent This Global is

your grace is enough for each check and

trial that we’d face all rewards to your

holy name amen type if you believe

may God Jesus bless you all today your

life will uplift mentally spiritually

financially may you get success remember

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