🛑 God Says; Ignore Me Now Will Be Big Sin For You In Future..✝️ | God Says Today

Lord is speaking to you right now my

little beloved child what ought to be

the purpose of your Lifestyles why did I

pick at you for it and how to perform it

through your

Lifestyles I planned about these earlier

than I shaped you it doesn’t matter what

happened or is taking place for your

life it would not count what course

you’re going you will come to the Reg in

which I need you to return best example


soul he became acknowledged for hating

and persecuting Christians but there has

been the plot twist he became Apostle

Paul that method I will accomplish my

purpose to your existence I recognize

how to make it

happen like this video if you follow

through an almighty God

remember in the Bible verse Psalm to

always says then they cried to the

Lord of their trouble and he saved them

from their misery he sent out his phrase

and healed them he rescued them from the

grave sweet kids I apprehend that at

instances life’s challenges can shake

your faith and leave you feeling

disconnected from the higher power that

courses us

all but permit me remind you my toddler
Faith isnt always a regular flame

that religion isn’t always usually a

regular flame it can Flicker and them

however can additionally be reignited

and burned brighter than ever

before in this moment of doubt and

uncertainty I need you to recog

recognize that it is K to impeach to are

seeking Solutions and to explore the

depths of your ideals it is through this

adventure that genuine religion is


observed allow yourself the space and

time to mirror to delve into the knowhow

of historical teachings and to connect

with others who percentage comparable


God says bless someone’s Day by sharing


message remember my child that religion

is a personal Adventure it is particular

to every character do not evaluate your

adventure to others or feel forced to

comply to any specific notion

machine trust inside the Divine spark

within you for it holds is the key to

unlocking your own knoow and reference

to the better

energy find solace in prayer meditation
Repeat after me

or any religious practice that resonates

with your soul open your coronary heart

to the signs and the synchronicities

that surround you for their regularly

mild reminders of my presence in your

life seek out communic ities of

like-minded folks that can offer help

guidance and a secure space for

exploration but notably my pricey baby

have endrance and Trust in the procedure

Faith isn’t always always a destination

it is a continuous adventure of growth


transformation embrace the highs and

lows the doubts and uncertainties for

they may be all a part of your specific

path typ how men if you believe in

Lord repeat after me today is my day for

a miracle I will hold searching up and

ahead I am blessed and surprisingly

preferred I will now not permit terrible

thoughts occupy o of my

existence I am secure saying and full of

joy I am transferring ahead I claim this

shall be a day of brilliant

possibilities that will outweigh any and

each obstacle that may attempt to hinder

my purpose I am walking and extreme

prefer I encourage you to subscribe to

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community of

believers God’s plan you wake up each
Gods Plan

morning looking forward to desire and

blessing on the entirety you do do you

intend for what is ideal when we plan

for what is Right scripture tells us

that we discover

love ultimately God is love which method

while you plan for what is ideal you

will find God inside the midst of your

plans don’t let the terrible voices of

the sector get you targeted in the wrong

direction it doesn’t matter what is

happening in the financial system or the

stock Marketplace God’s plan is

constantly on your true set your

thoughts on crack things and live in

agreement with God you and God are a

majority stay in line with him plan for

what is right and search circulate ahead

into the existence of Victory he has in

store for

you typow man if you receive

this Dear Son meet me in early morning

Beauty I eagerly look ahead to you right

here in the Stillness of this holy time

with me I renew your power and saturate

you with

peace I have woke up for your heart

strong desire to understand me this

longing originated in me even though it

now Burns brightly in you when you are

trying to find my face and response to

my love ow both folks are

blessed this is a deep mystery designed

extra on your entertainment and for your

information I am no longer a DA God who

discourages pry I pleasure on your

enjoyment of the entirety authentic

Noble proper natural cute

admirable think things and my light and
Gods Message

you may shine brighter day by

day to confirm type to

the Divine message saying a storm

can’t stop what God has purposed you may

be in a state of affairs that does not

look proper it could prevent maximum

from human beings however it cannot

foresto you you have a cause you have an

assignment there is a calling on your

life something God has ordained so one

can accomplish you’re no longer just

filling up area you are a person of

future there’s a dream God installed

your heart it’s no longer an option God

has purposed


just because a promise hasn’t took place

but doesn’t suggest it’s not going to

appear you may have had some terrible

breaks but that doesn’t suggest you’re

not going to fulfill your

destiny if it wasn’t going to work for

you appropriate he would not have

allowed it not shake off the

disappointment what God promised you

he’s still going to convey to skip


if you believe in the

god to loved child you deserve Lots

greater this is the closing day of being

stuck in relationships that you’re

outgrown bound to dead stop jobs which

you haven’t any order

for and engaged in sports that deliver

you no pleasure it’s time as is a way to

step out on

Faith l am making all things new you are

the apple of my eye and the Delight of

my heart all matters are running

collectively to your accurate I actually

have now not forgotten you nor abandoned

you I even have listened to your prayers

focus on me do no longer concentrate to

the voice of discouragement from the

enemy you are one step toward your step

forward just keep

going you might not see it right now but

I’m running on that stressful situation

weeping may undergo for a night but joy

comes in the morning you’re going to

experience an overflow of advantages

don’t give

up typ I love you

father he stated if you pay attention

carefully to the Lord your God and do

what is right in his eyes in case you be

aware of his commands and maintain all


decrees I will no longer bring forth you

any of the sicknesses I added at the

Egyptians for I am the Lord who heals

you Exodus

to love listen join this prayer

with me and say it with me thank you

Lord for leading us to every other I

pray for up to be safe assist us in

making the maximum of our years assist

us in residing our lives in complete

Harmony please give us the electricity

and understanding to paintings

collectively to resolve any demanding

situations which can stand up let us

keep no secrets and techniques from

every other allow us to experience

comfortable sufficient to disclose every

detail of Our Lives to one

another let us continually be there for

each other and notice our kids develop

up together we reject the devil’s

nefarious designs for our lives we

cancel any plans for dying for us give

us peace and love so that we can

constantly apprehend one

another let us make you the center of

our Lives constantly be our protector

and our provider and grant us the grace

to constantly depend on you in existence

amen it is primary that you continue to

support our Channel and we will try to

make you feel good for always and you

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