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day God is saying to you beloved child

for some State of Affairs you’ll see

through a vision what can be the stop or

for some scenario through giving you a

promise I will tell what is going to be

the case

sometimes while you are going via the

State of Affairs you could no longer

experience the cease of the scenario as

like the way you adhere through a vision

or like the promise the conditions can

also make you burdened or you could feel

like concerned burdened

at that point do not lose your faith

just communicate about it to me when you

notice imaginative and prescient or get

a promise would not imply that it will

manifest immediately it will happen

while the proper time comes

if you desire Miracles watch this video

through to the end

because I recognize you higher than you

so don’t worry in the proper time what I

even have proven you through the vision

or what I actually have promised

I will come up with within the way you

may buy no means lose that in your

Lifestyles for that I am preparing you

what you need to do now to trust me

Lord says type yes if you praise my name

remember Romans to says for I am

convinced that neither demise nor

Lifestyles neither angels nor demons

neither the presenter the destiny nor

any powers

neither height nor intensity nor

whatever else an old introduction may be

capable of separating us from the love

of God that is in Christ Jesus our lord

sweet kids I apprehend that life can be

challenging at instances and it is

straightforward to get caught up in the

chaos and neglect the endless advantages

that surround you but fear no longer my

child for I am here to remind you of the

Splendor that lies within every moment

open your heart to the wonders of the

arena and you will witness my blessings

pouring upon you like a gentle rain

take a second to mirror at the air that

fills your lungs the sun might that

warms your skin and the love that

surrounds you these are all items from

me bestowed upon you with endless care

and boundless love cultivate a spirit of

gratitude and thankfulness

for it is through this lens that you’ll

truly respect the Miracles that spread

on your lifestyles

if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you will see unexpected

miracles in your life

in times of Battle Bear in mind at every

undertaking is an opportunity for growth

Embrace these moments as stepping stones

toward turning into the quality model of


even amidst hardships there are lessons

to be discovered and through gratitude

you may locate the strength to conquer

any impediment

know that I am constantly with you

guiding you through life’s journey trust

in my divine plan and have faith that

the entirety happens for a motive

as you cultivate a coronary heart packed

with gratitude and thankfulness you’ll

locate peace pleasure and contentment

and even the simplest of moments

my treasured infant rest assured that

your prayer has been heard and I am

right here to shower you with my

blessings Embrace every day with a

thankful heart and you may enjoy a

profound connection with me


gratitude is the key that unlocks the

door to a life full of abundance and

divine love type Jesus is Lord and if

you believe in

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say with me dear Lord let this week be

full of positivity peace and happiness

from start to finish put accurate news

in my ears and the new course to my toes

loosen each attachment and refresh me

and my reason I pray this in Jesus name


type if you agree

God is strategic and purposeful while it

comes to connecting the dots of your

existence he might be positive to cross

your course with the human beings that

he wishes you to meet inside the timing

that he desires you to satisfy them

he will equip you with the abilities you

need to

do within the rooms that he is calling

you to and the possibilities he has

already planned to be able to take

because God is orchestrating your

Lifestyles you have to post your plans

to him stroll in obedience even whilst

culture says in any other case let your

religion rise even if matters do no

longer make sense and are seeking for

him first especially else

when you do this you can relaxation and

knowing that he will guide you in very

decision and each twist and flip because

your steps are ordered with the aid of

the Lord

type amen if you believe

if God wants you to have it the blessing

will forever have your coal on it there

is nothing that you can or cannot do to

exchange that is you preserve on foot

the manner God wishes you to walk

and this is why it is important to now

not overthink or Harbor over the way

matters spread for your existence there

is a positive timing and motive

connected to everything that you face in


as you begin to truly depend on faith

and not sight you’ll understand that

your circumstances are virtually working

for you not against

type how man if you accept God blessings

God beckons My Sweet Child don’t even

think about giving up you are going to

make it irrespective of what it looks as

if proper now I know you’re involved

about your price range your health and

your circle of relatives

remember I continually work in your

preference I Will Bless You nowadays

with peace healing and victory if you

don’t stop I am going to deliver

something stunning out of this

unpleasant scenario get prepared for

your benefits

and the warmth of the sun and the gentle

glow of the Moon understand my nearness

even in moments of solitude or doubt

realize what you’re enveloped in an

everlasting love that is aware of no


life may additionally gift towering

challenges but with my energy know the

obstacle is insurmountable As You

Adventure ahead don’t forget that each

step you are taking each tier you should

I am beside you offering Comfort

recovery and guidance

and each heartbeat each sigh I am

steadfast a consistent presence of

enduring love type yes if you think God

is my savior

dear son you have the choice to do what

you need I am not going to govern you

you can take out me or you could

disregard me I want you to recognize

that I desire you to be with me however

I want your choice to be simple you

either choose me or the arena it can’t

be each

do you now not recognize that your

bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit

who’s in you whom you have acquired from

God you are not your very own you have

been bought at a price therefore honor

God along with your bodies

Corinthians to .

type thank you Father

listen carefully after Earnest prayers

fasting seeking wise counsel and

carefully considering the consequences

uncertainty lingers is this prompting

Divine or a result of a regrettable

pizza chores eventually you’ll need to

take a leap of faith to discern its


don’t anticipate an Angelic visitation

for confirmation what you truly lack is

not more affirmation but the resolve and

bravery to act it’s time to cease being

paralyzed by fear and commence your

journey and faith

a new dawn has arrived a fresh

opportunity awaits trust in God’s

guidance he the faithful promise keeper

is leading you forward

to your listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me

heavenly father I give you thanks for

the safety you give me you protect my

body from The Amazing forces of the

universe that would kill me in and on

the spot

I provide thanks for your desirable

Earth you have freely given me you

sustain my life with their

food water The Shining solar and the

mild rain the Richer is that grows my

meals you guard my frame from disgase

and Trauma by the miracle of recovery

and the wonders of technological


most of all I thank you for maintaining

Me From Evil the renovation of my soul

for the enemies of my soul bound on this

carth and often I might do the damage


I pray that I actually have knowledge

enough to permit you to do your will and

input me and defend my soul from dangers

inside and without by your countless


let me put on your armor every day and

with your help and the forgiving Grace

of My Savior Jesus Christ be saved pure

in order that I might also someday come

earlier than you and ideal joy in the

name of the same Jesus Christ I pray


we appreciate you still watching our

videos I hope that the message you

receive has uplifted your spirit and

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