? God Says; If You Ignore Me Today You Are Not My Child ✋| God Message For You Today.

God is speaking to you right now my

loving child I know your sorrows and I

apprehend your grief even even though I

knew I become basment from elevating

Lazarus from the dead is dying broke my

heart and geine my sorrow changed into

overwhelming almost to the factor of

death but for all who realize my father

sorrow is best

Trent it need no longer control your

heart as you express your heart takes

and Sorrows to my father and me we will

consolation you though your grief can be

extraordinary recognize that the holy

spirit’s awesome Comfort might be extra

and this time draw even nearer to me

pray constantly listen with your

coronary heart to my comfort in

assurances like the video if you have

faith almighty God the Eternal matters

of your life are as gift today as they

had been the day you got here into my

king D all other matters even human

beings as lives on the planet are

handiest Pace rary but your consolation

and hope your pleasure and your

Lifestyles with me are

Everlasting because I live you shall

live additionally press in to recognize

me as you get to understand me more your

love for me will beat back even your

greatest Sorrows I

promise God says bless someone’s Day by

sharing this

message in verse Proverbs to –

always says trust within the Lord with

all of your heart and lean no longer in

your personal expertise in all your

wayist post to him and he will make your


instantly sweet kids in this chaotic and
Finding Peace Within Yourself

fastpaced World locating peace within

oneself can on occasion experience like

an elusive intention but worry now not

for I am here that will help you

navigate through the storms of life and

lead you to the Tranquil shores of

Serenity close your eyes for a second

and feel my presence surrounding you

breathe in deeply exhaling all the

issues and anxieties that weigh you down

know that I am with you embracing you in

my unconditional love and know how

finding peace and contentment starts

talk fold with accepting yourself simply

as your embrace your strengths

acknowledge your weaknesses and trust

that I even have created you flawlessly

imperfect remember my child that

authentic peace comes from inside from

accepting and loving yourself

wholeheartedly type now as lord

said my child if you love to listen to

my voice and receive my blessings then I

urge you to watch this video till the

end release the need to evaluate

yourself to others or searching for

validation from outside sources instead

flip your gaze Inward and find out the

Divine spark that resides within your

soul nurture it with self-care

self-compassion and

self-reflection practice gratitude daily

for it is the key that unlocks the door


contentment Count Your Benefits massive

and small and let gratitude fill your

heart embrace the existing moment for it

is wherein authentic peace is

living when doubts and fears arise

surrender them to me trust in my divine

plan for your

Lifestyles understanding that I am

continually running for your highest

properly have religion that even in the

midst of chaos I am orchestrating a

symphony of peace and contentment for


soul type thank you God if you

believe affirmations for life I am

growing into the satisfactory model of

myself I am studying from my choices is

and I am building myself belief I am

healing from the harm this is conserving

again I recognize that I may battle from

time to time but I am giving myself the

grace to

rebuild to confirmed type I am
God Says

thankful the God Jesus are keeping watch

you are destined for blessing are you

dwelling the coolest life that God has

pre-arranged for you every everything

you want to stay as an overcomer is

inside of you VI the energy of the Holy

Spirit as a Believer there are seeds of

achievement at the internal of you there

are bad vantages and save for you if you

will get into agreement with God on your

mind attitudes words and movements then

you may be located to acquire all his

nonsense secular

advantages choose to begin your day by

means of maintaining What God Says of

approximately you declare Lam blessed I

am rich I am healthy and robust I even

have want no weapon fashion against me

shall prosper I am the Pinnacle and no

longer the tail above best and now not

below friend when you begin speak me

like that all of Heaven takes observe

your faith turns on his plan for your

Lifestyles angels are dispatched to your

behalf blessings are set in

motion before you know it you’re

residing the precise existence he

promised and moving forward into the

future of blessing he hasn’t Saed for

you he says be

nevertheless and recognize that I am God

I might be exalted in some of the

countries I will be exalted inside the

earth Psalm

to typa man if you agree listen

carefully in moments of uncertainty it’s

vital to halt your Relentless pursuit of

clarity Direction and serenity for those

accustomed to perpetual motion pausing

feels can intuitive it’s challenging to

decelerate after racing

ahead ceasing activity becomes an enigma

and constant motion is your norm and

embracing and certainty feels daunting

when certainty is your comfort

zone distinguishing when to persist and

when to pause holds great significance

avoid burdening yourself with premature

decisions or actions resisting the urge

to seek approval from others instead

prioritize obeying a higher purpose even

if God’s timing contradicts your

preferences trusting him reveals that

waiting for his Divine timing

consistently yields Superior results

compared to rushing forward

independently type I love you
I Love You

Jesus Lord declares I am your power and

instances of weak spot when you feel

incapable or beaten lean on me my energy

is made perfect to your weak point trust

in my strength and I will bring you

through do now not be consumed through

fear trust in my pervision and Care on

your every need I am a God who

transformed your a begin to reason trust

me with your healing I am the god who

leads you beside nonetheless Waters find

relaxation in my peaceful

presence this is your season for divine

choose IE even have a terrific plan on

your life this is your bounceback time

the matters that you have long gone by

have handiest prepared you and made you

more potent you are blessed and

appointed for

greatness change is going on today don’t

go back to the way things have been it

all begins proper now at this very

moment I’m guiding you down the proper

route I will order your steps however

you need to flow your

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dear listeners let’s join our prayers

together do Father in Heaven I need to

hope to you before we leave the house to

move on vacation this week guide us

safely too in which we are going and

return us to our domestic refreshed and

renewed help our circle of relatives

enjoy our time collectively at our

holiday Spot while we are long gone from

our home I ask that you watch over our

house and prevent something from

happening to this

residence it is the sword of blessing to

us to stay right here and grow our

circle of relatives on this house I ask

that you keep thieves away and preserve

this residence safe thank you Lord for

our Associates who are feeding our

canine even as we’re gone bless them for

his or her

carrier I know you’re with us any place

we go so as we leave this house to go on

holiday I accept as true with you’ll be

with us in which we are going and so

while we return we return home to you I

pray all of this inside the loving name

of Jesus our lord

amen father thank thank you for your

word which lighting fixtures the path

you have for me I pick to hold my

coronary heart and thoughts targeted on

you I pick out to meditate on your word

understanding that it feeds my religion

and units me in a function to get hold

of each blessing you have in store for

me in jesus’ name amen please support

our Channel our work is to bring

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