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Lord is saying to you today dot my child

I am a god of both tricky detail and

overflowing abundance when you entrust

the info of your life to me you are

surprised by way of how very well I

solution your

petitions I take satisfaction in hearing

your prayers so feel and fasten to bring

me all your requests the greater you

pray the extra and answers you may get


of best of all your religion is power

and as you notice how precisely I

respond to your particular prayer

because I am countless in all my methods

you want no longer worry that I will run

out of sources abundance is at the very

heart of who I

am come to me in Blissful expectation of

receiving all you want and a few

instances much more I pleasure in

showering benefits on my liked

youngsters come to me with open palms

and heart ready to receive all I even

have for

you like the video if you need God’s

Direction in Bible verse Corinthians

says therefore my expensive

brothers and sisters stand firm let not

anything move you always provide

yourselves absolutely to the paintings

of the Lord because you recognize that

your hard work within the Lord isn’t

always in

vain lovely kids know what you aren’t on

my own and facing those challenges these

feelings are part of the human enjoy or

even deities like me apprehend them Envy

may be effective Force but I trust to

your capacity to Upward thrust above it

you possess a Wellspring of internal

electricity that will let you conquer

these bad

emotions in times of jealousy keep in

mind to be counted your personal

benefits and admire the precise

characteristics that make you who you

Embrace gratitude for the high quality

aspects of your existence

when Envy Creeps in redirect your

attention towards self-improvement

instead of contrast with others your

journey is unique and your direction is

unique Lord says WR y yes if you want to

follow my will I will assist you on this

transformative Journey guiding you

towards self-re putation and inner peace

have religion in your yourself my baby

for you’re able to amazing

boom with my Divine love and your inter

interal remedy you will locate the

electricity to conquer jealousy and envy

emerging as a more potent and greater


Soul keep faith for your coronary heart

and recognize that you are in no way on

my own I am right here listening and

equipped to help you on every occasion

you are looking for steering embrace the

light inside you and may it shine

brightly banishing the shadows of

jealousy and

envy typ our men if you

believe do not long for the absence of

troubles in your existence that is an

unrealistic goal given that on This

Global you’ll have trouble you you have

an eternity of trouble and fasten

residing reserve for you in heaven

rejoice in that

inheritance which nobody can remove from

you but do no longer seek your Heaven on

the earth begin every day anticipating

issues me too equip you for something

problems you will come

upon the high quality equipping is my

living presence my hand that by no means

we could go of yours discuss each

component with me take a light-hearted

view of problem seeing it as a challenge

that you and I together can deal with

remember that I am on your sigh and I

actually have conquered the

Reena type if you

agree the scripture says your father

sends Reign at the simply and on the

unjust being someone of religion doesn’t

accept you from problems Jesus advised a

parable about a wise guy who constructed

his house on a rock this guy venerated

God another man foolishly constructed

his residence on the sand he didn’t

honor God then the rain descended the

floods came and the winds blew and beat

on the homes of both the just and the

unjust but after the hurricane change

ENT over the residence built at the rock

change into nonetheless status the

residence built at the sand change into

absolutely ruined you may also get

knocked down and go through some darkish


instances however that is simply part of


it Reigns on each person the difference

is that whilst you honor God when you

stay in faith you’ve got God’s promise

that whilst the storm clears you might

not be the sufferer you’ll be the Victor

you’ll nonetheless be

status if you agree God’s words then

share this video who is closest to your

heart God says to you

the disappointment that you feel is

handiest brief it will go and it can

return but it’s going to now not

remaining for a all time rest confident

that I will carry you

happiness I know you have been doubting

yourself lately and thinking in case you

clearly are top enough or strong

sufficient to do what I have positioned

on your coronary heart to do this

message is here in an effort to remind

you what you can do all matters through

Christ don’t let weight talk you out of

your dream stop stressing I am with you

I already worked it

out I’ve seen your tears I’ve heard your

cries I’m shifting you to a new degree

the excellent a part of your existence

continues to be in the front of you

weeping might on also endure for a night

but Jo comes in the

morning stand in religion even whilst

you’re having the hardest time of your

Lifestyles God is our shelter and power

he’s a very gift help and trouble do

always recall God is with you he’s

creating a

manner if you’re convinced enter

listen up I want to offer support to

those who are currently feeling

bewildered heartbroken and alone you’ve

invested a significant amount of Love

time energy emotion and resources into a

relationship or friendship but for some

reason that person is no longer a part

of your

life you wish you didn’t miss them and

that there wasn’t this painful void in

your heart you also wish you could move

on as quickly as they seem to while

you’ve made progress you’re not

completely there yet I just want to

encourage you to stay strong you’re

actually doing better than you might

think please don’t let negative thoughts

take over your mind and don’t believe

the lie that you weren’t good

enough I feel like someone needs to hear

that that it’s highly likely the

situation had nothing to do with you

this knowledge may not erase the heart

take but it can help you avoid necessary

and obsessive

overthinking remember Jesus Loves You

sees you knows you cares about you and

will never abandon

you share it with nine individual and

watch these blessings multiply

when Jesus spoke again to the humans he

stated I am the light of the Arena

whoever follows me will never stroll in

darkness however will have the light of

Life John

dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together God the Father Almighty

writer of Heaven and Earth of all things

seen and invisible looks after me my

soul my mind and my complete life that

isn’t always smooth Duo my financial

troubles which might be laying me down

like not anything ever laid me down

earlier than God expensive father I’m

praying to your faith because I have

something to ask to you something I

actually need to be capable of flow

forward and be satisfied

F I need you to assist me in my economic

life to make cash a good way to take

gain of it and asand it where I really

want it to pay my money owed all the

payments and all of the basic

requirements of my

life I don’t ask for an awful lot I do

not ask for little I simply ask for

enough to guide my whole existence to

pay my bills and to keep going with my

head held

excessive I want to comply with your

path the course of goodness Purity and

freedom and this is why I pray to you

with such Faith because I realize that

you will assist me in pressing money

within the right way

amen affirm today I experience

stimulated to take movement on my

desires and to desires I am influenced

committed and decided I sense excited

about the things I want to create tours

are beginning for me and I am being

completely supported by way of the

Universe I am confident that I will be

successful to confirm right I am

thankful typ PS if you believe in God we

will always encourage you to move from

negative emotions to positive

emotions if you want you can donate to

us through super thanks

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