🛑 God Says; I Want To Says Something Open it! God Messages For You Today

Lord is telling you right now my dearest

child of mine before I sent my son to

This Global I told approximately to my

prophets they prophesied it to the

sector it occurred before he will die

for every and absolutely everyone’s sins

I told approximately it to my

prophets they prophesied it to the

international it to occurred in the

equal wave you open your eyes and

appearance every and the whole thing

that are taking place around is what

turned into already prophesied for a

reason for his second coming make sure

you’re prepared for

that like this video if your faith is

strong and Bible vce Matthew

says come to me all you who who

were weary and pressured and I will

provide you with

relaxation take my yoke upon you and

learn from me for I am gentle and humble

in heart and you may discover rest for

your souls for my yoke is simple and my

burden is

light remember my child that forgiveness

does n not mean condoning or forgetting

the hurtful moves of others it is a

effective Act of Liberation to your


Soul by choosing forgiveness you

unfastened yourself from the weight of

sporting resentment and anger it is a

presentence you give yourself allowing

you to move ahead with love and

compassion finding peace within yourself

starts off involved with acknowledging

your pain and allowing yourself to feel

it absolutely embrace your feelings for

they are legitimate and a part of your

healing procedure but do now not allow

them to consume

you instead Channel your energy toward

noow the perspectives of those who har

you empathy may be a powerful tool and


forgiveness Lord says right why yes if

you want to follow my

will in this adventure recollect that

forgiveness isn’t always a whattime

event it’s far a Non-Stop exercise be

patient with yourself my child healing


time surround yourself with love

positivity and supportive individuals

who uplift your spirit seek solace in

nature meditate ation or any interest

that brings you pleasure and

Tranquility lastly realize that I am

constantly right here for you my loved

infant Lean on Me While times get hard

and accept as true that I will guide you

toward the peace and forgiveness you are

seeking for you are in no way alone in

this adventure for my Divine Pres

presence is living within

you typ I love you

father the almighty said behold I live

in you I am the entirety you may

possibly need and a savior God and I am

alive within you fill you with Radiant

Life and Love I want my life in you to

overflow and impact other people as you

interact with them as ask me to stay

through you and love through

you when you collaborate with me in this

manner my light will reflect out of your

face and my love will Grace your words

you are entire in me all that you need

to your salvation and your spiritual

growth is discovered in me through my

divine power you’ve got the whole thing

necessary to persevere within the ever

lasting life I have given you I

additionally come up with intimate

knowledge of me I invite you open up and

proportion with me on the deepest ranges

each your struggles and your to

lights find relaxation in my completed

work at the cross and rejoice what you

are ceaselessly stable in me enoy

wealthy Soul Delight bya knowing me your

loving Savior and for all time

friend type how man if you believe in

god listen carefully thinking of these

feeling crushed nowadays you’ve were

given massive selections to make and a

freaking out approximately the

ramifications you’re going through

demanding situations together with your

kids and do not know what to

do you’ve were given pressing financial

needs and are uncertain how it’s all

going to return together you’re worried

approximately the results from recent

clinical tests you involved

approximately your activity and Destiny

prospects you’re looking to determine if

you want a

family you’re questioning if you may

ever meet someone too share your life

with you you’ve tried everything you

already know to help that love one get

loose and they may be not you’re worried

about the destiny as the whole lot

appears unsure and volatile it all just

seems like it’s too

much I need to remind you that God sees

God is aware of and God cares take your

worries to him pour out your heart to

him if it matters to you it topics to

God share it with six people and watch

these blessings

multiply lovely kids I recognize you

have been doubting yourself these days

and wondering if you truly are

appropriate sufficient or hobus

sufficient to do what I have placed to

your coronary heart to

do this message is here with a view to

remind you that you could do all matters

through Christ don’t let fear

communicate you out of your dream stop

stressing I am with you I already worked

it out trust me I’ve stayed with you via

every storm for your life I’ve given you

all which you need I actually have and

usually will defend you your family

and loved

ones things may be hard for you right

now but just consider and my timing

exchanged to your circumstances is

coming trust me and enjoy this new day

type yes if you

agree God says I’m making all matters

new my loves for you knows no bounds all

things are operating together on your

right you aren’t forgotten or forsaken


me I even have heard your prayers keep

your eyes on me don’t concentrate to the

voices of discouragement your simply

around the Nook from a Leap

Forward When you pray are you confident

that you’ll get hold of what you’ve got

requested for many human beings today

wonder if God hears their prayers they

are not certain if he will

solution but the scripture guarantees

that when we obey God’s commands when we

stay at Lifestyles that is pleasing to

him we can be sure that we can obtain

what we

ask understand that God’s word is his

will that’s why it is so crucial to make

his word the primary priority in our

lives when you maintain God’s guarantee

tease in your coronary heart and mind it

adjustments and shapes your man or woman

it makes your thoughts and goals line up

with God’s thoughts and

goals and when you are praying according

to God’s will you can have self-belief

to acquire what you’ve got requested for

make the commitment to obey the word and

do what pleases him as you do you may

see his hand of blessing in every area

of your

Lifestyles you’ll be geared up to move

ahead inside the self assurance and

victory he has deliberate for you I

encourage you to subscribe to this

Channel and became a part of this

community of

Believers is all and Sury amongst you

and well let them call the Elders of the

church to pray over them and to anoint

them with oil in the name of the Lord

and the prayer offered in religion will

make the unwell person nicely the Lord

will improve them up James to

dear listeners let’s join our prayers

together on a present God I come going

for walks to you in prayer as a toddler

to a daddy you are all powerful all

knowing and there is nothing to hard for

you I agree with it no matter the

problem or query you are my

answer father I want to make an apology

for something then I can also have

stated executed or idea that became no

longer right please wash me of any sins

that I actually have devoted I want to

live in obedience however once in a

while I fall briefly have mercy and

assist me to do

better father I ask which you assist me

when I was with a lack of braveness

sometimes I actually have thoughts of

worry and discouragement I know that you

have commanded me to have braveness and

religion there are instances that I

cower in the face of a task because the

enemy convinces me that I am now not

enough father I admit that I can do not

anything without you it is you who


me it is you who strengthens me you have

called me to step out in religion take a

stand and to combat the enemy that would

assault My Religion help me to be all

which you have designed I do not need

Disobedience or fear to rob me of my

advantages I ask you to present me

braveness and every scenario I put up to

you as I’ll ask and pray and Jesus call

amen right love you Jesus if you believe

may God Jesus bless you all today your

life will uplift mentally spiritually

financially may you get success remember

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