πŸ›‘ God Says; I Am Really Sorry But Has To Happen βœ‹| God Message Today..

my beloved child I am your God I did not

wait if you want to deserve it before

supplying forgiveness of your sins I did

now not even wait till you realize that

you wished

it for I so loved the world that I had

send my one and best son to her looking

for an store you soon I will send him

once more make certain that you are

prepar prepared for his second coming

otherwise sooner or later it’ll be to


due my child I know you’re bored with

your behavior you are bored with

performing the same recurring you’re

uninterested in feeling like your soul

is not in which it’s supposed to

be you begin to Crave alternate the way

flowers crave the solar you start to

understand the poor patterns you

unconsciously embedded into your

Lifestyles and your determined to change

them you start to sense the electricity

of a newer you taking up and it feels

like a weight is being lifted you start

to feel the tight ropes of Hysteria

loosening around your mind body and

spirit as you understand the ending of

an old bankruptcy and the start of a

brand new

one embrace the character your becoming

you’re a strong Warrior who loves

fiercely letting Cross isn’t meant to be

smooth for you it’s meant to be

transformative trust the universe’s plan

all that space you have been developing

is ready to be packed with an abundance

of magical


if you watch the whole video without

skipping it Lord bless you abundantly

and God will give you a miracle in


after here are seven things presently

Lord eagerness you to recognize this

today one you have all the capability

within the world I know you will move on

to reup superb things to your age

existence two don’t permit everybody

carry you down you are unique and worth

something usually don’t forget

that three you can do whatever you place

your mind to don’t let everybody let you

know they’re

wise four goals and aspiration are

accurate but it’s far similarly as vital

to take time to experience the little

matters in

life five you are a person worthy of

affection and admiration do you no

longer let everybody else’s low opinion

of you turn out to be your

personal six never be ashamed of who you

are embrace yourself for who you are all

of us else’s evaluations are of no

consequence seven there is nothing wrong

with disasters as long as you examine

from them and do know longer repeat the

equal mistakes again and again once

more remember Colossians always

says Let the Peace of Christ rule for

your hearts for the reason that as

individuals of one frame you were

referred word to as

peace typ our man if you

believe you are being told by the Lord

draw near to me with a thankful heart

aware that your cup is overflowing with

blessings gratitude enables you to

understand me more certainly and to have

fun in our love

courting nothing can separate you from

my loving presence that is the idea of

your security whenever you start to

experience anxious remind yourself that

your protection Rest in Me by myself and

I am absolutely

truthful you will by no means be on top

of things of your Lifestyles

circumstances however you can relax and

agree within my

control instead of striving for a

predictable safe way of life are looking

for to recognize me an extra depth and

breadth I long to make your lifestyle is

a glorious Journey but you’re clinging

to antique

approaches I am usually doing something

new inside my liked ones be on the

lookout for all that I have organized


you thank me for the very matters which

can be troubling you you are on the

brink of rebellion precariously near

shaking your fist in my face you tempted

to indulge in only a little complaining

approximately my deal with meant of

you but after you step over that line

Torance of rage and self-pity can sweep

you away the fine safety and opposition

to this Indulgence is Thanksgiving it is

not possible to thank me and curse me on

the same

time thanking me for trials will sense

awkward and contrived at the start what

if you persist your grateful phrases

prayed in faith will subsequently make

arrangement on your

heart thankfulness awakens you to my

presence which overshadows all your

problem Almighty declares write y yes if

you seek my

Guidance the Divine message saying God

wants to pour out his want on you in

order that you could live in Victory in

each vicinity of your life the scripture

says he constantly causes us to Triumph

through Christ

Jesus that method no be counted what

you’ll be going through nowadays God

desires to make you more than a

conqueror are you combating illness God

desires to give you

recuperation are you struggling with a


dating God desires to provide you with

recuperation and peace are you dealing

with a need physically spiritually or

emotionally God’s choose will convey you

provision and deliver all all your needs

consistent with his riches and

Glory many times within the Bible while

Gods human beings were going into war

the worshippers have been out in the

front of the soldiers when you pick to

worship when you are grateful and

blessed the Lord in the midst of your

conflict you are establishing the door

to his choose on your

life it’s important to exaggerate your

God to not amplify your troubles when

you give God reward he gives you the

victory type if you

agree my child I am thrilled to listen

your prayer of reward for my name and

person it warms my heart to appear that

even though you cannot recognize me or

honor me you still apprehend my

greatness and

strength as a God I am regularly

respected and feared however I need you

to understand that I am a loving and

compassionate God I created you and all

that surrounds you and I take great

pleasure in looking you develop and

research your prayer jogs my memory of

the psalm that an announces oh Lord our

Lord How Majestic is your name in all

the Earth Psalm

it is real my call is majestic and I

am worthy of all honor and

praise but what touches me maximum about

your prayer is your humility you

acknowledge that you can no longer

understand me or honor me however you

still provide your reward

that is a stunning thing my

child I need you to recognize that I

listen your prayers and I am usually

here for you you can come to me with

anything and I will listen whether it is

a prayer of Praise or a cry for help I

am continually

listening so retain to worship and pray

my child your phrases carry pleasure to

my my heart and I am venerated to be the

god you appearance up to remember that I

love you constantly and I am usually

right here for

you share it with nine individual and

watch these blessings

multiply father we praise you for who

you are you are over matters and not

anything is a Marvel to you we provide

you with all honor and glory Lord we ask

in your ideal peace to wash over

us we conflict and are tempted these

days to attempt to attain peace in our

very own way and know those approaches

are fleeting Lord provide us your peace

that passes all understanding you are

the prince of peace and we’re

yours Lord we need to relaxation in you

cover us absolutely with peace your word

says it’ll protect our hearts Lord we

ask that your peace defend our hearts

and we praise you for this present God

take all of my fears concerns anxieties

and trade them for your peace these

days if I do not experience it right

away help me to agree with you and know

that your phrases are real you are

capable robust complete of electricity

Sovereign and the god off peace Father I

want to relaxation in you today moment

be means of moment permit my coronary

heart be found in you

in I hope you liked this message and we

appreciate you still watching our videos

I hope that the message you receive has

uplifted your spirit and given you hope

and if you wish you can donate to us

through super thanks God bless you till


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