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Lord is speaking to you right now my

Christian Child you recognize about the

new Earth and the brand new heaven one

day the existing Earth and Heaven will

pass away my living place will be with

the humans and I will stay with them

inside the new Earth

it will be my humans and I himself can

be with them and be their God I will

wipe each tear from their eyes at that

time there will be no greater loss of

life or Mourning or crying or pain for

the Vintage order of factors will pass


do you need to come to this new Earth do

you need to be amongst these humans

if you need to be withinth new Earth and

among the human beings in it make

certain you’ll be finishing your race

properly to get your name in the bulk of


Lord says typewire yes if you want to

follow my will

in Bible verse Matthew to says

do not keep up for yourselves Treasures

on the earth wherein moths and Vermin

spoil and in which thieves destroy

enhance gas borrow

but keep up for yourselves Treasures in

Heaven where moths and Vermin do now not

destroy and in which thieves do not

Smash in and thieve for where your

treasure is they’re your coronary heart

could be also

type I love dearly you father

life can be hard my beloved child and I

recognize that it can be disheartening

whilst confronted with limitations that

seem by no means ending but recollect I

even have bestowed upon you the present

of resilience and internal energy

within you lies a Wellspring of Courage

that will help you whether any hurricane

that comes your manner

know that I am right here to Aid you

every step of the way even in moments

while it is able to appear like I am

remote I am constantly looking over you

prepared to lend an assisting hand while


trust in me for I even have a plan for

you and these struggles are merely

Stepping Stones towards your boom and


when you feel crushed take a moment to

connect with Me Close Your Eyes breathe

deeply and feel my presence surrounding

you draw energy from our connection for

it is through our bond that you’ll find

the endurance to persist

as Almighty lord said only a few loyal

people will stay connected to this video

till the end and you are a True Believer

child who connected with God till the

end and now your life will always be

oriented towards progress

remember my child that each struggle you

faces an opportunity for increase and


Embrace those challenges as precious

classes on the way to shape you into a

more potent and wiser person

have faith in yourself for you possess

the ability to overcome something that

stands for your manner

I love you unconditionally and I agree

with to your capacity to persevere

trust in my Divine steerage and

collectively we can navigate the

adventure in advance

you are never by myself my infant for I

am right here paying attention to your

prayers and assisting you through every

lengthy time period Warfare

if you’re convinced enter

God wants you to hear this now after I

inform my disciples to forgive their

brothers seven times in the equal day

Peter requested once more if you have to

forgive a brother up to seven times

I informed him up to instances seven

the reality is for my followers there

must be no limits to how frequently or

how an awful lot they forgive child

there may be no offense so notable or so

common that you should not forgive

child there may be no offense so notable

or so common that you should not forgive

like Peter you could wonder how you can

in all likelihood forgive such frequent

or such terrific offenses

you need simplest to look at how a whole

lot my father has forgiven you when you

definitely recognize the price that I

paid on your sins you may realize how

wrong it would be as a way to withhold

forgiveness from everybody for whatever

like this video If you believe in God

and wavering

you forgive humans no longer because

they deserve or do to the fact their

offense small however due to the fact my

father forgave you

forgiveness is freeing the opposite man

or woman from his responsibility to you

dotic does not relieve the alternative

person of his obligation to endure

results of his offense earlier than God

it doesn’t unfastened him to cut the

music injury you or others

forgiveness isn’t always a sense it’s a

desired desire to obey me and please the


taipao man if you trust in Lord

understand that my dear child you region

Survivor and maximum humans don’t

recognize what you’ve long gone via very

few know but I retain to choose you up

every time you fall I have in no way

failed you and I will no longer fail you


you don’t even look like what you’ve

been fire and the best news is I not

fire with you yet I’m approximately to

bless you so much it’ll blow the minds

of folks that wrote you off

things you’ve got been through have

taken something away you’ve lost a few

shine you’ve misplaced a number of your

innocence and alongside the manner you

have additionally misplaced you

you don’t do the belongings you love to

do you do not get excited the way you

probably did in the antique days

if you may take my hand I actually have

a plan I’m going to educate you a way to

war for your happiness how to contend in

your pleasure

child I’m going to show you how to

intercede for your personal soul and on

the seats of it all you’ll have your

fire again

is there a place where you are harboring

tenderness and want to forgive a person

for a way they harm you ask me to expose

it to you I will show you how I can

redeem your pain to gain a person else

share this powerful message is nine

people who is closest to your heart

listen up facing constant close doors

and prayers seemingly an answer can be

incredibly discouraging many individuals

in such moments surrender lower their

expectations or settle for less

however I want to offer you


urging you not to relinquish your faith

or hope when you hold the promise from


the adversary the enemy actively desires

to undermine your trust in God using

various tactics to make you doubt God’s

faithfulness or deem your belief and

Supernatural intervention as foolish

yet it’s essential to recognize that God

Specializes in crafting paths where none

seem to exist God’s Journey often

commences and the realm of the

impossible and manifest in the form of


therefore I encourage you to rekindle

that precious gift of faith within you

walk boldly into the future Guided by

faith rather than what you can currently

perceive with your senses

if you have faith in God right amen

in The Identical manner let your mild

shine before others that they may see

your proper deeds and glorify your

father in Heaven Matthew .

dear listeners let’s join our prayers

together dear heavenly father I come to

you in prayer knowing that I am your

child and also you continually hear me

after I pray

father if I have sent an opposition to

you in any manner and have now not

requested for forgiveness I express

regret right now please forgive me for

something that I can also have achieve

that not appealing to you and assist me

no longer to preserve and sin

father nowadays I ask in your assist as

I start something new God the enemy

Whispers bad thoughts because he desires

to ship discouragement

I resist and rebuke those mind proper

now in Jesus name God I recognize that

in case you are for me who may be

against me I am attaining to hire myself

and as I step out in faith to attempt

God I recognize that I do now not step

on my own I ask you to bless me with the

awareness courage and persistence that

it takes to gain my goals

God I recognize that you care

approximately every vicinity of my

Lifestyles I recognize that I can pray

to you about the entirety I praise you

and strengthen for helping me

I realize that you may constantly guide

me God my self-assurance is not in my

ability but in you you have never failed

me I surrender all to you and I thanks

for all that you have completed and all

what you will do in Jesus name I pray


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