? God Says; I Am Begging Give Me Your 2 Minutes‼️| God Message For You Today…

God says pay attention because the next

minutes have the potential to change

your life don’t skip this video’s

conclusion or you could miss some of my

most significant blessings

you might be contemplating the idea of

going back to your past to rectify the

mistake you’ve made as these errors may

have caused heaviness and loss in your

Jonah Story

they could have also led to stress and

worry however let me share a story about

Jonah who made a mistake in his life but

ultimately repented and prayed to me I

forgave him and transformed him into a

blessing for many people if you are a
If You Are A Great Type

great type amen

similarly the mistakes you’ve made might

have caused concern and anxiety but if

you are willing to repent I am here to

forgive you reflect on the fact that I

have forgiven you numerous times without

you even asking and I’ve shown you Grace

in your life repeatedly you don’t

necessarily need to revisit the past to

correct every mistake

instead all you need to do is understand

your errors and sincerely repent then

strive to live your life and obedience

to me for I am your father and you are

my child remember I am the one who

forgives your sins and I am here to

bless you and make you a blessing to

If You Want Miracles

so cease committing sins and live a life

Guided by obedience to me pray about

everything and you will find the path to

a more fulfilling and blessed life

if you desire Miracles watch this video

all the way through to the end

behold I am Drawing Near carrying my

recompension guide me to render to each

one he ordering to his deeds revelation

– God is saying to you today I am
God Says

Forever by your side these words are not

mere promises they hold true every

moment every day and everywhere you go

you can trust me with unwavering faith

my dear child I am here embracing you
My Dear Child


all-encompassing love as you share your

prayer for the strength of those facing

addiction and Recovery

your compassion and concern for others

shine brightly and I am immensely proud

of your empathetic heart know that I

have heard every word of your prayer and

your voice has reached the depths of my

Divine Soul your request for strength

for those struggling with addiction

resonates deeply within me I understand
Guiding Light

the pain challenges and obstacles they

face and I assure you that my love and

support are always with them in this

journey of life every soul encounters

trials and the path of recovery can be

arduous but take heart for I am here as

a Guiding Light Illuminating their

weight towards healing and renewal

I will bestow upon them the strength

they need to conquer their inner battles

to rise for their struggles and to

reclaim their lives with Newfound


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encourage those who suffer to seek help

and find solace in the support of others

who have faced similar hardships

let them know that they are never alone

in their fight surround them with

compassion and understanding for these

are the foundations upon which recovery


you my child possess a heart of immense
My Child

goodness and your prayers hold great

power together we shall weave a tapestry

of Hope and perseverance for all those

on the path to recovery

remember I am always here listening to

your pleas and nurturing the seeds of

change in the hearts of those who seek


embrace the courage within you too be a
I Stand Beside You

source of encouragement and strength to

others and may your prayers continue to

touch liars and Inspire transformation

trust in the infinite capacity for love

and renewal that resides within each

soul and know that I stand beside you as

the guiding force in this journey

towards healing

God says type yes if you praise my name
God Says Type

God is saying I will never disappoint

those who hope in me those who believe

in me you have heard the stories of

Daniel Joseph Abraham David Hannah and


despite the challenges they faced they

unwaveringly believed in me and trusted

that I would answer their prayers in due

time I have never let them down

instead I showered them with blessings

that I had prepared for them at the

perfect moment

just as they had faith in me I know that

you believe in me too have faith and I

will never let you down my promises are

true and I will always remain steadfast

in my word type yes to claim this

blessing pray this today Lord amidst my

struggles today I will still choose to

praise you I will trust that even in

moments when I don’t feel it you have my

best interests in mine thank you for

your unwavering care and provision for

me amen

listen up I will never disappoint those

who hope in me those who believe in me

you have seen the stories of Daniel

Joseph Abraham David Hannah and Esther

despite the challenges they face they

unwaveringly believed in me

and now I see your faith in me and I

assure you that I will never disappoint

you either have faith and believe for I

will remain true to my word my promises

are steadfast and I will always fulfill

them at the right time trust in me for I

am faithful and will never deceive you

here are five things that God wants you
Five Things

to keep in mind one don’t worry he got

you two he’ll provide you a topic for

conversation you will serve as a shining

example of his goodness


God will give you the healing the

solutions the Breakthrough and the

blessing never give up


God will pleasantly surprise you with an

abundance of favors you will receive the

Fulfillment of your requests
Your Current Location is Not Your Permanent Home

. your your current location is not

your permanent home you can expect

blessings healing and change from God

Jesus declares God knows how to

vindicate and restore those who have

been wronged even if it seems like

circumstances and people’s actions have

permanently damaged your reputation hold

on to the fact that your motives were

pure and your heart was in the right

place you might be going through a

season of disrespect loss of credibility

and gossip but don’t lose hope type amen

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