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God is saying to you

today my beloved child I speak self

assurance and you I communicate love and

you I know the way you feel whilst you

reduce to Rubble when you think of

yourself first while you don’t agree

with me when you run after what you

think you want and now not what I

recognize is on your heart keep turning

hold searching keep turning over your

coronary art for me dot I want to expose

you what is under the Alternatives make

far away from me I need to show you more

of what I have for you I want to have

you ever believe me extra I need to take

you in deeper deeper

nevertheless if you are feeling a

positive vibe then like this

video my love has no cease the

possibilities of wish and Destiny

strength in me is beyond what you may

see now so you need to maintain turning

over the ones things that feel safe and

keep you again from trusting me extra

you need to stay near and inclined to

pass into uncomfortable and unusual

places with me do you need to understand

what awaits you infant do you need to

recognize Waters across the band keep

listening keep confessing keep achieving

and looking and going

deeper I am with you I flow you in

deeper I need to expose you all I even

have God claims typs if you praise my

name in Bible verse Colossians to –

says so that then just as you obtained

Christ Jesus as Lord retain to live your

lives in him rooted and constructed up

in him reinforced in the religion as you

have been taught and overflowing with

thankfulness let’s pray dear God bless

this month beforehand I’m entering into

this new month with faith trusting that

irrespective of how hard last month

changed into your mercies are new every

day although the whole lot might not

pass as deliberate strike a chord in me

that the joy of the Lord is my strength

peace and desire even if I do not

understand in Jesus call amen as lord

said my child if you love to listen to

my voice and receive my blessings then I

urge you to watch this video till the

end today heavenly father wants to talk

to you in times of uncertainty and want

it’s natural to a searching for steering

and guy I need you to apprehend that I

am always with you looking over you with

unwavering love and care your nicely

being is of Maximum importance to me I

see the hardships you’re facing and the

burdens that weigh in your shoulders

please do no longer melano for I will

manual you through those attempting

instances I will provide you with the

energy and resilience to conquer the

obstacles that stand on your way comment

amen if you receive today

words remember my infant that challenges

are a part of Lifestyles as

Adventure however they do not outline

your worth or

capability you have within you the

ability to navigate these difficulties

and emerge stronger on the other

aspect have religion to your

capabilities and believe in the sources

that I will provide open your heart to

Opportunities paintings diligently and

take note of the advantages that

surround you I will bless your efforts

and manual you towards the direction of


stability have faith my dear one for I

actually have heard your prayer and I am

right here to offer for you you aren’t

by myself in this adventure for I am

your everpresent loving deity and I will

usually be by way of your your aspect

receive it by typing

affirm with me do do I am confident

self assured and Rich everything that I

choice is inside my attain and I

courageously create it effectively I am

powerful L am cherished I am worthy I am

sufficient I deserve the very high

quality I permit myself to create and

acquire the satisfactory fortl I am

comfortable with being my great and

permitting inside the satisfactory I

love me I permit me to prosper beginning

proper now the worry is

dissolving I sense myself evolving

increasing and becoming everything that

I am man so it is subscriber to the

channel if you truly believe in God

God wants these six things you must know

inside which every mind is getting a

feeling like taking one you are so near

your Leap Forward two God heard your

prayer three God sent his angels to help

you four healing is coming your manner

monetary help is coming your manner

Deliverance is coming your way new

possibilities are coming your

manner five your season of lack has

ended six your season of abundance and

overflow has started share it with one

people and watch these blessings

multiply God has spoken I want to remind

you that I am not simply some other

choice on your existence however instead

the answer to the whole thing you need

he am the one who created you and knows

you higher than everybody else when You

Face challenges turn to me for steering


energy I am constantly here for you

paying attention to your prayers and

equipped to provide you with everything

you need to

succeed it can be tough for humans to

apprehend what it is that you’re feeling

whilst you continually shut people off I

inspire you to try and be a little

greater open in order that people can

enter your life you have felt by myself

for quite a while now it’s time start


higher you are a work of art intricately

crafted by my hands your flaws strengths

vulnerabilities they all compose your

perfect Essence embrace your

individuality and understand that you

are cherished immeasurably just as you

are type thank you God and if you

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our Channel and ring the bell

icon those who know your name consider

in you for you Lord having no way

forsaken those who seek you Psalm

listen carefully make this a time to

firmly declare that the enemy won’t gain

any more ground he prowls like a lion

seeking whom he can devour choose to

declare that he cannot harm you your

love adones or your

territory examine your actions reactions

what you watch listen to think about or

discuss and close the door on anything

that could give the enemy an advantage

in your

life this isn’t a moment for complacency

or ignorance of the enemy schemes stay

vigilant as the enemy is furious knowing

his time is limited equip yourself with

the full armor of God as our battle is

against Supernatural forces Not Mere

humans the enemy means business

and neither should you if you have faith

in God WR

amen God says prayer isn’t restricted by

using time or space it’s for a channel

through which my love and strength

circulate your life seek me inside

theate moments and I will communicate in

your spirit pray for others interceding

on their

behalf trust in the energy of prayer for

it as the ability to convert Hearts men

relationships and bring about miracles

draw close to me in prayer and you will

Revel in the depths of my love and the

strength of our divine

connection dear listener join this

prayer with me and repeat after me oh

Lord Jesus I pray that once humans see

us and see how we behave as your

children they’ll reward your name as

youngsters of love and

Mild merciful to Sinners to formidable

to claim that every you possibly can get

hold of forgiveness from you we were

within the jail of s too but you set us

loose while we be given your provide of

forgiveness you opened our eyes in order

that we ought to to see the fact. tyom

men if you

affirm thank you for letting your mild

shine on us thank you that we are

blessed to put our trust in you what a

privilege we have been given because you

our father is an all effective all

knowing god Our Savior and Redeemer you

are the only who saves us from all the

fiery attacks of the enemy you you have

more than enough electricity for every

weak point that we have you carry us

while we’re down you maintain us with

your strong fingers when the storms of

life keep knocking us

down blessed you oh God who uphold the

cause of the oppressed and offers meals

to the hungry as unworthy as we were you

called us to be sustained by way of your

love to see the awesome

works of thy hands and to guide us to

the street to Heaven praise you oh God

who Reigns for all time greater I pray

in jesus’ name

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