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God says

my precious children trust me I am

placing you up for a Leap Forward like

you’ve got never visible earlier than

you are entering the beginning of a

clean new season don’t despise Deborah

says don’t despise the journey

the storms might also come however the

ones storms will increase you to make

you extra like me my hand is in your

existence and those who will watch from

a distance and wonder the way you have

so much desire on your life

they might not recognize it it is my

hand that did this in you no character

will ever take a credit score for what I

do through you walk boldly and

confidently into this subsequent season

no weapon formed towards you may prosper

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dear child first and most important I

want you to recognize that I am right

here with you listening to your every

prayer and plea I am your loving and

compassionate God and I understand the

struggles you’re facing

you have reached out to me with a prayer

for forgiveness and recovery from your

anger problems and I need you to know

that I have heard you I need you to take

comfort within the truth that I have no

longer given you a spirit of fear or

anger however of power love and a

legitimate mind

you are capable of overcoming these

challenges because I actually have

prepared you with the electricity to

accomplish that trust in me with all

your coronary heart and lean now not on

your own understanding surrender your

issues and anxieties to me for I care

deeply for you

Lord says type yes if you praise my name

sweet kid remember that while you are

afraid you can place your agree within

me I am your mild and salvation your

stronghold in Lifestyles there is not

any want to fear all and Sundry or

anything if you have me via your facet

I am continually with you and I will

never depart nor forsake you

do now not worry approximately tomorrow

for every day as enough problem of its

own instead cognizance on the present

moment and depend on me for steering and


be sturdy and brave knowing that I am

with you each step of the way

I want to guarantee you that I will beef

up and help you to your journey towards

forgiveness and Recovery I will uphold

you with my righteous right hand

offering you with the support and luxury

you want

those who wish in me will renew their

power they will jump on wings like

eagles run without developing weary and

stroll without fainting

to confirm right .

know that I am your energy and defend

trust in me with all your heart and I

will help you your heart can soar for

joy and collectively we are able to

reward and celebrate the victories along

the way

lastly consider that nothing can

separate you from my love neither demise

nor Lifestyles neither angels nor any

powers neither the prevailing nor the

destiny no any height nor depth

nor anything else and all Advent can

separate you from my love and

forgiveness I am here for you usually

right thank you God if you agree

in Bible verse Matthew to says

therefore I tell you do not worry

approximately your Lifestyles what you

will consume or drink or approximately

your frame what you will put on

is now not existence more than food and

thebody more than garments look on the

birds of the air they do not sow or

obtain or shop away in Barns and yet

your heavenly father feeds them are you

not a lot more valuable than them

here are four things presently God

desires you too recognize this today

one God is sending you confirmation via

this submit that your Miracle is on the

manner don’t stress you are about to be



God is taking you to a new place he is

doing a new aspect for your existence


God goes to send you a blessing too

remind you that he is continually on

your corner

four something which you have been

waiting on for a protracted time is

about to manifest immediately have

religion God is willing in a position

and equipped to move on your Lifestyles

these days

type if you believe

God tells you today you’ve shed tears in

private often I’ve witnessed each one

don’t be afraid for I Am by your sight

keep waiting for me my presence guides

you stay calm and understand that I am


trust me even when you can’t grasp my

actions my ways surpass yours believe

that everything works for your good your

faith in me will be rewarded live by

faith in my grace trust me for I am

always with you

listen the complete message if you trust

in God’s protection

God has spoken I’ve stood right beside

you through every situation you’ve faced

I’ve always provided you with everything

you need I will protect you and your

family always though you might be in a

tough season now trust in my timing

trust me and embrace this new month

you’re never alone always remember I’m

by your desire and both the best and

worst moments on Peaks and in valleys

amidst joy and tears through blessings

and trials no matter what you face I

stand right beside you

type Jesus I love you now

God declares if I care for sparrows I’ll

surely care for you you’re more valuable

than they are I’ll Supply your needs in

due time trust in me

do you trust that everything in your

life is for your benefit if you do then

have faith in me it’s all unfolding as a

part of my plan for my greater purpose

within you

though it may seem slow perhaps even

defeating with the illusion of

inactivity know that my timing is

Flawless to Stillness conceals my behind

the scenes work this is your season the

blessings I prepared for you and your

loved ones will transform your life


if you agree to not be concerned

about something but in each state of

affairs by way of prayer and petition to


gift your requests to God and the peace

of God which transcends all expertise

will protect your hearts and your minds

in Christ Jesus Philippians .

listen carefully many problems excessive

stress obstacles abound perhaps even

Peril what’s the next step you didn’t

choose this path did you turn to him

seek his presence whenever one and

everything clamor for your attention

embrace the word

take action just pause kneel down and

pray fast Feast on the nourishment of

Christ Jesus for hours days even weeks

months years perhaps even decades dot

turn to him seek his presence there’s

only so much you can accomplish or maybe

nothing at all

lift your cry to God he will move the

mountain he tears down the barriers he

liberates the capoos and restores sight

to the blind through wounds of Jesus

heal all wounds DOT type amen if you

have faith in God do you have faith does

the truth burn in your heart like a

blazing fire what is truth the son of

man resurrected Christ Almighty Reigns

over all creation all honor and Glory

belong to the Lord

seek Him don’t falter stand strong dot

trust in God’s Deliverance when the time

comes he will commission you to carry

his Spirit seek his face return to him

once more right God is alongside me and

send it to your love once while watching

this video

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me dear Jesus you are

the word that became flesh and this is

why you recognize our battles of being a

human you have been tempted you suffered

humiliation and deedoff cruelty

you asked as to preserve your

commandments so as to expose that we

adore you and that by using so doing God

the Father will love us too

but you recognize Jesus that we are not

passed down maintaining all your

instructions is not is not possible for

us people without your assist every day

we are bombarded with Temptations

challenges that many times are so


the spirit is willing but the flesh is

acceptable our frame shouts ladder wants

to be cared for to be healed and to be

happy often it has greater than

sufficient it can take order and we

became passive

come what may additionally thought keeps

entering our thoughts to give up

our minds are bombarded with thoughts

both true and terrible if you are

continue watching then type

so Lord you see we’re totally in one of

you as a way to hold your commands so

that the father will love us too we have

limits and we aren’t Gods but however

you stated that you will not provide us

anything that we could not undergo and

you set the Holy Spirit along the way to

help us

help us to be aware of your presence in

each place of our lives in order that we

are able to preserve your commands thank

you for the reminder that you died in

order that we are able to have a

Lifestyles with you after dying

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