? God Says; Don’t Skip Me You Are Not Seeing This By Mistake ✋|

Lord is telling you right now beloved

child you are surrounded by way of many

who have no love for my father or for me

some are most effective ignorant

contributors in Satan’s kingdom but

others are like starving wolves that

preference to rip down and damage my


but do not depression or maybe be and

yes your father is more than all what

they imply for evil he will turn to

desirable instead of Satan being

Victorious and tearing down our country

we will ultimately wreck his country but

we will not destroy it with the guns of

this world

we will benefit Victory by way of

leading my sheep in our approaches we

will plunder his kingdom to the

unbeatable weapons of the father’s

expertise love and right recognition you

in conjunction with my different sheep

will defeat Satan’s wolves like this

video if you follow through in Jesus

not with the aid of returning their evil

with evil however via answering every

arable Fable with our arrows of goodness

return hatred with love aggression with

gentleness conceitedness with humility

read with generosity and persecution

with joy one by using one we will rescue

Satan’s captives and plunder his state

and on this my pricey infant you will

glow confirm our father substantially

you will be the Everlasting Victor

Lord says write yes if you need this

in the Bible verses Psalm

– says I reward you because I am

fearfully and wonderfully made your

works are amazing I realize that


lovely child I guarantee you that I am

with the aid of your side guiding you

through this difficult time trust in my

divine plan for I will lead you toward

forgiveness and expertise trust in

yourself for you possess the strength

and resilience to overcome these


trust and those who sincerely take care

of you for they may Aid you for your

root to recovery

remember my infant that forgiveness does

no longer mean forgetting or condoning

the movements that prompted your Hague

and approach liberating the weight of

resentment and permitting yourself to


open your coronary heart to the

possibility of rebuilding accept is true

with however accomplished that carefully

taking the vital steps to guard yourself

God knows that only few loyal beliefs

will watch this video Until the End dot

if you watch the whole video without

skipping it

will see unexpected miracles in your


know that point is a effective healer

and withstain power and perseverance

believe may be restored take Solace

within the reality that even within the

darkest moments there is constantly a

glimmer of light

trust in my divine presence within you

for I will manual you closer to an area

of peace and wholeness

you are in no way by myself for your

struggles my child I am right here

taking note of your prayers and I will

walk beside you every step of the way

trust in my love for you for its far

unwavering and countless

trust in yourself for you’re stronger

than you understand together we will

overcome this pain and rebuild the trust

that change into as soon as broken

to receive it type then send this

Divine video to seven people who believe

in Lord

prayer for today father thank you for

refining me and developing my religion I

select to stand strong inside the midst

of issue I select to bless you no matter

what my situations are I believe that

you are Main and guiding me in Paths of

righteousness for your name sake in

Jesus name amen

to confirm right I am thankful

the voice of Despair says I sent over

hand over again a for Endless promisesto

myself and others to do better next time

I find myself back again in the old Dark

Places forget about trying to change I

have tried for years it didn’t work and

it never will work

it is better that I get out of people’s

way be forgotten no longer around dead

this strangely attractive voice takes

all uncertainties away and puts an end

to the struggle it speaks unambiguously

for the darkness and offers a clear-cut

negative identity

but Jesus came to open my ears to

another voice that says I am your God I

have molded you with my own hands and I

love what I have made I love you with a

love that has no limits because I love

you as I am loved

do not run away from me come back to me

no Don’s not twice but always again you

are my child yam your God the god of

mercy and compassion the god of Pardon

and love the god of tenderness and care

please do not say that I have given up

on you that I cannot stand you anymore

that there is no way back it is not you

I so much want you to be with me I so

much want you to be close to me

I know all your thoughts I hear all your

words see all your actions and I love

you because you are beautiful aeon image

an expression of my most intimate love

yourself do not condemn yourself do not

reject major do not judge yourself

do not condemn yourself do not reject

May dear do not judge yourself let my

love touch the deepest most hidden

corners of your heart and reveal to you

your own Beauty a beauty that you have

lost sight of

but that will become visible to youaga

light of my Mercy any mouth come close

to your ear and say to you I love you I

Mercy come come let me wipe your tears

and let love you I love you

type thank you God if you love Jesus

my son I am continually with you guiding

your steps and and serving your hand to

no longer be afraid for I am your safe

haven and strength in times of problem

trust in me and I will provide for all

your needs and accordance to my riches

find relaxation in me for I am the

supply of authentic peace

don’t be involved don’t be afraid I’m

looking over you each second of the day

and each moment of the night time I’m

ordering your steps and overlaying you

with my peace you’re no longer going to

be defeated you will machite

stay sturdy I am bringing you a purpose

to grim and bounce in locations in which

you had been as soon as defeated I will

meet you at each point of need recovery

imparting guiding and leading you

type out man if you believe in God

listen up fixating on where you have

been might not take you to wherein

you’re going obsessively ruminating over

Beyond mistakes disasters or the steps

will hold you stuck and trapped in the


at some point you should make the

decision to do something needs to be

executed to make matters right and then

having accomplished all you know to do

flow on the enemy will accuse you

relentlessly he will try and bury you in

guilt disgrace regret or condemnation

he will make you think it’s throughout

Yuri completed I’m losing in to remind

you it’s not over

we all want Grace we all need Mercy we

all want forgiveness we all need a

sparkling again again and again and


it’s without a doubt difficult for human

beings too simply accept the scandalous

grace of God you’re going to need to

combat to put a Preserve of it for


the handiest manner will walk forward

into the future God has for you is by

way of being cognizant of and saturated

in the brilliant grace of God make no

mistake no one is best no one is

appropriate sufficient no one is sin

free we all need Jesus every second of

every day

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me merciful Lord I pray

that I may additionally proceed with

boldness and sigh the few matters I

understand us a reality specifically

that my Everlasting salvation can come

most effective from Christ Jesus

that he is my Lord and Savior and that

by my repentance of sin and my faith in

him I will be stored they are in no way

reduced from your Great Commission O

Lord to proportion the gospel with the

world in order that those with errors to

hear it would be a part of me and


for that is your explicit command to me

and to all Christians but also I pray

that my mind might be open and that I

may additionally continually have an

attitude of seeking and getting to know

for I realize that on many matters I

might be wrong and now not aware of it

or there may be knowledge that I do not

even comprehend exists awaiting

Discovery as I live and develop in my

walk with you give me grace through your

holy spirit always to her looking for

know-how to confess where I have been

mistaken even in attitudes I have held

my whole life

make me clean each day in your word holy

God and permit the light of your

knowledge shine throughout the arena

that we all would possibly develop in

our understanding and love of you in the

course of Our Lives amen

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