? God Says; Don’t Deley Your Time Is Running, Only Few Minutes Left…✋

God is saying to you nowadays my beloved

child some of the things which you asked

to me you may not get you know

approximately Peter and his friends they

fished for the whole night after they

did no longer get the fish they even

prayed approximately

it but I did not give it due to the fact

in the morning I had another plan for

them you understand about Lazarus they

all prayed for

recuperation however I desired to do

more than they asked

me but take into account that if I did

not provide you with what you requested

then it’s far because I have planned the

more blessing than you asked in the

proper time I will give it to you have

faith in

me like this video If you believe in


unwavering in Bible verses Psalm

always says the righteous cry out

and the Lord hears them he provides them

from all their problems the Lord is near

the Brokenhearted and saves those who

are overwhelmed in

spirit sweet kids I need you to

understand that closure is not a

destination but a journey

and I’ll be with you every step of the

way take every second as it comes and

don’t forget that time as a topnotch way

of easing the

pain your past would not define you my

infant and I see the resilience and

courage within you to form your

future Embrace forgiveness no longer

only for others but for yourself

release the load of grudges and

resentments it’s a gift you provide on

your own soul allowing it to respire

freely God says bless someone’s Day by

sharing this

video lovely son you’re not on my own on

this quest for closure and healing seek

the assist of loved ones for his or her

presence may be a comforting bomb

and whilst you feel beaten flip to me

for steerage and

power I’m here to pay attention to guy

and that will help you locate your path

to Inner

Peace remember my infant that closure

may also are available in unexpected

approaches it may not be a surprising

Revelation but a sluggish knowledge that

sooner or later the pain that once held

you captive no longer has electricity


you Embrace this journey for it is a

testament in your resilience and your

ability to transcend the

past I am with you and collectively we

can find the closure you searching for

permitting you to move ahead with a

lighter coronary heart and a brighter

Destiny to concure enter

you are being told by God do you

feel deserted and secure afraid God sees

you are your reminiscences haunted with

disgrace regret trauma he is aware of

have you been betrayed have you made

errors are are you trapped in silence he


there God knit you collectively inside

your mother’s womb and never for a

moment has he taken his eyes off you God

the almighty knows you the identical one

who is aware of without a doubt the

whole lot approximately you is the one

who loves you with an all enduring all

effective Heavenly love

inescapable God’s presence is a shiny

light revealing the secrets of every

dark crevice but God is Not phased by

means of your history and he will not

run away he will love you perfectly and

endlessly because you are his

creation his promisees to stay this

knowledge is simply to gr for us to

Fathom but believe one and rest God is

pursuing you so prevent seeking to

disguise let you s be recognized to God

due to the fact you’re absolutely

regarded and absolutely

cherished and there may be not anything

you may do to alternate

it to receive it type in then send

this Divine video to eight individual

who believe in

God some of the belongings you’re

stressful about God has already carried

out you haven’t seen it but in the

Unseen realm matters have changed that

anxiety which you’ve been praying

approximately asking God to dispose of

it’s already

useless that hassle at paintings God has

already cut off off the supply now do

your part and stay in faith till it

manifests keep thanking God keep

speaking like you are unfasten preserve

wondering like you’re wholesome preserve

appearing like you are

positive listen I had to analyze that

one among finest things a person and

inform use no no isn’t always verbal

both no comes in many versions such as

ghosting ignoring passive aggressiveness

manipulation the signs and symptoms are

there you simply must pay

interest the purple flags are bright

like a pink light it’s simply humans

intentionally refuse to concentrate due

to the fact they feel if they stay they

are able to come what may win them over

or trade their mind that’s a tot toally

emotion alisky game to play type I love

dearly you

Jesus listen up dropping and to remind

someone that God truly Delights in you

he doesn’t simply tolerate you he flat

out loves you when we’ve been hurt

betrayed deserted or rejected it’s

regularly hard to accept as true that

God loves us we assume God will do what

humans have

accomplished however God is Not Us Jesus

is faithful he has no dark sigh he will

by no means leave no forsake us if we

have failed made a mistake or tussled in

some manner it’s not the

quit God has no longer abandoned you his

purpose nonetheless prevails he is for

you he is with you don’t confuse confuse

what you think of you with what God

thinks of you don’t confuse what others

say approximately you with what God has

stated about you you are cherished you

are chosen you are desired you are

visible you are

regarded type how man if you receive

this to love child always bear in mind

that I am with you on the coolest days

and the bad days through us and downs

through pleasure and tears in blessings

and in Trials no depend what you are

going through I’m proper beside you at


times my love is Unstoppable and L may

not let you go trust me to attend to you

and be devoted to you in every season

that you strove fire

you are going through a hard time I

understand that a few nights you’ve got

cried yourself to sleep wondering how

you may surve I pay attention your

prayers you aren’t forgotten let me

assist you turn things round there is

not anything to worry approximately do

everything might be

okay everything will work out I in

complete manipulate I know what the

scientific record says I understand what

the economic scenario seems like I see

the humans who are coming towards you I

recognize how large your dreams are and

pay attention me virtually I will not


you to accept it with belief please type

so do not fear for I Am With You do

not be dismayed for I am your God I will

toughen you and assist you I will uphold

you with my righteous proper hand Isaiah

– type how man if you believe in

God dear listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me heavenly father I

elevate my body circle of relatives to

you in prayer I ask what you might

surround them in your peace and luxury

as they walk and attempt to maneuver via

this super ache and

loss I pray you to wrap them for your

loving palms and allow them to realize

and experience you are so very close for

the duration of all of this de their

energy be their guy give them

knowledge help them select you in every

every moment as they grieve and heal

from this by your strength Christ

conquered death and the enemy I pray you

will give my friend circle of relatives

the blessing of your peace and your joy

amid their

grief Jesus died and Rose once more and

is sitting at your right hand

interceding for your human beings please

intercede for my friend own family your

word says that Jesus sings over us and

loves us greater than we will ever

believe it also says you are near the

damaged hearted I ask what you could now

not handiest remind my friend circle of

relatives of all this however bring

Comfort to their weary coronary

heart I thanks for them H their life

helped them see the best and every day

help them see you in this deep pain we

ask this stuff inside the call of Jesus

Christ Our Lord

amen type thanks you God if you believe

we will always encourage you to move

from negative emotions to positive

emotions if you want you can donate to

us via super thanks

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