🛑 God Says; Do You Have 30 Second For Me?‼️ | God Message For You Today|

God says my beloved child I know you

have been questioning yourself lately

and wondering if you are truly capable

or worthy enough to pursue what I have

placed in your heart this message is

here to remind you that you have the

strength and ability to overcome any

challenges through faith in Christ

don’t you dare give up or let fear

discourage you from pursuing your dream

remember I am by your side and you will

achieve success believe in yourself and

move forward with confidence you can

accomplish this like this video if you

love and believe a God my precious child

I as a loving and compassionate deity I

am here to comfort you and assure you

that I have heard your prayer for the

well-being of the community and the

World At Large

your concerns and wishes have reached me

and I am filled with immense pride in

your caring heart know that your

intentions and desires for the greater

good hold great significance I see this

sincerity and Purity within you and it

warms my Divine Essence you are a Beacon

of Hope a force for positive change in

this vast world

I want you to understand that your

prayers have not gone unheard or noticed

they have resonated deeply within my

Divine realm and I am already working

tirelessly to manifest the well-being

you envision

I am orchestrating the forces of love

compassion and unity to bring Harmony to

every corner of the world

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hundred thousand Divine subscriber

Jesus declares although you may not see

immediate results trust in the Divine

timing of the universe

remember that change starts within and

your intention alone is a catalyst for

transformation continue to radiate love

empathy and kindness towards others for

it is through these acts that the

collective well-being of humanity

flourishes in times of uncertainty or

despair always remember that I am here

guiding you and embracing you in my

unconditional love together we will

weather any storm and emerge stronger

with a world bathed in compassion and


my child rest assured that your prayer

has not found on deaf ears your words

have been received and I am working

tirelessly to bring about the positive

change you see trust in my divine plan

and never doubt the power of your own

intention sand actions listen up in the

event that no one has conveyed to you


you possess remarkable Beauty you are

cherished and adored your fort at two

desert this is your own estimation Your

Existence holds immense worth there are

abundant opportunities awaiting your

journey you are not a product of chance

you hold significance

I remain steadfastly by your side

without fail if you desire Miracles

watch this video all the way through to

the end in the midst of your darkest

hour when you are feeling discouraged

and uncertain and it seems like things

will never work out

God is speaking to you just as he spoke

to John in job he declared I will

bring laughter to your lips and Joy To

Your Heart

God is assuring you that Joel is on its


breakthroughs are on their way healing

is on its way and promotion is on its

way God is about to do something so


so extraordinary that it will overwhelm

you with gratitude and all you can do is

laugh and amazement your morning will be

transformed into dancing and your sorrow

will be replaced with joy type yes if

you’ve gotten theft or you will

my beloved children what you are

currently facing will soon come to an

end God is fully aware that you are in

the midst of a challenging situation but

he is purposefully using it to refine

you to remove any rough edges and bring

any impurities to the surface as a

result you will emerge from this

experience even better than before you

will reach a new level of preparation

for the destiny and dream that God has

specifically placed within you and plan

for your life

take a moment to Express gratitude to

the father for perfecting you through

this process I encourage you to trust

this journey and have faith that God is

orchestrating her remarkable work within


when you eventually overcome this trial

you will emerge stronger brighter and

more equipped for the next chapter of

your life type amen if you believe

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