? God Says; Devil’s Plan Will Be Succeed If You Skip This‼️| God Says Today….

God is saying God said if you don’t see

this powerful message till the end the

door of your blessings will be closed

please don’t skip it

God is saying to you today

sometimes when you pray for something

you may receive something different


please know that this is not because you

didn’t pray properly or didn’t deserve

what you asked for tits because I have

something even better in store for you

something that will bring you greater

happiness than the things you

specifically prayed for trust in me and

have faith that I always have your best

interests at heart like this video if

you love God my dearest child as your

Divine parent I am here enveloping you

in my boundless love and understanding

I have heard the depths of your prayer

expressing your heartfelt desire for the

success of your loved ones goals and

aspiration know that your compassion and

selflessness do not go unnoticed within

the tapestry of existence I have crafted

a world that thrives on

interconnectedness where the dreams and

Ambitions of all beings intertwine

your prayer Echoes the very essence of

this interconnectedness for when one

Soul flourishes it ignites a ripple

effect that touches countless others God

says type amen if you believe in me rest

assured my child that I am listening

attentively embracing the hopes and

dreams you hold dear for your loved ones

I understand the weight you carry the

desire to witness your triumphs and see

their happiness fulfilled your prayer

resonates deeply within my Divine

Essence and I I am here to support and

guide you but remember my child that

success takes many forms each unique to

the individual pursuing it I will work

in mysterious ways to provide

opportunities lessons and and growth for

your loved ones as they Journey towards

their aspiration trust in the divine

plan which weaves together the threads

of their lives into a magnificent

tapestry of purpose if you have faith in

God please like and share this video

together let us nurture an environment

of encouragement and support where your

love ones can flourish share your love

Inspire them with your unwavering belief

and lend a helping hand whenever needed

to the power of your faith and support

can propel them towards their goals

instilling within them the strength to

overcome obstacles and embrace their

true potential know that I am here

walking beside you every step of the way

guiding and nurturing the unfolding of

their destinies Embrace patience and

trust my child for the path to successes

often filled with challenges and growth

but through it all remember that your

prayers are heard and your love is felt

May the Light Of Hope and determination

guide your loved ones towards the

realization of their dreams you are an

incredible force in their lives and your

unwavering support will forever be

cherished God says type why yes if you

want my blessings listen up my dear

child the weapon that was formed against

you by the devil will not Prosper

instead I will use that weapon to

prosper the plan I have for you without

allowing it to harm you

you can look at the life of Daniel as an

example in his life I created a

situation to bless him but the

dose that situation is a weapon too

throw Daniel into the lion’s den and try

to destroy his life however the devil

forgot one crucial thing me

devil forgot that I was there with

Daniel watching over him the devil

forgot that I see everything the devil

planned the devil didn’t realize that I

would use the weapon he formed against

Daniel to fulfill my plan for him

today’s message likewise in your life

the devil may be planning something to

destroy you the devil may try to use the

circumstances you are facing too bring

into your life even though I have

planned those circumstances to

ultimately bring you the best blessings

but let me assure you the weapon the

devil is forming against you will not

Prosper why because you are my child and

I will never do anything to harm you put

your faith in me and even when you face

challenges don’t lose your trust in me

believe that I am with you always

supporting and guiding you remember I

have a plan for your life and I will

bless you abundantly Thai power man if

you acknowledge me Grace God says do not

allow fear to hinder your progress I am

your source of strength and courage

as the god of second chances I urge you

to approach me with repentance and I

will readily extend my forgiveness to

you instead of being consumed by anxiety

bring your worries and concerns to me

through prayer remember that I cherish

you with an everlasting love and nothing

can ever sever the bond between us my

beloved I am the god of restoration

capable of transforming ashes into

something beautiful do not allow

obstacles to discourage you for with me

all things are possible walk in

obedience to my word for it will guide

you like a lamp illuminating your path

know that your prayers whole great power

approach me with boldness and a sense of

expectancy fully aware of the wonders I

can work in your life God says I

encourage you to elevate your efforts

show your love for me through the way

you live and interact with others

release any self-deprecating thoughts

and beliefs recognize your worth for you

are a significant Exquisite and

resilient always remember that I love

you unconditionally

dear Christians know that God’s work in

your life is far from over he desires

your continued service and dedication to

him whatever mistakes or shortcomings

you have experienced in your journey

they pale in comparison too the

immeasurable love that God has for you

lift up your head for God’s affection

towards you is unwavering embrace the

truth that you are deeply cherished by

him if you desire Miracles watch this

video all the way through to the end God

has spoken you should not allow the

actions of others to dictate how you

treat those around you it’s important to

recognize that not everyone Harbors ill

intentions towards you not everyone

seeks to undermine or harm you engage in

open communication with me and together

he can navigate and distinguish between

the positive and negative aspects of

your life I am here to assist you in

this concerning the influences that

surround you if you have faith in God

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God is saying my grace empowers you with

the with the strength to not only begin

the race but to endure and complete it

initiating the race may seem effortless

but the true test lies in persevering

remember all things are attainable

through me I am by your side constantly

offering support and guidance you are

destined to experience and overflow of


abundant good health overwhelming joy

and an abundance in your finances

you will transition from a state of lack

to a season of abundance prepare

yourself for an outpouring of prosperity

and abundance in every area of your life

type yes to claim this blessing God is

speaking to you today declaring prepare

yourself for I am about to do something

beyond your expectations suddenly your

health will improve doors will swing

open and the right people will enter

your life unexpectedly

though you have endured trials and

challenges be ready to embrace a season

of Abundant Blessings those who have

pursued you with ill intent will be

defeated depression addictions work

related troubles and health issues will

be overcome you are destined to

experience an overflow of blessings

abundant good health overwhelming joy

and an abundance in your finances you

will transition from a state of lack to

a season of abundance comment amen if

you truly believe in God and God bless

you and share this video people who

need blessings

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