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God is telling you now my loving

children trust me I am setting you up

for a Leap Forward like you’ve gotten no

way visible before you are entering the

start of a fresh due season don’t

despise The Manor don’t despise the

adventure the storms may additionally

come however the On’s storms will

increase you to make you greater like me

my hand is in your life and people will

watch from a distance and wonder how you

have got a lot favor in your

Lifestyles they might not understand it

is my hand that did this in you no

person will ever take credit score for

what I do through you walk boldly and

hopefully into this next season no

weapon fashion against you will prosper


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Miracle God said in Isaiah – when

the time is proper I the Lord will make

it show up when God positioned the

promise on your heart while he gave you

that dream he determined the proper time

to carry it to

skip he’s already scheduled your


your breakthrough and your promotion

there are proper Time moments to your

future wherein matters will fall into

place the proper people will show up and

the possibility will find

you what you’re believing for may not

have befell but but whilst you

understand that God has a proper time

that it’s already been scheduled by the

creator of the universe you may not live

involved or

annoy Almighty declares tyom and if you

accept my divine

grace dear child and a global that can

on occasion appear packed with chaos and

Department it is simple to lose sight of

the inherent goodness in

people but I want you to consider that

deep within Every Soul lies the

capability for compassion kindness and

unity even amidst the darkness there are

sparks of Mile which could ignite a

flame of

hope I recognize your craving for a

United Future wherein humans come

collectively in Harmony and

understanding and even as it is able to

feel like an uphill struggle at times I

need you to keep on on to the perception

that change is

feasible the electricity to create a

better Global lies Insight each man or

woman and it starts off evolved with

embracing empathy love and recognize for


another do now not allow the negativity

around you extinguish your hope instead

let it fuel your willpower to be a big

of light in this

world be the example you want to look in

others and through your movements

encourage the ones real you to sign up

for in creating a destiny wherein Unity

prevails please listen the full message

if you trust in God’s

protection remember my toddler that

desire is not a passive state of

thoughts however Lively choice we make

every day choose to look the goodness in

people even when it can be tough to

find choose to accept as true within the

power of Harmony and the capacity for

Change and above all pick to be a vessel

of Love and Hope in the whole lot you

do as you navigate this adventure known


Lifestyles recognize that I am by using

your aspect guiding you and supporting

you together we are able to make a

distinction one act of kindness at a

time trust within the inherent goodness

inside humanity and keep on to the

desire that a United Destiny is inside


reach if you are concur comment and

Men remember my beloved child I am all

round while you are seeking my you

soaring over your face I am closer than

you dare agree with closer than the air

you breathe if my children may want to

most effective recognize my presence

they would never feel lonely

again I recognize each concept before

you assume it every phrase before you

communicate it my presence impinges for

your innermost being Can you spot the

absurdity of trying to conceal something


me you can effortlessly deceive other

human beings or even yourself but I

study you like an open huge print book

deep within themselves most humans have

some focus of my approaching presence

many humans run from me and vehemently

deny my existence because my closeness


them but my own children have nothing to

worry for I even have cleansed them via

my blood and clothe them in my

righteousness be blessed by means of my

intimate nearness since I live in you

permit me also live via you shining my

light into the

Darkness sit quietly with me letting all

your fears and issues bubble up to the

surface of your awareness there in the

light of my presence the bubbles pop and

disappear however some fears floor time

and again especially fear of the

nature you generally tend to project

yourself mentally into the next day day

week month year decade and you

visibility yourself coping badly in the

ones instances what you are seeing as a

fake photo as it does not include

me those gloomy times that you imagine

will not come to pass considering my

presence will be with you at all times

when a future orientated worry assails

you capture it and disarm it by way of

suffusing the light of my presence into

that mental

photograph say to yourself Jesus can be

with me then and there with his help I

can cope then come home to the present

second in which you may enjoy peace in


presence type our men if you

believe sweet kids I am no longer The

God Who fails you or forsake you if I

want to fail you or forsake you then why

did I created you if I desires to fail

you or forsake you then why ought to I

had ship me to die at the

Ross my dear infant i l you and care

approximately you greater than everybody

I am your father you’re my very own

child do you think your father will fail

or forsake his infant always keep in

mind you are always my own

child you had a beond due to the fact I

had a plan for you through it trust me

nothing you had went via turned in tusas

I has a cause it has a cause I have a

plan a plan to prosper you to get you

greater closer to me and to reveal you

ways much my grace you’ve got on your

life type thank you

Father listen up there’s no doubt that

the best combat you may have to fight in

an ongoing basis is the combat of Faith

the enemy is a liar deceiver and accuser

he is Relentless he will try to make you

believe you study that God isn’t

suitable that God is untrue that God is

mad at you that you are hopeless

helpless dispensable or vain that you

are unloved unseen or unwanted that your

disasters or errors have disqualified

you from your propose that your barriers

can limit what God wants to do and and

through your

Lifestyles that these isue keeping you

up at night time is beyond Redemption

that you will in no way get via it

Beyond it or over it you will now not

believe or keep directly to the

guarantees of God by using default you

need to be

proactive you need to fill your mind and

heart with the matters God says about

you so you have the potential to counter

the lies of the enemy it’s a combat of

religion no longer a walk inside the

park don’t deliver the enemy any actual

property on your thoughts declare and

decree the truth of God’s phrase over


life if you have Assurance in Lord

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people dear listeners join me in prayer

loving father mother I come to you today

for an alternate of heart and an

alternate of

mind I Warfare with perfectionism needs

to make everything perfect this has

taken me down a dark and lonely road as

I wore to make the whole thing ideal I

am packed with self-doubt and I

constantly worry that I’m a

failure father please forgive me for

letting such thoughts flood my thoughts

and place of specializing in you and

your love for me Lord I come to you

today to renew my mind and my

nearly teach me to recognize what you

have already made the entirety best

teach me to do everything with love and

be given things as they may be help me

to cognizance on serving and desirably

you help me to make more time for you

and meditate your

word grant me kn how and readability in

the whole lot I do in Jesus call I pray

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