🛑 GOD SAY; My Child Please Don’t Skip My This✋| God Message Today..

today Lord is telling you right

now my beloved do now not be discouraged

by means of the experience of your

Humanity even Jesus subjected himself to

the depths of the human Revel in with

loss struggling and difficulty and but

his life found out a better way of

residing uninterrupted kamu and Yin with

me to come a present which you could not

have imagined before him and yet right

here you are dwelling within the

blessing of

it there isn’t even a thin veil that

separates my spirit from you you get to

Revel in the fullness of my love at all

times it’s time to look over your

records with me and remember all that

I’ve added you through up until now

and not stop there have a look at the

scriptures and notice how I lead my

human beings through not possible

conditions I in no way fail to

consistently show up and devoted Mercy

whatever you face either now or within

the future is any other opportunity to

look my Redemptive strength at

work to love glance through the lens of

my ideal knowledge and I will come up

with Attitude to see what I am doing you

can accept as true with that I am

continually with you I in no way

leave if you are feeling a positive vibe

then like this

video in verse Isaiah

– speak so do no longer fear for I am

with you do no longer be dis made for I

am your

God I will reinforce you and assist you

I will uphold you with my righteous


hand my kids you are capable of

achieving fantastic matters and I accept

as true within

you trust in yourself and inside the

guidance I offer and you will locate the

desire and motivation you are looking


your work is Meaningful and I will

assist you spot the effect it has on the

sector round

you remember that challenges are part of

existence however they are also

possibilities for growth and gaining


of embrace them with courage and

determination understanding that I am by

your facet every step of the manner

I am happy with the character you have

become and I am right here to Aid you as

you pursue your dreams and

aspiration you are loved

unconditionally and I will continually

be right here to lend a listening ear

and offer steerage when you need it

trust in my love for you and let it fill

you with desire and proposal as you

navigate through your work and

purpose You Are by no means on my own my

toddler Jesus says bless someone’s Day

by sharing this hopeful

video Almighty declares I want you to

experience the riches of your salvation

the joy of being loved constantly and

flawlessly you make a practice of

judging yourself the way you appearance

or behave or sense if you want what you

see in the replicate you experience a

pie extra worth of my

love when things are going smoothly and

your overall performance appears good

enough you discover it less difficult to

consider you are my cherished

toddler when you feel discouraged you

have a tendency to look inward so you

can correct something as incorrect

instead of trying to ex yourself

restoration your Gaze on me the lover of


soul rather than the use of your

strength to choose yourself redirect it

to praising

me remember that I see you clothed in my

righteousness radiant in my best

love rest with me a while you you have

journeyed up a steep rugged rout in


days the manner beforehand is shrouded

in uncertainty look neither at the back

of you nor earlier than

you instead recognition your interest on

me your regular companion trust that I

will equip you fully for anything awaits

you for your

adventure I designed time to be a safety

for for you you could not undergo to see

all your existence

immediately though I am unlimited by

time it Smiles within the present moment

that I meet you refresh yourself in my

employer respiratory deep drafts of my

presence the highest level of consider

is to Revel in me Moment by way a moment

I am with you watching over you wherever


cross if you have faith and Lord right

amen here are seven things presently

Lord desires you to recognize this

today one I recognize that we will be

collectively all the time and not

anything can change

that two you are the one that I want to

spend my existence with you are the one

that I need to grow old with you are the

only I want to laugh with cry with and

everything in between with I love

you three thank you on your Everlasting

Aid and encouragement without you I

wouldn’t be wherein L am

now for I definitely trust you are an

Exquisite man or woman woman and without

you in my existence cell might now not

be capable of obtain all my

desires five you are the maximum

essential individual in my existence and

I don’t know in which I might be without

you six I even have in no way been so

certain about a person like I am with

you I love the whole lot about you you

are my dream come

real seven my heart actually skips a

beat on every occasion I see

you type yes to claim this

blessing listen carefully Strife is a

powerfully damaging force that the enemy

makes use of to attempt to deliver

confusion and turmoil into our

lives it can tear apart marriages damage

business and divide lifelong

friends we all have matters appear on a

each day basis that could aggravate us

but the secret is to no longer allow the

one’s aggravations make us act rude or

angry in the direction of those around

us instead permit me inspire you to make

peace a concern for your life don’t

Supply the enemy a foothold refuse to

argue refuse to be sarcastic or

disrespectful decide that you’ll hold

peace in your property and your

existence even if it means you have to

swallow your satisfaction make the

selection to aggressively pursue

peace Jesus stated blessed are the

peacemakers you can be be that character

you can be the one to create an

environment of peace and Harmony on your


family if you’re convinced to enter

God says read my word and meditate

on them through that you may hear my

voice through that you will recognize my

will through that you may get to

recognize how Lots I love you through

that you may get to recognize how

blessed you

are through that you’ll get to know how

a lot of my grace you’ve got to your

life read it

regular if you do no longer apprehend

positive quantities which you are

studying then pray and study it

again I will help you to apprehend the

ones reading my wor or thousand

instances will in no way waste some time

it will best give you the

blessing I even have already deliberate

why Wow and what condition ought to

happen in your

lifestyles in the equal way I actually

have already deliberate the way to stop

the one’s instances by using supplying

you with the

blessing that approach if I even have

began something on on your life I

recognize a way to cease it

too the simplest element what you must

want to do is consider me to receive it

type then send this video to six

individuals who believe in

Lord therefore considering we had been

justified through faith we’ve peace with

God through our lord Jesus Jesus Christ


dear listener join this powerful

prayer with me and repeat after me

Father you have given me the gift of

each eyes that look in ears that here

and I am so thankful on your items I

pray I might see with eyes of the

spirit father I desire the capacity to

appearance deeper into people and

situations let me see with eyes of

compassion and

humility when I study others allow me

see them the manner you do not seeing

their mistakes or faults but best the

coolest within

them Father will you please heighten my

looking into to seeing so I may help the

hurting handspot the Lost Lord do now

not allow me be blinded to my own own

faults after I look in the mirror permit

me see myself the way you spot

me father I pray for Spiritual ears

which are skill too listen your word and

your way and are in a position to

distinguish truth from

lie I pray that they would come to be

deaf to gossip slander and blasphemy

however continually pride In Worship

I pray for eyes and ears that perform

with religious discernment at all times

father I desire to apply each of those

senses to serve you in excellence and to

be a blessing to others in jesus’ name

amen it is for almost that you continue

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