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God says

dear brothers and sisters

as this profound message from God

resonates within your heart I urge you

to contemplate its significance in your


sometimes you need to let goof the ones

you love because I in my Infinite Wisdom

I am guiding them to places you were

never destined to go similarly

I am guiding you to places they were

never destined to go Embrace this divine

plan find peace within it and cherish

the memories of all the goodness you

shared with others best assured dear one

that my love for you remains unwavering

taipa man if you believe in Jesus my

beloved child I as a Divine being stand

before you embracing you with all the

love and compassion that exists in the

universe I have heard your prayer your

heartfelt plea for the success of your

personal goals and aspiration and I want

you to know that I am here for you

guiding and supporting you every step of

the way your dreams and aspiration are

precious to me for they are a reflection

of your innermost desires and the

potential that lies within you

I want you to understand that Success is

Not solely defined by external

achievements but by the growth and

fulfillment you experience on your

journey know that I have bestowed upon

you unique gifts and talents Each of

which is meant to be nurtured and shared

with the world

I believe in your abilities and I

encourage you to embrace them fully

trust in yourself and your capabilities

for you are capable of achieving


God says type amen if you acknowledge me


however also remember that success is

not a linear path but a Winding Road

filled with challenges and setbacks but

fear not for I am here to guide you

through those obstacles and help you

rise above them I will provide you with

the strength and resilience needed to

face any adversity that comes your way

have faith in the timing of your life

for everything unfolds according to a

greater plan

patience and perseverance are virtues

that will serve you well as you work

diligently towards your goals trust that

your efforts will be rewarded and the

universe will conspire in your favor

remember my child that success is not

measured solely by external achievements

but by the joy of fulfillment and

positive impact you create along the way

stay true to your values follow your

passion and let your light shine

brightly in this world

I am here for you always listening

supporting and guiding you trust in our

connection and together we shall witness

the beautiful

manifestation of your dreams and

aspiration with infinite love and

unwavering belief in you your Divine


like this video if you love Jesus

Heavenly Father your word in Matthew

– for nigh do not fret questioning

what shall we have for nourishment or

what shall we drink or what shall we put

on for those who do not trust in Divine

Providence pursue all these things yet

your heavenly father is aware of your


instead prioritize seeking his kingdom

and his righteousness and all these

Provisions will be bestowed upon you as


hence do not be anxious about the future

for the future will attend to its own

concerns each day during sufficient

challenges of its own today’s message

dot have faith in me remember if you do

not stand firm in your faith you will

not stand at all trust that I know what

I am doing in your life pray about

everything with unwavering Faith

remember your prayer when placed in me

can transform your life a person or

anything else have faith in me my child

God says Satan doesn’t want to see you

worship so he’ll try everything to deter


please honor and praise me for I am

always benevolent towards you I am the

only one who will provide Eternal care

and compassion for you

listen up sometimes it’s natural to feel

worried about certain aspects of our

lives and wonder why certain things are

happening or why we can’t seem to change

them these worries might make it

difficult to open up to others which

constrain friendships and relationships

however I want you to know that when I

have a plan for someone I ensure that

they will witness my grace throughout

the process and have a testimony to

share that glorifies me among people

remember the story of Joseph despite

facing numerous challenges he never lost

his faith in me in fact as Faith grew

stronger each day and when the right

time came he saw the incredible plan I

had prepared for him just like Joseph I

have a perfect timing for everything in

your life I know exactly when you will

be ready to receive the blessings I have

stored for you

and when that time arrives you will

receive those blessings in a way that

they will be a permanent part of your

life never to be lost

God says type yes if you praise my name

during that time you will witness my

grace in every aspect of your life and

your experiences will become a testimony

that glorifies me not only in your life

but also throughout the entire world

therefore I urge you to have faith in me

trust that I know what I am doing in

your life instead of worrying start

putting your trust in me and you will

see how everything unfolds according to

my perfect plan

Lord says it’s time to cease questioning

your worth it’s time to relinquish the

belief in the falsehoods that you fall

short you are liberated to embody every

magnificent aspect that the Creator

intended for you you’re liberated to be

experience Joy you’re liberated to

embrace peace you’re liberated to

welcome love do not hold on to the

deceit of the adversary to tightly you

possess a measurable value and all the

beauty you yearn for will be bestowed

upon you in the perfect timing ordained

by the divine

do not conform to the patterns of this

world but be transformed by the renewing

of your mind I am the Good Shepherd I

will lead and protect you throughout

your life do not underestimate the power

of your prayers they have the ability to

move mountains if you desire Miracles

watch this video all the way through to

the end God is saying to you today I’m

the god of transformation allow me to

shape and mold you into the person I

created you to be submit to my refining

process even when it feels uncomfortable

trust that I am making you into

something beautiful and purposeful

listen up my child you are entering

significant moments of Destiny I am

about to guide you where you previously

couldn’t go on your own what lies ahead

for you will be extraordinary the things

you have been earnestly praying for will

manifest sooner than you anticipate the

turmoil scarcity and affliction you have

faced are now coming to an end A New Day

Has dawned and a remarkable turnaround

awaits you

it is your time to embrace rain over

your circumstances the barriers that

have hindered your progress are

currently being shattered favorable

opportunities are on the horizon and the

right individuals are about to enter

your life you will prevail over sickness

conquer depression and overcome every

struggle healing advancements

breakthroughs and blessings are swiftly

approaching stay encouraged

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community I am altering your storyline

The Narrative is on the verge of a

profound shift the apparent setbacks and

failures are about to be transformed

into triumphant success and complete

restoration God is speaking to you today

assuring you that what has been working

against you will now work in your favor

what was intended to harm you well

de-utilized to refine and strengthen you

every aspect that seems to be

disintegrating will instead align

perfectly remember divine intervention

and turn the tide in your favor

taipao man in the comments and get

blessed today

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