? God Message For You Today ?? | Skip Me Now And I am Leaving You Forever…

God is saying to you today the more you

worry the more you will feel stressed

the more you pray in faith the more you

will feel relaxed when you read my word

you will come across many stories of

people who have faced struggles in their

lives despite their circumstances they

chose to pray in faith

just like Daniel

who was thrown into the lion’s den and

Shadrach meshik and Abednego who were

cast into a blazing fire they trusted

and me and prayed in faith even Esther

when faced with a difficult situation

turned to prayer and faith

like this video If you believe God’s


as you explore my word you will find

numerous examples of individuals who

encountered challenges but remained

steadfast in their faith

they believed that I would be with them

that I would provide help and that I

would answer their prayers

and when you delve into their lives you

will see that I never disappointed them

I exceeded their Expectations by

grotting them more than they asked for

in the same way I created you with a

purpose and sent you into this world I

will fulfill that purpose in due time

instead of worrying about things I

encourage you to pray in faith

know that I am by your side ready to

bless you trust in me and I will answer

your prayers according to my will

prepare yourself for an outpouring of

prosperity and abundance in every area

of your life
Prepare Yourself

type yes to claim this blessing

God is speaking to you today declaring

prepare yourself for I am about to do

something beyond your expectations

suddenly your health will improve doors

will swing open and the right people

will enter your life unexpectedly

though you have endured trials and

challenges be ready to embrace a season

of Abundant Blessings those who have

pursued you with ill intent will be

defeated depression addictions work

related troubles and health issues will

be overcome

here are four insights that God wants

you to embrace this today

one God is posed to open doors Shield
Open Doors

you from distractions and rejuvenate

your mind to God has already devised a

plan to rescue you from your current

circumstances do not surrender before

your Miracle arrives three

restoration awaits you you shall rise

and rebound days filled with abundance

lie ahead God is orchestrating something

extraordinary for every Endeavor you

undertake this week shall flourish you

are entering a phase of unparalleled

greatness your finest days weight

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God says I am the Divine who offers

forgiveness no transgression is beyond

the reach of my boundless Grace approach

me with a contrite heart and I shall

bestow upon you my endless compassion

and pardoning embrace the Liberation and

Rejuvenation that flow from my profound


abide in me and I will abide in you just

as a branch cannot bear fruit by itself

unless abides in the vine neither can

you bear fruit unless you abide in me I

am the vine you are the branches those

who abide in me and I in them will bear

much fruit for apart from me you can do

nothing John to . listen up the

storms that have battered you will soon

subside watch as I perform extraordinary

and unprecedented Deeds because you

place your trust in me I will rescue you
Release Concerns

even in the midst of fiery trials you

will experience favor in the midst of a

pandemic promotion will come your way

strength will be yours during the storms

of life and your troubles will be turned

around the barriers that held you back

have been shattered

today’s message release your concerns

regarding tomorrow it is natural to be

anxious about the unknown find solace in

this eternal Verity I precede you hence

fretting over your forthcoming days is

needless every aspect rests within my

grasp place your trust in me to not be

anxious about anything instead take your

concerns To God In Prayer share with

them your needs and Express gratitude

for all that he has done as a result you

will encounter the peace of God

surpassing all comprehension as peace

will safeguard your hearts and Minds as

you abide in Christ Jesus Philippians

God says today the best days of your

life lie before you the overwhelming joy

that awaits you is beyond imagination

release the burdens of the past

including years of pain suffering and

unfulfilled promises or else you may

miss the profound beauty that is about

to unfold there are greater things in

store for you Joy is on its way

the love you yearn for is drawing hell

near Financial breakthrough is on the

horizon embraced and knew that awaits

you by letting go of the old open your

heart and receive the Abundant Blessings

that are destined to be yours type yes

if you’ve gotten theft or you will

God I express my gratitude for the doors

that have closed in my life thank you

for preventing me from settling for

second best every time I perceived

rejection from something good you were

actually guiding me towards something


Lord I humbly pray for your Divine peace

to envelop me whenever frustration tries

to take hold grant me the strength and

determination to persist when faced with

the word no God I am thankful for the

valuable lesson that Noah is merely a

step towards a greater and more

fulfilling yes

no temptation has seized you except what

is common to Mankind and God is faithful

he will not let you be tempted beyond

what you can bear but when you are

tempted he will also provide a way out

so that you can endure it one


Jesus declares do not under any

circumstances succumb to defeat the

Devil failed in his attempts to

overthrow you last year and he will not

succeed in doing so this year

know that you already possess the

victory you are not only an overcomer

but also more than I conqueror through

Christ God is diligently preparing you

for a future filled with greatness

greater opportunities are on the horizon
The Future

greater health peace of mind and

blessings await you prepare yourself for

an overflow of abundance in your

finances stay steadfast for The Best Is

Yet To Come taipau man if you have faith

in God

God has spoken anticipate a wave of good

news coming your way God is actively

resolving and improving your situation a

new season of blessings is on the

horizon ready to unfold in your life

be prepared to receive notifications

that something has worked out in your

favor get ready for the manifestation of

these positive changes is right around

the corner listen up my dear child today
Your Miracle

is designated for your Miracle you shall

continue gazing upward and ahead

you are bestowed with blessings and

divine favor by an extraordinary Supreme

Being you shall not permit pessimistic

thoughts to consume even the slightest

fraction of your existence

you are a firmly anchored and abounding

in Bliss you are progressing steadily

this day shall unfold with extraordinary

prospects that shall outweigh any into

all impediments may attempt to obstruct

your calling prepare yourself the most

Splendid awaits you o beloved my child

throughout your life you have faced

tremendous challenges that few truly

comprehend you have stood by others

Faithfully offering your love and

support even during their darkest

moments all you desired in return was

honesty and loyalty sadly your kind and

compassionate heart has been wounded

repeatedly you have even taken on

burdens that rightfully belong to others

opening your doors and assuming


yet despite it all you continue to

praise and worship me I want you to know

that I understand your pain and I will

never abandon or forsake you remember

you are not merely enduring you are

emerging Victorious this year my hand

will touch every member of your

household blessings are on the horizon

ready to manifest in your life

type y yes if you want to be a light in

the Darkness God says do not entertain

thoughts of giving up you are destined

for Success regardless of how things may

appear at this moment I understand your

concerns about your finances Health and

Family rest assured that I am always

working in your favor

today I will bestow upon you peace

healing and victory if you remain

steadfast even in the midst of this

difficult situation I will bring forth

something remarkable and beautiful

prepare yourself for the blessings that

are about to unfold

taipau man if you believe in God Mercy


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