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creating my beloved child reminding you

that even if you’ve made a mistake he is

always ready to forgive when you realize

repent and call out to him

like Jonah who disobeyed God’s command

but found his way back through

repentance you two will be guided back

to where you are meant to be there might

be situations that rise to help you

recognize your mistakes and draw closer

to God’s blessings remember thoughts in

your mind aren’t always from him so seek

his wisdom and pray before making


like this video of believe if you

believe Christianity

hear this lines carefully I want to

encourage those of you who feel

overlooked dismissed forgotten or taken

for granted I know it’s challenging to

hold on and believe in God when you feel

invisible and uncared for pressing on

can be tough in the face of Relentless


obstacles or rejection it’s challenging

to maintain faith when the enemy tries

to make you quit or doubt yourself

and even in times of hurt betrayal

discipline and failure it’s hard to have

hope and believe in your ability to rise


but I want you to remember that you are

not alone through Christ Jesus you can

do all things The Same Spirit that

raised Jesus from the dead resides in

you this is not the end you are not

finished God has not forsaken you keep

your faith for better days lie ahead you

have the strength within you to overcome

to rise and to shine once again

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here are seven things God wants you to

be aware of this Saturday

one God is in the process of fixing the

situation you are concerned about two

God is currently working on resolving

the situation you are worried about he

will grant you strength when you believe

you cannot continue bring you Joy when

you feel disheartened and pave a path

even when it appears insurmountable

three your blessings will far outweigh

the challenges you are currently facing

for your blessings will greatly surpass

the challenges you presently encounter

cease your worries and cease your

attempts to decipher things beyond your

control find solace in the Lord and let

him handle your battles five your

turnaround is going to happen sooner

than you anticipate you are on the verge

of witnessing the long-awaited change

six God is about to bless you with

abundant opportunities fresh ideas

improved employment enhance health and

remarkable growth in your spiritual

mental and financial aspects

seven don’t worry God will provide

abundant opportunities fresh ideas

improved employment enhance health and

remarkable growth in your spiritual


and financial aspects

God says type why yes if you want to be

a light in the darkness my beloved child

today I want to remind you of the power

of Prayer prayer is not just a ritual or

a request but a sacred connection

between you and me it is an opportunity

to pour out your heart seek guidance

find Solace and experience the intimacy

of our relationship through prayer you

invite me into every aspect of your life

you your jars Sorrows dreams and

concerns I long to hear your voice .

listen to the deepest longings of your

heart in prayer you can find comfort in

knowing that I am near ready to comfort

guide and provide for you type thank you

God if you believe God’s protection

God says today regardless of the

challenges you face now in the future

may your spirit find assurance that

nothing is too difficult for me and

trust or burdens to my shoulders

and take care of you

don’t worry God will provide ample

opportunities fresh ideas

improved employment to

health and remarkable growth in your

spiritual mental and financial aspects I

believe that many of you are on the

verge of witnessing God intervening and

surpassing the obstacles that have been

holding you back you have been

Faithfully honoring God and treating

others with kindness and now God is

ready to display his power you are about

to witness a definitive resolution to

your health career and financial


the struggles that seem to

insurmountable and Perpetual will be

overridden by God he will eradicate the

lack limitations and people who have

hindered your progress prepare yourself

for a new level of prosperity and

abundance the ultimate decree is that

you will be a lender and not a borrower

you are destined for greatness and not

inferiority perhaps you have been raised

in a dysfunctional environment plagued

by addictions and depression but the

final word is approaching God is about

to break the chains that have weighed

you down so that you can rise to your

true potential the final word is freedom

wholeness abundance and Victory

Thai power man if you acknowledge me

Grace today message you’ve waited for

this breakthrough for years and at times

it felt like it might never happen but

you never gave up your unwavering Faith

kept it alive even and the darkest

moments you’ve endured so much and your

time is approaching

the breakthrough will come soon though

it might take a little longer it won’t

be impossible keep holding on for the

Breakthrough is on its way

it’s okay if you’re not okay it’s okay

if you feel like you can’t go on it’s

all right to acknowledge that you’re not

in the best place but remember this is

not the end of your beautiful journey I

pray that you keep showing up even

amidst the pain

know that behind your obedience

and perseverance lies your desired Haven

rest assured God will never forsake you

hold on for There’s Hope ahead

if you desire Miracles watch this video

all the way through to the end believe

that I have a purpose and a plan for

your life that goes far beyond what you

can imagine when you place your trust in

me the weight of trying to control

everything will lift and you’ll witness

my perfect wool unfolding

trust isn’t about relying on what you

can see but on the unwavering truth of

who I am release your worries and

surrender your trust to me

I’ll guide you on a path of abundance

and shower you with a miserable

blessings rest assured in my goodness

faithfulness and unwavering love for you

I stand as your steadfast anchored

through every storm and I Will Never Let

You Down

type Amen in the comments and get

blessed today

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