? God Message For You Today ?? | God is Talking You Out Of The Hour Of Trouble…

God is telling you now my beloved

child sometimes whilst you don’t get an

answer whilst you pray you may

experience like stuck within the center

of your State of

Affairs but there are some seasons and

your Lifestyles you do not need an

answer for what I known as you to do for

a few matters for that once I position

you in a state of affairs but even at

that point you still can circulate

forward through trusting

me so do not worry when you don’t get a

solution because I recognize what I am

doing in your Lifestyles I know wherein

I am taking you and I know why I am

setting you in some situations so what

you need Toto is be nevertheless and

agree with

me if you desire Miracles watch this

video through through to the

end in Bible verse Matthew

always says when Jesus landed and

noticed a huge crowd he had compassion

on them and heal their

ill dear son when faced with negative

impacts consider in your inner voice the

voice of your moral sets listen to its

mild Whispers for it will guide you

closer to what’s right and

just surround yourself with high quality

impacts people who uplift and encourage

you to be the pleasant version of

yourself in moments of Temptation

recollect that true electricity lies in

saying no to that which does not serve

your extra motive trust for your own

skills and the lessons I have instilled

inside you

embrace the strength of strength of all

and self-control for they will Empower

you to face up to the Allure of negative

impacts Lord says type yes if you praise


name remember my child that your prayers

are continually heard Lean on Me In

instances of weak point for I am here to

offer you with the energy you are


trust in yourself accept as true within

our connection and know that

collectively you can conquer any Venture

that comes your

manner you are loved unconditionally my

toddler embrace the Divine strength

within you face up to bad effects and

Forge a direction toward a brighter

future while watching this video right

Jesus is with me and send it to a loved

one understand that my dear child

sometimes whilst people appearance

closer to the Future they do not see how

they’ll ever upward push higher or

satisfy their Destiny that’s because

they’re looking at matters in the

Earthly natural

realm but if we’re going to set our

minds better if we’ll set set our minds

on matters above we are able to have a

different angle we strove by using

religion and now not through sight and

different words we ought to believe it

earlier than we are ever going to peer

it if we stroll best by way of what we

see within the heral realm we can

without difficulty allow occasions and

fear to keep us from shifting forward

but why how we set our minds higher

we’re strolling by way of religion and

we are able to see things God’s

manner make the choice to set your

thoughts on things above focus on the

great things God has save be determined

to shut the door on fear and doubt and

pick to pay attention to that internal

prompting of the Holy

Spirit walk and stay with the aid of

faith and set your mind on better

matters please share this video other

people and watch these blessings

multiply God says to you come to me

along with your defenses down ready to

be blessed and packed with my presence

relax and experience the relaxation of

being totally open and actual with

me you can haven’t any different

relationship ship like this one take

time Savor richness basking in my golden

light one of the worst effects of the

Fall is the problematic limitations

people eract among themselves and others

facades abound within the global even in

my frame the

church sometimes church is the last

location where humans sense lose to be

themselves they cover up with Sunday

clothes and Sunday Smiles they feel

relief when they depart due to the

stress of fake

Fellowship type how man if you accept


blessings my beloved child today I want

to remind you of the energy of Grace my

grace is the present that surpasses all

expertise and covers each aspect of your

Lifestyles it is by Grace which you are

forgiven redeemed and made new there is

not anything you may do to earn or

deserve this Grace it is freely given to

you because of my tremendous love for

you embrace the truth which you accepted

and love just as you are when you

stumble and fall my grace is there to

choose you up and set you a course of


my liked infant today I want to remind

you of the electricity of w in a world

stuffed with uncertainty and demanding

situations I Am The Anchor of hope that

holds you regular when you feel beaten

or discouraged turn your gaze in the

direction of me I am the supply of

unwavering hope and the only who holds

your destiny in my Palms Trust trust in

my guarantees for they’re true and

unchanging no depend what occasions you

face I Am with You guiding and


you I want to remind you of the energy


relaxation in the busyness of life it is

critical to Discover Moments of

relaxation and Stillness I invite you to

come to me and find rest on your weary

Soul release the burdens you convey and

doow me to refresh and renew

you type yes if you

agree the spirit of the Lord is on me

due to the fact he has anointed me to

Proclaim top news to the bad he has

dispatched me to Proclaim freedom for

the prisoners and recuperation of sight

for the blind to set the oppressed free

Luke for

dear listener join this prayer with

me and say it with me thank you

omnipresent God for giving me all that I

need thank you for inviting to return to

you any time with all my needs and

requests thank you to your word to guide

and direct me father I come to you now

soliciting for no and guidance for the

decisions I should make in my life you

have advised me on your word that if I

lack information I must ask due to the

fact you give to all who ask for wisdom

generously thank you for being actual

for your word as David did Father hell

invite you to reveal me your approaches

educate me your

paths manual me on your fact and train

me there are so many matters I am liable

for each day humans depend upon me and I

want to make choices in line with your

will so please give me the knowhow I

need to make precise selections and the

braveness to follow via in jesus’ name

amen I pray for my dreams and

resolutions for the coming months I

pray would you assist me accomplish

everything but not this

year even if I wasn’t close to any of

them I pray too your strength and

courage to now not give up please offer

me with the crucial matters I want to

gain my desires I pray which you renew

my strength and my

spirit help me press and push on

irrespective of the problem my face

remove any miserable and disruption

barriers from my

direction help me live centered and on

my toes this coming year I dedicate my

own family and all this is dear to me to

your care help me preserve my faith in

you and now not stray from your promise

in jesus’ name I pray

Amen to firm type I am

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