? God Message For You ?? | So Many’ll Skip This But I know You Won’t

God is saying to you today my child you

are so absorbed in your Earthly Affairs

that you do not pay attention to the

words I speak to you my children you

glance at my message but do not read it

fully if you do not value me in your

life then do not expect me to help you

in times of trouble to not invoke me God

says I am here with you and I hear your

prayer for the environment and its

preservation I know how much you care

for the Earth and all the living beings

that dwell on it

you are a precious gift to me and to the

world I want you to know that I am also

can concerned about the state of the

environment and the challenges it faces

I created the Earth to be a beautiful

home for you and all my creatures but

some of my children have not been good

stewards of it they have exploited its

resources polluted its hair and water

destroyed its habitats and endangered

its biodiversity

they have forgotten that the Earth is

not theirs to own but mine to share if

you desire Miracles watch this video all

the way through to the end but do not

lose hope my child for I have not

abandoned the Earth for you I am working

in mysterious ways too restore the

balance and Harmony of creation

I am inspiring many people like you to

take action and make a difference I am

sending you signs and wonders to awaken

you to the urgency and importance of

caring for the environment

I am calling you to join me in this

sacred mission of healing and renewal

You are not alone my child for I am

always with you and within you you have

my power and my love to guide you and

support you

you have my blessing and my promise to

fulfill your prayer for the environment

and its preservation trust in me my

child and do not be afraid together we

can make the earth a better place for

everyone listen up you are so busy in

your worldly life that you are not even

able to follow the messages told by me

my children you come to see my message

but leave it unfinished if you do not

give importance to me in your life then

do not even remember me in times of

Crisis do not call me five things to

keep in mind today one trust in God he

will guide you through this season and

mend what is broken find Solace and

peace in him

two everything will fall into place God

understands the magnitude of your dreams

and he will not abandon you three

God will grant you strength even when

you believe you can no longer continue

in moments of discouragement he will

bestow upon you jar when the

circumstances seem insurmountable he

will pave a way for you for healing is

on its way you will emerge from this

experience even better and stronger than


. shift your focus onto God rather than

the storm that surrounds you place your

trust and attention on him

Bible says Release Yourself from any

bitterness rage anger hurtful words and

slander along with all forms of wicked


instead let kindness Prevail among you

fostering tender-heartedness and

forgiveness toward one another just as

God through Christ has graciously

forgiven you Ephesians – to NLT

Divine Assurance is bestowed upon you

today you shall never be thrashed into a

circumstance unaccompanied I shall

forever proceed your path

I shall unwaveringly stand beside you

you are never bereft of companionship

regardless of the challenges you

encounter be reassured that Eon present

with you

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in all your choices seek my Divine

wisdom and I shall guide you upon the

righteous way do not allow today’s

obstacles to dishearten you I haven’t

dyed you with the ability to conquer

them my boundless Grace is abundant for

you in your moments of vulnerability my

strength attains its utmost reflection

God is saying to continue advancing and

embracing the Divine purposes God has

for your life it is essential that you

make a deliberate choice to fixate on

God’s promises while deliberately

eliminating any voices of fear

doubt and negativity from your

surroundings you cannot progress forward

if you allow the enemy other individuals

societal influences or even your own

self-doubt to have a predominant voice

in your life

it is crucial to exercise a level of

determination and filtering who

influences your thoughts and actions

otherwise you will constantly doubt

yourself and remain stagnant fearing

that you might miss God’s guidance

every significant breakthrough Anne

abundance I have experienced in my own

life has been preceded by a period of

unwavering focus on Jesus and his word

alone God said dot dot sometimes God

desires to completely close a door

before opening new possibilities in our

lives it is possible that you may have

experienced the closing of certain doors

however despite any challenges you may

face it is important to

remember that God is guiding you towards

fulfilling his purpose for your life God

understands what is necessary to bring

order and meaning into your life

therefore it is crucial to place your

trust in him he is actively working on

something and once his work is complete

you will witness improvements in every

aspect of your life

at times it’s natural to feel unsure

about the path to take in life as if

you’re merely going through the motions

without a clear sense of direction in

those moments it can be immensely

helpful to turn to a higher power and

seek guidance

you can open yourself up and express

your willingness to be used for a

greater purpose humbly ask for insight

into what is expected of you

by offering your obedience you create

the conditions for your life to take on

a deeper meaning

rather than merely being told that your

life has significance you actively

invite Divine influence allow your

actions to align with a greater purpose

God says type yes if you want to follow

my will my child a new door is on the

verge of opening in your life the

challenges you are presently

encountering are nearing their

conclusion prepare yourself for an

unexpected surge of opportunities and

blessings that will pay the way for your

progress it is crucial to maintain

patience and Trust in the timing that I

have ordained

the awaited transformation is about to

unfold before you stay steadfast for the

moment you have been anticipating is

Drawing Near

taipau men if you acknowledge my grace

today is a new day and it holds the

potential for divine blessings to come

your way in this moment it feels as

though the very Breath of God is

directed towards you bringing forth

favor that you have yet to experience

prepare yourself for you are about to

witness an anointing of ease where

circumstances effortlessly align in your

favor there will be a beautiful

orchestration of events orchestrated by

God himself surpassing anything you

could have achieved on your own

taipao man if you believe God’s sign


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