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God is saying to you today my beloved

holy child can you believe something

worse than being at the doorway to

heaven and hearing me claim that you

ought to go away from me that could be

my assertion to many who did an awful

lot in my call and yet their hearts were

by no means

converted they in no way have become my

followers in righteousness this being

actual many have gained deared how can I

Keo if I might be invited in or told to

go away your Eternal Destiny will not be

decided by way of church attendance or


activities your destiny will be decided

through whether or not you have been

born of the spirit if you watch the

whole video without skipping it God

bless you

abundantly those who been born again

have believed on me and repented of

their sins they hear my voice and follow

me they live in completely satisfied

obedience to my words child concentrate

to my words and comply with

me as you do you may be assured that

after that day comes you may hear me say

come you who are blessed of my father

inherit the Dominion prepared for you

from the foundation of CH

World God says right amen if you believe

in my holy

words remember in Bible verses Matthew

– always says therefore move and

Make Disciples of all Nations baptizing

them inside the call of the father and

of the son and of the Holy Spirit and

coaching them to obey everything you

actually have commanded

you and certainly I am with you

continually to the very stop of the

age God wants you to hear this now God

is usually giving us possibilities to

move forward in existence God desires

you to develop and reach your full

potential anytime you’re taking a Leap

Forward the enemy will try to bring

opposition and adversity in opposition


you but God guarantees that through him

you can overcome any opposition the

enemy brings your way when you step out

in religion and the competition comes

simply maintain status sturdy and doing

what you recognize to do keep praying

maintain believing

keep analyzing and speak me the

word keep preventing the good fight of

religion and going to church keep taking

walks in love and forgiveness and hold

your heart smooth when the enemy sees

which you are extra decided than he is

he’ll back pel and you’ll pass ahead to

new ranges of

Victory stay centered and complete a


irrespective of what comes in opposition

to you as you do you will conquer every

competition and impediment you face to

conquer enter

God is continually searching out for

you he is always preparing you for the

destiny and safeguarding you from for

seed you not even aware of in truth it

really is the essence of modern

verse Jesus invites you to be robust in

him putting on as may as you will

shielding clothing due to the fact

there’s a struggle for you raging where

you cannot see it there is an enemy who

will oppose The Godly lifestyle Christ

has referred to as youo and will do the

whole lot in his electricity to keep you

from serving Jesus Jesus it’s important

that you be privy to this conflict due

to the fact at

times the disappointment or anxiety will

rise up inside you and can absolutely

Crush you you may be more tempted than

ever to give up on God but do not this

is the time to wish extra love him more

and seek him more and maximum in

particular obey him

more his instructions and his approaches

might not make

experience however with the whole lot he

instructs he is guarding an opposition

to something that is past your

vision so recognize that experience of

unrest on your spirit you are under

nonsecular attack fight to win by using

reaffirming your religion and Jesus and

doing as he

says typ our men if you believe my


Offspring one day it just hits you

you’re bored with your habits you are

bored with performing The Identical

habitual you are and interested in

feeling like your soul is not wherein

it’s intended to be you start to Crave

change the manner flowers crave the

solar you begin to

understand the terrible patterns you

unconsciously embedded into your

existence and you’re determined to trade

them you start to sense the power of a

new are you taking over and it appears

like a weight is being

lifted you began to sense the tight

ropes of tension loosening around your

thoughts frame and spirit as you

understand the ending of an an

chapter and the start of a new one

embrace the individual you’re turning

into you’re a robust Warrior who loves

fiercely letting the move is not

supposed to be clean for you it’s

supposed to be

transformative trust the universe’s plan

all that space you’ve been growing is

about to be filled with an abundance of


benefits type I love you Heavenly Father

sweet kids I see the struggles you face

the doubts that cloud your mind and the

moments of uncertainty that weigh upon

your soul but don’t forget my dear

toddler that I am the embodiment of

affection and compassion even when you

can’t fathom my presence my love for you


unwavering life may be full of

complexities and demanding situations

that may appear overwhelming at

instances but consider me for I have an

extra plan in motion sometimes you may

no longer understand why certain matters

show up or why prayers reputedly pass

unanswered but recognize that I am

operating backstage orchestrating

activities to your your last boom and


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box dear child in those moments a

Darkness surrounds you close your eyes

and sense my Divine embody trust that I

am conserving you tightly cradling you

with a love Beyond human comprehension

my child out your faith and me is a

testimony on your strength and

resilience remember my love knows no

bounds it transcends time and area

achieving into the deepest corners of

your heart even while you experience

alone I am there lightly Whispering

phrases of

consolation and encouragement trust in

my Divine timing for I recognize is what

is satisfactory for you as your God I

cherish our connection and the trust you

regen and me embrace the unknown with

faith and give up trust that my love and

take care of your constant even when

occasions may also recommend in any

other case allow my divine presence to

fill your being with peace and

Solace if you have faith in God typa men

heavenly father is saying to you today

when isues come your manner you

regularly seem surprised you might

imagine how could this take place why

did it appear to what did I do wrong and

yet as I instructed my disciples the

night time of my rest so long as you

continue to be in this

world you may have hassle it as a great

deal part of your life because the air

you breathe and the water you drink but

baby you have get entry to two Comfort

confidence peace and pleasure that the

relaxation of the Arena does now not

have you have me and I even have

conquered the

sector your troubles will in no way take

me through wonder and they’ll by no

means defeat me or ivert my eternal

functions for you even through your best

trials I will prevail I will them

instructed my love Mercy Grace and

strength to you and through you even

whilst Satan is celebrating what appears

to be a victory against you I will turn

as seeming Victory into a real victory

for my father this country nothing can

separate you from my love and purpose

hear my voice and observe me to accept

it with belief please type

dearly adored child of mine don’t

surrender to now not give into

hopelessness or believe there may be

nothing left for you your scenario can

be frustrating due to the fact you

cannot see any alleviation for the a you

experience and the setbacks you’ve got

continued but you’ll make a horrible

mistake in case you end because you

believe you studied your occasions will

never change or get higher God can

intervene at any second in ways that

might absolutely Astound you he has now

not left you neither is he puzzled via

the demanding situations you face

these have all come in order that he can

show himself effective in your behalf

but you cannot surrender on obeying him

and doing what’s right due to the fact

in case you do you’ll omit his great

provision write Jesus’s Supreme

King let us not emerge as weary and

doing top for at the proper time we will

gain a harvest if we do not give up


– lovely son in the moments of Doubt

bear in mind the instances when I have

been faithful to you in the past reflect

on the reped prayers the unexpected

blessings and the instances once I

carried you through the

storms I am the same yesterday these

days and all the time unchanging in my

love and and

faithfulness remember that religion does

now not imply having all of the answers

or understanding the outcome of every

scenario it is about trusting me in the

midst of

uncertainty understanding that I keep

the future and have your first class

Hobbies at heart when you sense andure

flip to me in prayer and searching for

my guidance for I promise to give you

the knowhow you need when You Face

adversity flip to me in prayer and

locate solace in my promises let my

power be your anchor offering a

corporation Foundation amidst life

storms embrace the power of my strength

to obtain a type

dear listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me father I come to

you inside the name of Jesus washed by

using his blood and guided by way of the

Holy Spirit I ask for your forgiveness

for allowing in Godly mind and all

corruptible seeds to put hold of my

reminiscence so or any element of my

being I Repent forgetting into any

agreement with or pleasing the voice of

The Stranger

and any fiery Dart from Satan’s State I

take my authority as your child and I

bind blind mute and deafen each thoughts

binding Spirit deaf and dumb Spirit each

tormenting deceiving condemning

hindering lying Spirit of bondage

Madness deception perversion worry

jealousy tension anger to light

resentment acquainted Antichrist

oppression illness

Shai every strong man and some other

Spirit associated with any stronghold in

my Lifestyles and forg them out of me

and ship them to the pit in jesus’ name

I curse each corruptable seed that

became planted in my thoughts memory

eyes ears heart conscience and

subconscious imagination emotions dreams

and could I command that those

corruptible seeds wither and I breaking

their strength and loosing myself from

each Associated spirit with these seeds

I now solid out those Spirits setting a

bloodline of Christ Jesus round My Soul

Protected Me From Evil penetrated

ation I now bind my thoughts to the

thoughts of Christ and my spirit soul

and frame to the presence of the Lord

his love and truth type if you

agree I decree that Godly thoughts will

now rise up and reject and godly Mind

through taking them captive and casting

them down I now G my thoughts with the

helmet of Sal ation and growth my defend

of Faith to save you fiery darts from

leaving and

influence I decree that I even have a

legitimate thoughts that cooperates with

the mind of Christ and that he who’s in

me is more than he who’s within the

world I now put up to God and withstand

the Satan casting my cares upon the Lord

because he cares for me I get hold of

the Love Of Christ and the filling of

the holy spirit with peace joy and

righteousness I thank you Father for my

new freedom and want to be a witness of

your energy to the arena in jesus’ name

amen please give your Superior support

to our Channel our work is to bring

happiness and Devotion to God in your

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