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today Lord is speaking to you o my

little child my whole Lifestyle on the

planet turned into one and all giving

but no matter how tons I gave people

usually desired more there have been

instances when I felt totally spent

moments after I felt as if I had nothing

extra to offer

and yet Are by no means stopped giving

now not to kids not to Beggars now not

to my fans no longer even to the

multitudes it is my father’s nature to

provide and I did precisely what pleased

him my giving in no way depended upon

someone’s worthiness or response


it depended utterly on my father’s

motive and charm dot child I have known

as you to be greater like me you don’t

should wait for big up or quantities to

provide or to serve even the smallest

kindness as you do for the least of my

fans will now not pass unnoticed or


like this video if you trust God as


whether you deliver Cash Time

competencies and encouraging word or a

listening here it’s going to all be

rewarded today’s search for little stuff

you can do too reveal my love and

deliver to folks who come into your boot

God says if you want my Divine blessings

write yes

little Chap and every struggle there

lies a hidden lesson waiting to be

discovered Embrace these difficulties

with an open coronary heart and curious

thoughts seek the wisdom that may be

received from every experience

for it is through this system that you

will discover though cause that lies

inside you

know what you are in no way alone to

your journey I am constantly here

guiding you shielding you and supplying

you with the important tools to stand

existences demanding situations trust in

my divine plan for you for I actually

have cautiously crafted it with love and


type our man if you agree and by taking

comfort from those people increase your

faith and God

remember my infant that the meaning and

reason of Life are not constant

destinations however rather a Non-Stop

adventure of self-discovery embrace the

present moment for it is in the here and

now that you will find the answers you

are searching for

rest assured my precious toddler that I

am paying attention to your prayers and

guiding you towards a life full of that

means and motive trust in yourself trust

in me and collectively we shall navigate

this stunning Adventure referred to as


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in Bible verses Hebrews to always

says keep your lives free from the love

of cash and be content material with

what you’ve got due to the fact God has

stated never will I depart You by no

means will I forsake you

lovely kids trust me with the aid of

relinquishing management into my arms

let go and understand that I am God this

is my International I made it and I

managed it yours is a responsive

component within the Litany of love I

seek amongst my youngsters for

receptivity to me

guard welled this present that I

actually have planted in your coronary

heart nurture it with the light of my

presence when you carry me prayer

requests lay out your issues before me

speak to me candidly pour out your heart

then thank me for the answers that I

have set into movement long before you

can determine outcomes when your

requests come to mind once more keep to

thank me for the answers that are on the


if you maintain on pointing out your

concerns to me you will live in a nation

of tension

when you thank me for how I am answering

your prayers your mindset will become

plenty more advantageous thankful

prayers keep you cognizant on my

presence and I promise

please share this video other people and

watch these blessings multiply

God says do no longer be defined through

your mistakes I provide forgiveness and

a sparkling start I am the god who opens

doors that nobody can close trust me for

new possibilities do you no longer be

discouraged through delays my timing is

ideal and I am running behind a curtain

well nevertheless with you even through

the years that you’ve lost I will

restore it all I will come up with

electricity whilst you feel tired and

consolation when you lose desire better

days are ahead don’t give up

all things work collectively for the

good for those who love me things may

not be excellent all the time but I

promised you’ll convey all of it

collectively no be counted what’s going

on it’s miles well

type thank you God if you love Almighty


listen up you need to intentionally

select to show down the quantity of the

Arena if you need in an effort to extra

actually discern the voice of God there

is such a lot of distractions and an

effort to hijack our interest and time

if we aren’t ruthless to protect and

protect them

I’m in a season of hyper vigilance on

the subject of paying attention to my

own religious disciplines and stroll

with God I want to be consistent with

the spirit in I need Supernatural

power to satisfy a supernatural reason

I want Supernatural provision to

Resource a supernatural imaginative and

prescient need Supernatural know-how now

not simply herbal understanding I want

Supernatural discernment now not simply

Natural Insight

I want Supernatural pleasure and peace

which aren’t dependent on my natural

situations in order to stroll inside the

spirit I’ve were given to feed my spirit

to do that ought to be in the scriptures

pray and to Spirit and fill my

surroundings with reward and worship

I’ve got to unplug from humans locations

and things in order to plug into God I’m

guessing you do too

type amen if you believe

every cracked and best gift is from

above coming down from the father of the

Heavenly lighting who no longer trades

like moving Shadows James .

dear listener join this prayer with me

and says after me dear heavenly father I

bow my head and extra importantly my

heart in prayer as your baby once I pray

I realize that I don’t need fancy

phrases simply faith and an honest heart

I bless your name and thank you for the

present of the Holy Spirit who allows me

to pray and teaches me to your will and

your way father I try to serve you

Faithfully however there are instances

that I just don’t get it right

I recognize that I ought to learn how to

forgive as I ask for forgiveness please

forgive me for any sins and help me

offer forgiveness to others who may

additionally have harmed me father I ask

you to help me because the enemy tells

me that I don’t have anything to provide

you or anyone else

however you created me with a reason I

tried to observe the instance of Jesus

who taught us to like pray and serve as

I move about my day if there is a person

who needs anything I can provide let

your Holy Spirit monitor to me what to

do so that my carrier brings honor your


help me understand the way to serve you

and others exceptional as I look for a

church to attend please lead me to

stroll via the doorways of the place you

choose type if you affirm

Lord lead me to an area wherein I can

analyze more about you and allow me to

feel that I can serve you with my items

and skills when the enemy tries to

persuade me that I do not need others

assist me recollect that there’s power

and numbers as I pray in agreement with

other believers

thank you for constantly listening to me

after I pray I consider that you

recognize how great it is to answer all

my prayers I open my coronary heart to

you I give up your will and timing as I

pray this prayer in Jesus name amen

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