πŸ›‘ God Has A Crucial Message About Your Life βœ‹|

God says my cherished child the next

eight minutes are really important for

you and can change your life forever

please watch this video till the end

without skipping it or else you’ll miss

out on some special blessings that I

have for you God says there are

countless reasons to show that I am

always with you many situations will

test your belief in me don’t remember

the Israelites on their Journey to the

promised land they knew I was there with

them yet they became frightened and

rumbled until their circumstances change

similarly in your life certain things

will reveal the depth of your faith in

me you have numerous promises from me

and I remain forever faithful to fulfill


so instead of worrying when challenges

arise believe in me you have often said

God always has a plan for me God will

never fail me

God is always with me hold on to those

beliefs even in the face of adversity if

you have faith in God please like and

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I did not send you into this world to

fail you or abandon you on the contrary

I sent you here for a reason for a

purpose to bless you and be a blessing

to others have faith in me and remember

that circumstances may come and go but

what truly matters is your unwavering

faith and me

type amen if you believe

God is speaking to you today many may

call you by your name but that doesn’t

necessarily mean they hold a special

place for you and their hearts however

when I call you by your name know that

you have a cherished place my heart that

will never waver or change

this unchanging love is precisely why

set my son to die on the cross for your

sins nothing can ever separate you from

me no external force or individual can

alter the bond we share because you are

my beloved child Embrace this truth and

find comfort in the unshakable love I

have for you God says type A man if you

believe in me my child before you allow

any word to shape your life or before

you Embrace a cultural practice ensure

that it aligns with my teachings

verify if it is present in my word and

if it goes against my will and the world

today there are numerous things that can

misguide you it might come from a person

social media post or even a church there

therefore exercise caution before

adopting or replicating anything

think carefully and discern whether it

reflects the values and principles I

have laid out for you

this is a gentle warning to safeguard

your heart and mind from straying away

from my Divine path stay rooted in my

truth and let it guide your steps

type yes to claim this blessing my

loving child the ones who speak ill of

you from behind little do they know that

Victory is already assured for you

thanks to your unwavering faith in me

stay strong

listen up God sees your pain and the

tears you shed he has not abandoned you

his heart takes for you he is close to

those with broken hearts those who are

experiencing heartbreak

if you are feeling heartbreak today know

that you are not alone in the Bible

there are several examples of heartbreak

and we see how God ministered to those

broken hearts eventually making their

latter lives greater than their former

just like Hagar and Genesis who was sent

Away by Abraham along with their son or

Hannah and one Samuel who had an

unfulfilled desire to get pregnant

job who lost everything that mattered

the most to him let’s not forget Ruth

and Naomi and Ruth who lost their

husbands keep seeking God in the midst

of your Brokenness he will bring healing

and restoration to your life

if you desire Miracles watch this video

the way through to the end for I know

the plans I have for you declares the

Lord plans for your well-being and not

for harm to give you a future and a hope

Jeremiah minute and seconds

God has spoken you may encounter

situations that appear permanent all

circumstances might seem to declare it

will never work out it’s been that way

too long and the odds are against you

but God is not limited by our

limitations he operates in the

Supernatural while we are bound by the

natural today God is declaring a

turnaround is coming

it will transform sickness into Health

he will replace loneliness with

companionship those who are of course

will be guided back into their purpose

those who stand against you will

suddenly be on your side even dreams

that seem to far gone will become a

reality this month a turnaround is

destined for you

God says type yes if you praise my name

mountains that once stood in your way

will be reduced to mole Hills what was

intended to stop you will not Propel you

towards your destiny have faith for June

holds the promise of remarkable

transformation in your life

trust in God’s power to bring about the

changes you need and witness the

Miracles unfold before you as a father

has compassion on his children so the

Lord has compassion on those who fear

Him Psalm

God says type yes if you want my

blessings my beloved child it is indeed

wonderful to understand the desires of

each individual but living according to

those desires is equally essential

I don’t merely wait for you to

acknowledge that living free from sin is

beneficial and aligns with your desires

but I encourage you to genuine body that

way of life

undoubtedly it is easier said than done

yet if you dedicate yourself to me every

day it becomes achievable

undoubtedly it is easier said than done

yet if you dedicate yourself to me every

day it becomes achievable Jesus said to

him I am the way the truth and the life

no one comes to the father except

through me John

type why yes if you want to be a light

in the darkness God says he understands

you may feel weary it might seem as

though your struggles are an ending that

every time you overcome One Challenge

another storm emerges it can be

disheartening and you may question where

God is and why these things are

happening but I want you to know but I

have not abandoned you I am constantly

working on your behalf tirelessly even

when circumstances seem to worsen please

do not lose hope your breakthrough is on

the horizon if you believe in God and

Trust in his plans type amen and share

this message to spread hope to others

type how man if you believe in God and

thanks for staying connected with God

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