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God is saying to you

today my precious kids in preference to

judging conduct and weaknesses of others

ask me what I am attempting to show you

my love you are called to look things

deeper when they seem Bast on the

surface to others so when you are in a

stormy environment pray for

discernment sometimes I will ask ask you

to hope for them other times I will

train you the way to manage those

battles yet other times I will monitor

developments that during a certain shape

reside in you this is why my selected

one never choose bring the case to me

and I will display you the

fact if you desire Miracles watch this

video through to the

end in the the Bible verses Matthew

for always says therefore do not worry

approximately tomorrow for tomorrow will

fear itself each day as sufficient

problems of its

own my kids I apprehend that the idea of

going through judgment may be unsettling

in particular if you feel unprepared or

unaware but do not worry for my love and

mercy are constantly present I am a just

and loving God and I will man you

through any demanding situations that

come your manner remember that I am with

you constantly and my love for you is

Everlasting I want you to know that

being prepared for my go back isn’t

always approximately residing in fear or

tension it’s approximately dwelling of

lifestyles of faith hope and

love it’s about trusting in me and

following my Commandments with a pure

coronary heart it’s approximately

dwelling existence that reflects my love

and Mild to

others lord said if you want my

blessings type

yes if you ever sense unprepared or

unaware don’t forget that it is never to

pass due to show to me I am continually

geared up to welcome you with open

fingers and manual you towards

righteousness. my grace is sufficient

for you and my love will continue up

there to consolation and reinforce

you so do now not be afraid my baby

Trust in me and live a lifestyles of

religion desire and love with me by your

facet you can face the quit instances

with confidence and peace to your

heart type how man if you have faith in

God daily affirmation this goes to be a

powerful week for me packed with

progress joy peace of thoughts and love

I have located myself perfectly to

receive many benefits this

week I am open-minded and ready to

obtain all which is meant from me I

consider that most effective accurate

matters are coming from me over the next

days here are four things presently

Almighty father desires you to recognize


today one congrats ulations on reaching

your next Milestone you are an example

to all people showing that difficult

work and

determination can take you some distance

in life just stay the person that you

are and constantly maintain moving ahead

towards your

goals two it has been actual honor to

work with you and notice you accomplish

such a lot of extremely good matters

even though I am sad to peer you retire

I know you’ll nonetheless be concerned

in this business Enterprise in one way

or any

other three there is such a lot of

things that I need to say to you however

for now I’ll just say true success

you’ve really earned

it four you’ve given this business

Enterprise is a great run and now it’s

time to experience the culmination of

your exertions I hope you find what

you’re searching out

obtainable type if you

agree dearly adored child of mine you

cannot serve to Masters if I am truly

your master you may desire to Thrill Me

certainly others if beautiful humans is

your goal

you could be enslaved to

them people can be harsh project Masters

whilst you supply them this strength

over you if La am the master of your

existence I will also be your first love

you’re serving me as rooted and level

head it in my vast and conditional love


you the lower you bow down before me the

better better I carry you up into

intimate dating with me the joy of

residing in my presence our Chin’s all

different Pleasures I need you to mirror

my Joys light via residing and growing

atie Macy with

me living in dependence on me is the way

to experience abundant existence you are

gaining knowledge of to appreciate tough

times due to the the fact they expand

your consciousness of my

presence tasks which you used to dread

are becoming wealthy possibilities to

enjoy my closeness when you feel tired

you recall that I am you strength you

take satisfaction and leaning on

me I am pleased by your tendency to turn

to me extra and more often especially

while you on my own when you are with

different people you often lose sight of

my presence your fear of displeasing

humans puts you in bondage to them and

that they grow to be your number one

recognition when you realize this has

befell whisper my name this tiny Act of

accept is true which brings me to the

Forefront of your cognizance wherein I

belong as you askas within the blessing

of my nearness my Lifestyles can flow

through you to others this is plentiful

Lifestyles share this Divine video with

people who believe in Lord by typing

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box Lord plans in life all of us undergo

a pruning process God will prune our

lives so that we can endure an awful lot

fruit to prune method something is cut

away something is eliminated in

different phrases maybe an excellent

buddy that you counted on moved to every


town maybe an Enterprise closed down

which you had been related to or a

dating went a unique Direction friend

God is aware of what you want to your

life so as to develop and

flourish sometimes while matters take

place that we do not apprehend we have

to Simply trust that he is working

behind the curtain making ready you for

increase preparing you to go to another

degree don’t position a question mark

where God has located a

length when you are going through

transition don’t get sour don’t get down

and think it’s the cease don’t start

wondering that you’re a failure have the

attitude God I let this past knowing

that it was only brief provision and

what you have in my future may de more

than what letting pass

of if you’ll be given the alternate and

stay in faith God will open new doorways

he will convey new possibilities new

friendships and take you to another

stage of his

glory if you have faith in God taipa

man God claims child you can live in

abundance each day abundance in peace

abundance in energy abundance in Joy

abundance in love my heart rejoices

significantly when I see you coming

every day for my grace but child don’t

rest restriction me don’t run away to

quickly let the benefits overflow so you

will buy a know means should consider

shifting mountains in your own remember

I preserve all the resources on Heaven

and the Earth so do not be shy of my

princess and revel in the abundance of


kingdom you are my talented little

celebrity for me you you shine the

brightest inside the room keep doing

what I’ve referred to as you to do you

have the anointing that no one else has


gotten very quickly you see the first

culmination of your tough paintings but

for now do no longer surrender baby I am

with you I love

you to accept it with belief please type


do now not be troubled approximately

whatever however in every state of

affairs with the aid of prayer and

petition with Thanksgiving present your

requests to God Philippians for

attention listener join this

convincing prayer with me and say it

with me dear loving Lord you realize my

heart heart you recognize wherein I walk

where I Stumble and fall I look to you

now to exchange me and to build my

character first remove from me the

things that forestal your woe from

working in Me Shine Your Light oh Lord

free me from my vanity my pleasure my

conceitedness free me from my fear and

insecurity cleanse me first oh Lord then

construct me up again only in UL sturdy

for your the

Lord in obedience to you I develop in

self assurance da by using Day show me

my trials bring the fruit of endrance

and person like Christ all my braveness

coming from your spirit filling me L am

am your infant and unbreakable trust in

your absolute love in the name of Jesus

I pray

amen thank you for watching this video I

hope this message will carry forward in

your life it will be very useful if you

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