???? “DON’T IGNORE YOUR PAIN MY CHILD” – JESUS | God’s Message Today

my beloved children on this glorious day know that you are blessed highly

favored for I see you as my precious ones though troubles assail you do not

lose heart for I Am With You Always There are some who come to me yet

still feel lacking as though my salvation and blessings are insufficient they Envision lives of

suffering and poverty as par for the course of following but I say to you my child this could not

be further from the truth in my Covenant with faithful Abraham I swore that through his line

all families of the Earth would gain Blessing by faith in me you become Abraham’s spiritual Sons and Daughters

therefore you also inherit this sworn Covenant Blessing by right I will

prosper those who align with my will and word who walk in loving blessing towards my Covenant children

this is my eternal promise to you from Before Time began I foresaw you my

beloved and destined blessing upon blessing to flow into your life even

amidst trying Seasons look closer and you will perceive my hand moving for your good your enemy attempts to

restrict my blessings flow with dams of Lies fear and accusations but my tidal wave of loving

power and Grace breaks through mightily on your behalf what is is a single Dart of Lies

against the tsunamy of my truth and light mere smoke and mirrors do not be

afraid or let doubts take root I have already overcome some of you have

already perceived my spirits flow into your life even as you experienced my

blessings recently the enemy attempted counterattacks to restrict and Vex you

but just as surely those blockades failed my River of Life cannot be

stopped forever to those currently inundated by accusatory attacks against your mind and

identity stand assured on my promises take hold of my power for you are my

ambassadors of Kingdom Authority upon the Earth though the enemy bombard with

lies you have dominion to capture those thoughts and tear down his strongholds in my name you will rise

higher Darkness cannot overcome the light and truth I have placed within you

not by your might but by my spirit walk forward in the power of my love which

conquers all doing good to those who persecute you this alignment with my

heart of reconciliation testifies to my kingdom and disarms the evil ones

accusations his condemnation becomes praise for love and righteousness

silence lies as you forgive and release past

hurts into my care walk walking the higher Road I bring Justice and work unseen

Redemption ultimately every enemy knee shall bow before me some of you feel battered by raging

Winds of adversity contrary to my promises Direction but you have been given Authority now to speak to the

howling gales of trial and troubles command them into alignment with my desires for you and it will be so for

nothing in heaven or Earth surpasses my power working through you the enemy fell

from on high down to the lowest places but you have retained position above

him when you stand assured in your rightful place of authority fear finds

no foothold within you walk then with lions of courage and

Eagles of vision seeing from my perspective of Triumph and victory already accomplished for you my beloved

bought at the highest price remember for this Priceless pearl of great worth

clothe yourselves in praise and thanksgiving for this eternal inheritance of life and Power in my name

speak forth decree and declare these spiritual realities until they manifest tangibly around you for nothing I desire

to give you will be withheld no good thing will I keep back from my Covenant children walking in faith and unity with

my heart of selfless love all this I spoke over over you this morning while you slept even amidst the business of

your day I wanted to remind you who you are who I am and the great purpose I

have for your life I tore Open Seas before you guided you as a pillar of

cloud and fire vanquished terrifying Giants on your behalf and brought you finally into a land of promise and

plenty I have proved myself faithful and true towards you countless times

before why would I cease to act on your behalf now the one who watches over you

neither Slumbers nor sleeps never doubt my desire or power to save heal provide

and guide into blessings unimaginable therefore I say again to

you this day remember all I have already done for you am doing even now behind

the scenes and will continue doing as you walk in faith with me fix your eyes on my kingdom and

righteousness allowing the work of my spirit within to overflow effortlessly

tangibly into the world around you step by step I will transform the Earth with Heaven’s light and love and very soon

you will exclaim joyfully once more God Did It Again Hallelujah for streams in the Wasteland

flowers in parched deserts life from Death beauty from ashes this is my

speciality my dear ones never forget my beloved I see you you I see where you

have been years ago years ago do you

remember the bondage that entangled your soul the desperation that clung like a

cloak until you cried for Freedom how you pleaded with tears for a breakthrough financially and spiritually

you begged for open doors where there seemed to be only closed ones opportunities when all had passed you by

and then suddenly at the Midnight Hour rays of my glorious light broke through

provision when lack threatened to swallow you whole favor that opened doors once tightly shut blessings you

needed yet had not thought to request yes my child I have done it for you I’ve

come through over and over in faithfulness and might do not question if I will continue to show myself strong

on your behalf the ways may vary new challenges will arise as seasons change

change but my Powerful Love For You remains constant ever seeking to Lavish

you with good gifts my beloved without faith it is impossible to please me this you know to

walk in intimacy with me you must believe I eagerly reward those who pursue me some of you need deeper trust

a faith that rises higher to receive all I have prepared for you doubt holds you

back entangles your feet so you cannot run with endurance Whispers suggest has

God really blessed you what more can he do silencing praise and choking hope I

tell you come boldly to my throne of grace and ask for vibrant Faith admit

the wavering the tendency to distrust When Storms rage on every side allow my

spirit to ignite belief until doubts burn away like chaff in Windswept Fields

immerse yourself in my word until promises saturate mind will and emotions with confident

Assurance as you yield more fully to me faith will rise higher on updrafts of

the spirit and as your trust expands you will see impossibilities Bow Low before

the king of glory answers prayers that move mountains yes beloved Abundant Life

consists in drawing close to me so I may draw you closer still and I assure you

it is impossible to walk intimately with me without without witnessing miraculous blessings poured upon

blessing gifts and talents will emerge and multiply opportunities will seek you

out instead of you grasping after them in vain signs wonders acceleration will

accompany each step as you yield to my unfolding purposes day by day for you

see my precious one maturity in me leads to increase in authority and

anointing as your character is refined in the fires of adversity capacity for

more of my glory expands accordingly the deeper the wells I dig

in your soul the higher your life in the spirit Soares in this way younger Believers

often far surpass Elder ones who began the race well but then plateaued in

complacency religion replaces relationship and they settle for outward routine rather than inward

renewal but for you my beloved stagnation will find no foothold my love

calls you ever deeper as my spirit reveals more of my goodness day unto day building faith upon Faith you will go

from glory to glory strength to strength as you yield wholeheartedly embracing the fullness I have for you Kingdom

impact overflows effortlessly for the closer your life aligns with my purposes

the swifter I bring Destiny to fruition like Jacob of old wrestling the

angel obtain the blessing tenaciously contending until you receive the full manifestation of my

promises I have spoken I have decreed now boldly Proclaim my word until you

walk in its reality command breakthrough declare open doors Envision Destiny fulfilled so

faith and sight align at last for nothing in heaven or on Earth withstands

my true power unleashed on behalf of my beloved ones should any oppose what I

have established for you I will shake the cosmos itself until blessings reserved for you break forth in Great

and Mighty waves I will overturn the enemy’s schemes make wrongs right Usher

forth generational inheritance held in store since before time began no power

no principality will hinder this I will fill your life to overflowing with Glory

until you shine with my powerful presence Beauty and strength yes

continue to seek first my face alone beloved allow nothing to distract your

gaze from encountering ever deeper love as you yield to My Embrace for time spent with me

guarantees Abundant Life spiritually emotionally and tangibly every need shall be supplied

every true desire of your heart delighted in as you walk in tandem with me new blessings New Revelations of my

goodness awaiting around each turn a life rich in testimonies of my steadfast love ever interwoven through your days

more than enough Joy made full the best of the wine of canaa saved for last this

cascading waterfall of Grace and glory is but the beginning precious one so

come come away with me to Mountain Heights of vision bathed in light take

my hand together we will explore the vast unknown Eternal adventures with your

companion who spoke existence into being by the power of sheer love no need escapes my notice no desire

of yours disregarded I answer the longing for more of me with infinite increase in our

Unity I have so much more in store I am calling out to you on this day to remind

you that all power and authority belong to me alone do not be deceived or

distracted by the Illusions in this world the silver the gold the money the

transient things are all mine gifted by my hand for a Time those who do not know

me believe that such wealth is the Ultimate Prize that controlling riches means controlling Destiny but my truth

stands Eternal everything you see originates from my Limitless resources

in heaven I decide if when and how much provision flows into your

life the glory I plan for you will over Shadow anything you’ve experienced so

far as I have spoken through my Prophets The Radiance of your future home and

life with me will Eclipse even your Fondest Memories anything I accomplished

with you or for you before was merely a foretaste of my abundance take heart for

I am preparing wonders Miracles answers to your deepest cries gifts coming from

my throne room that will leave you in awe my promise of peace to you also remain sure not The Superficial absence

of Trials but my very presence filling your home and flowing through your days

I give you peace and prosperity together because I am God not man I complete

every gift never leaving you empty-handed you will have a rich Heritage in me including a place to live

amongst my creation filled with signs and glimpses of my glory if your current

dwelling is uncertain wandering or temporary lodging know that I am

securing a new place for you I declare to you whatever stable welcoming house I

next lead you to will shine brighter and grander than any you have ever known for

the Earth and everything in it is mine I conjured the skies sculpted the terrain

summoned Mighty oceans and rivers all answer my bidding obey my

will tell me precious one if whole galaxies Swirl at my command

what Miracle could I not perform for you what gift could I not release into your

hands through my Angel armies I arrange opportunities open doors once locked

shut I Orient the compass of your life toward me again and again my children

when I extend my scepter toward someone blessings and favor rush in like the

sea but know too that my Grace ever envelops you enough for today tomorrow

all your years I do not waver on my Throne nor shrink in power like human

Lords Majesty cements my vision Splendor garments my

decisions because Heaven’s King wields Earth’s Keys you may freely inherit

every promise lift your heads you walk crowned with Destiny for I have

commanded Legions of angels to ensure your safe AR rival I want you to grasp

your Authority as my Hees speak words charged with life-giving power call

forth miracles from my realm into manifestation around you declare my Kingdom’s expansion wherever Shadows

push against its light the truth you voice Echoes In Heaven’s Halls your prayers reverberate

through Realms unseen compelling hosts of angels into action child your words hold substance

of Authority the capacity to reform reality itself when wielded in my name

rise up and bless the world with speech that sets captives free gladdens Hearts

ignites renewal as I sculpted Adam from clay

breathing my spirit into his form so I now shape your character too I smooth

away flaws etching my attributes into the canvas of your soul I to brighten that inner light

revealing tranquil paths through life’s Wilderness stay near letting us walk

together allow me to guide your steps through Destiny’s Gates into the flowering field of promise I have

prepared my goodness and mercy will attend you daily even in the valley of Shadows you

need not fear for I am close my voice murmuring Comfort strategies for

survival Rock footholds during climes when we Crest the last Ridge you will

understand fully for now hold to me Good Shepherd loyal

guide I will not lose even one lamb I purchased at such price my Healing Touch

rests gently upon your head as a benediction I seal you with favor as thick and rich as oil soon it will

illuminate your being from within soon it will overflow CED hands into other realms hom s relationships Endeavors

communities all who encounter a child of mine experience some splash of that light all who touch you gain perspective

receive inspiration get blessed by association for my sons and daughters

walk this terrain as living letters missives dispatched from Heaven’s Court to Proclaim redemption’s

narrative you Herald Freedom embody my compassion even now realities shift

because I announce my kingdom through you chains crumble as my power infuses

your words captives turn their faces to the sunrise of new

possibility the cynical and tired gain courage to Hope again tomorrow is

Rewritten even as you surrender your voice to my song your life intersects with eternal

purpose each moment we commune do you begin to see how cherished you are how important the role

I draft Ed you to play your smallest Act of trust fans my Flames higher across

every Horizon my children I have placed gifts inside you too rich deposits of creative

genius leadership skills artistic talent scientific aptitudes wisdom poured

through lineage and experience now I ask you to invest all these Treasures back into my work spend

your energies forging Beauty speaking truth serving needs tenderly like I

demonstrate Channel every gift toward acts echoing my heart

generosity compassion healing of individuals and

Nations you have a participatory part in the Redemption of all things this

ministry of reconciliation belongs to you my hands my feet my voice manifest

on Earth At This Hour oh how I yearn to display my glory through your

willingness answer my deepest longing by pouring yourself out as a life lived for

me each time you answer this highest of callings you worship me in spirit and in

truth you were designed for this beloved one I have spoken these words over you

my dear child they outline your identity in me as well as illuminate the paths I am

clearing before you now my voice sings long a ated answers

to your Soul’s deepest cries yes I know the intricacies of your

journey where the road has narrowed behind walls or split obscured by

fog but see now the Vista unfolding ahead Broad and straight lined with

possibility somatic Wonder undeserved provision groups of friends this is the

highway I prepare through deserts the trail I secure through wildernesses you

will finish your Marathon well and strong the most majestic leg still awaits Crossing through Realms unseen

and seen alike both here and in eternity my beloved child you who have

walked with me through many seasons do you remember when I first called your name when my spirit awakened

your heart like the kiss of dawn awakens a sleeping Meadow you were nestled comfortably in

the Cradle of complacency rocked by routine that required little sacrifice or daring Faith but though

life’s surface shimmered with peace I saw the Restless Tides churning in your Soul’s depths I heard the muffled cries

for adventure purpose piercing the walls you had so carefully

constructed and so I beckoned you out under open Skies with a compelling

invitation will you not explore Realms of Glory your wildest dreams could scarcely contain

for I crafted you for more than endless tedium beloved I designed your heart for

Exquisite risk Awakening becoming your story scribbled across the stars and

tally marked through time before clocks began ticking yes I had us in mind when I

imagined those first delicate anemones unfurling in ancient Tides I saw you

when Crimson Maples inaugurated Autumn’s Carnival Millennia ago long before you

knew me I was whispering your name what Revelations await in the sound of your

laughter what yet unexplored terrain you Traverse when at last you yield every

Earthly security to fully embrace my call unfurl those furled hopes beloved

all those secret dreams and desires held tight lest life’s harsh edges shred

their silken threads here in our Sheltering Oneness they will Bloom

unhindered nourished by my sustaining presence walk with me Beyond The

Familiar into Love’s great unknown discover who you become when

nothing mediates between us for I crafted your story as a mirror

to reflect my Timeless companionship my kindness that never

falters but vain distractions clutter the glass obscuring your view

busyness blurs the image until you forget you were made to contain and reveal my glory clearing clutter becomes

imperative if you would see your life align with meaning encounter me more

lucidly I long for you to perceive your day’s fabric woven through with Golden

Threads of my presence meeting every longing quieting every fear until my

reality eclipses all illusion only one necessity merits your gaze fix your eyes

on me alone and transformation will surely follow my precious child why cling still

to those feudal dreams the world dangles as carrots to compel your

obedience they promise status security empty consolation prizes leaving you

numb and longing for more for I hold you destined for deeper waters higher

summits do you not feel Destiny’s currents nudging tugging you towards Horizons

that blazed across your inner Sky since childhood what lingering spark inside

still Whispers its Secrets tonight’s listening ear when business’s clamor Fades mine are the dreams kindled in

your heart from the beginning Beloved the hope that took root in virgin soil

tender shots straining toward Daybreak and the sun’s affirming warmth long before critics voice shriveled

confidence before rejection tattooed wounds of Shame you knew joy and danced

with careless Freedom lingering still beneath piled expectations fears and regrets dwells

that wild innocent child one with Earth’s rhythms nights lullabies Wing

songs of skylarks the one who imagined rivers and butterflies that same Creator fashioned

you how could mere mortals comprehend what I etched upon your soul with

Destiny’s quill what right does clay have questioning how the Potter shares

his vision listen instead for my voice alone confirming your identity revealing your

purpose line by line shut out clamoring lies that deny your beauty nullify your call My Truth

unfolding through your faith drowns their cacophony

do you remember when first you felt Destiny tugging like currents in a shoreless sea when desire awakened like

spring cracking through Winter’s Barren landscape songs and paintings stage

lights Allure through these life called to you didn’t it the world applauds loudest

those bold enough to live from Fire kindled Within yet somewhere between youth’s

fragile bud and maturity’s crushed Bloom the song withered unvoiced for though

Applause summons sweet Sirens rejection hurls stinging darts that pierce fragile

courage looking back did you foreground the critics too loudly and

long my child do you not realize you were born to manifest my creativity

Allegiance compassion upon the Earth why then such dread of visibility of living

out loud since before time was I have delighted in you crafted you as gift for

my aching World Beauty truth Redemption stream from our unhindered

Oneness yet most of my children obscure this reality neglecting Eternal

adventure to pursue pipe dreams destined to disappoint they live hands tightly

clenching secreted longings until death Stills heart song and unsung stories not

not you beloved not when infinite life floods your veins inextinguishable light

radiates in your gaze you who Relentless romance risk and mystery cannot play

dead no tomb could contain your luminous Soul arise take up your identity with

bold hands Embrace obscurity and unknown terrain follow Love’s untame Spirit

leading you deeper through Lion’s dens Giants threats Egypt superpower our

intimidation for only one Applause matters mine alone what lingering dreams yet perch

listening in your heart what Vision creative impulses did I birth in you that remain voiceless still beloved it

is time past time to sing life’s irresistible song adversity will arise

critics question rejection strike repeated blows but you were destined

Before Time began to persevere to live the day when hope resurrects all dreams

once deemed dead my beloved one do you perceive the first blush of dawn

Awakening the Eastern Skies the night season passes away as I usher in

something new the old molds and mindsets the fears

and failures that clung to you like grave clothes I strip them off now roll

the stone away what good fruit can grow in yesterday’s shadow shadows and Sorrows no my child I call you higher

Fuller Freer into Destiny’s broad places a land I have prepared overflowing with

promise leave behind the baggage still tethering you to lesser paths and small dreams I have a banquet table set for

you in the presence of enemies and doubters alike I will fill your cup to overflowing as you step out in bold

faith in me every place that feels empty I will fill with deeper purpose where

Brokenness warped identity’s reflection my Healing Touch restores Beauty better

than before when you yield your dreams into my hands I begin crafting Miracles that

leave you breathless I choose the foolish to shame the wise the weak to

shame the strong unlikely Heroes and heroins will emerge from obscurity right

on time answering my summons with wide-eyed Wonder power infuses those

willing vessels who offer themselves in trust and availability Mighty rivers flow from

surrendered Souls never doubt beloved child that I wish to pour my glory through you if you remain too afraid to

risk Too Proud to fully trust me you will never know the Heights and depths

possible I have heard your cries for provision seen the struggle many of you face to Simply meet basic needs my my

heartbreaks for it was never my design for your lives to be filled with such lack and

hardship I declare over you this day the coming year will Usher in blessing and

breakthrough beyond what you have previously known even now I am releasing

Divine strategies from my heavenly realm I will download wisdom and ideas

directly into your spirits on how to Steward the resources I am preparing to Pour Out These Blueprints come not from

worldly systems or human understanding but from my very throne room I will give

you innovative solutions to both create and maximize wealth so you can live abundantly provide for your families and

fund the Visions I have birthed in your hearts the past season has been

difficult but the new year will bring dramatic turnaround and financial release the climate is Shifting I remind

you of my goodness and eagerness to prosper my children I take great Delight in the well-being of my servants my

blessings are not meant to be hoarded but to overflow out of your lives to others as I provide for you be generous

and freely share what I have given some of you have ideas stirring even when you

cannot see the full picture take steps to prepare begin establishing and

building the framework be faithful with the small beginning and I will bring it

to maturity in my perfect timing when I direct you to cultivate the ground do so

with diligence and expectancy before you ever see the clouds of provision forming

remain steadfast in season whether the environment looks fruitful or Barren

then you will be Poise to reap full Harvest when the appointed time of rainfall arrives never forget all true Prosperity

Finds Its origin in me I own the cattle on a thousand hills every Bountiful gift

descending into your lives comes from my hand have I not promised to give you

power to gain wealth therefore humble yourselves when abundance comes

acknowledge me as the giver Steward Faithfully that which I bestow and bring

glory to my name Beloved ones confidently expect the

unveiling of my blessings both spiritual and material in coming days May your

hearts remain soft and pliable as I direct you in this new era seek first my kingdom trust the

leadership of my spirit as you align with my purposes you will encounter

provision like never before a mighty outpouring of resources ideas

god-ordained connections and opportunities is approaching get ready and position

yourselves to receive all I have prepared for you my treasured one

I see some of you question whether This Promise is truly meant for you let me

assure you my heart plans and benefits Encompass every single child I created not one is excluded from my

loving care and desire to pour out blessings release doubt fear and

Reliance on human strength beloved you need only adopt the mentality that with me nothing is

impossible my child come and listen to my voice I have been waiting to speak with you to

share what is on my heart there is much transpiring in this season much that I

am orchestrating behind the scenes pay close attention and have ears to hear what I will

reveal a great shifting is taking place events both seen and unseen that will

reshape and redefine I am the master Weaver interlacing threads of Destiny for

Nations and people ushering them into new Realms Purp for them before time

began the scope of my plans is far broader than you have eyes to see but I

will give you glimpses if you choose to draw near within my kingdom there is

escalating activity Rumblings just beneath the surface an unseen doorway is

opening Awakening those with eyes to see it for they know the significance they

recognize this crucial Moment In Time the hour is late and there is is an acceleration at hand this new era fast

approaching will require deep preparation and sobriety of spirit the

stakes are high and I am looking watching for those willing to pay the price that its Advent

demands many of this hour will be called home Saints entering into their Eternal

reward do not be dismayed by this for their race was run well they finished

strong and now wear Victor’s crowns ones laid at my feet in worship around my throne their mantles now released upon

the Earth call forth that Rising Remnant I have groomed in obscurity my davidic

breed the transition you see in the natural speaks of what I am birthing in the spirit heed the signs for they each

are Arrow pointers aiming the wise to understand my heart and heed my

timings there is a cosmic realigning taking shape and a redistribution of

resources influence and favor at hand watch for it wave after wave I am rocking systems

unseating ones entrenched in seats of authority some swayed by vain ambition

and the need to build Their Kingdoms rather than mine blurred was their Vision much mixture has been evidenced

but no more no place will remain for houses erected on sand storm winds will

ensure their collapse be assured Saints the pandering stops here The Jig Is up for those

riding on the coattails of this movement yet resisting my

refinement I am cleaning house those remaining are ones whose Hearts

singularly beat after mine these forerunners will model and Steward what

is next in righteousness character and integrity the stakes are too high for

anything less many hungry prepared ones now emerge from the Wilderness Shadows their

obscurity was by my design their journey of isolation and

testing essential to prepare them they now shine like pure gold refined by the

fires of Affliction pride Long removed they are given to humility and live for my

affirmation alone the status afforded them by men concerns them not they care only to walk

in sync with my spirit stewarding moments at my prompting they are liken

to the three Mighty Men of David secret weapons emerging to war at their leader side this company wears no title badges

given them by men they have sat at tables of kings and conversed intimately with me as one does

their closest companion I have felt their hot tears upon my feet as they poured out their

devotion I have walked with them through unspeakable losses is never leaving their side our covenant bonds are deep

for I have been both their comfort and refiner be assured the Dual work I have

wrought in them was never in vain scars they now wear as Badges of highest honor

evidence they fully understand the power of my cross and the fellowship of my sufferings now trained and tested these

Warrior healers model advancement of my kingdom that cannot be attained by intellect

alone the CAD breaker for this next era is heart Purity above

expertise true greatness defined through service love and humility this ascended breed no longer

jockeys for platforms or positions they have died once for all pursuing lesser things their only

mandate now is this to walk in radical obedience to my voice demonstrating my

nature ways and power wherever I send to whomever I send they have awakened to

this High call and are all in these are my Endtime revealers as John stepped

back that I might increase so too these chosen ones the spirit of Elijah upon

them confronts Jezebel’s brazenness and exposes the spirit of the Python’s false

sorceries clouding many as I shake structures now built upon sand anxiously my Davids

await my command to step into vacancies created

they have not campaigned for these posts they avoided the hustle choosing rather to Steward Faithfully in obscurity what

little was in their hand but now the time has come now I bid them rise and

take their place among influencers and Kings their influence will far surpass

expectation for each carry Revelation that unlocks breakthrough long

stalled Solutions and strategies reserved exclusively for this hour now

flow freely through them seismic shifts ahead are directly tied into each

assignment issued I caution you in this significant

hour of advancement handle promotions and affirmations soberly when others celebrate you resist

distraction remain ever Vigilant against pride and arrogance these Giants now rise

attempting to steer your course off its mark greater Temptation toward

self-reliance comes with increase of authority and access avoid presumption

in operating outside clear parameters I set rely solely on my wisdom and wait

for my confirmation before advancing the higher you climb up this

new Mountain the steeper the grade becomes the climb requires far more

effort the elements far less forgiving guard against weariness be

intentional about self-care and Times of spiritual replenishment the enemy eagerly awaits

opportunities to pick off stragglers lagging behind to scale this Summit

successfully will require tenacity resolve and the highest level of

consecration are you willing will you stay true to the end I caution you too

concerning accelerated visibility and familiarity catalyzed do not underestimate its power to desensitize

your heart towards me and my holy standard do not forget the lessons gleaned during long years hidden and

Silent what I speak in Whispers maintains highest priority over the most visible platforms now

afforded resist equating busyness with fruitfulness or productivity cultivate

Stillness amid chaos that you might accurately discern my voice only by doing so will

you Steward moments fruitfully at my pace and direction I must know in this

critical hour will you choose to embrace the cost of it all will you allow me

full access to cleanse and prepare you thoroughly are you willing to do it my

way and not your own sincerity before me is essential now

the days of posturing and pretending are over my standard remains

Flawless Integrity of of heart humility and wholehearted

obedience say yes to this High call and all holds are barred towards exponential

impact are you ready child determine today to be counted among them and urgently give yourself to

seeking my face my grace enables as you yield fully

to my processes do it now for the Midnight Hour is

encroaching many of you have remained steadfast in prayer patiently awaiting the manifestation of my promises in your

lives the moment you have been anticipating is upon us get ready for the satisfying click of puzzle pieces

falling into place as elements of my grand design that have seemed distant

suddenly come together this alignment is imminent not waiting for any specific Milestone or

occasion prepare yourselves for a profound demonst ation of my power and loyalty that is set to unfold stand firm

a significant peak in this journey is near I am orchestrating a closure of

this season while simultaneously ushering you into the next the closing

of one chapter precipitates the unfurling of the next as one door shuts another stands ready to swing wide open

the narrowing of the past sets the stage for the broadening of the future I am the alpha Al and Omega who actively

restricts in order to explosively expand in due time and order the ending of the

old makes way for the dawning of the new as I close out various Seasons you

will walk into back-to-back victories for some it will seem as though I lingered until the last minute yet my

timing is Flawless you are poised to be catapulted into Realms of blessing that

will leave you breathless the display of my power and extravagance awaits many of

you have been embroiled in intensive spiritual battles the onslaught of assignments sent to thwart my plans over

your lives protracted seasons of Warfare have left you battle weary and wounded

the hour of reprieve has come I am abruptly ending the campaign against you

I am commanding the cessation of hostilities that have battered your heart and mind no more will fear anxiety

and torment ransack your emotions surging peace and rest are

here as you enter this new era of restoration enemies that were once

concealed will surprisingly emerge as vocal Advocates and supporters their former hatred has

mysteriously vanished former foes will now leverage their influence to further

my kingdom plans through you this is my power on display child as the momentum escalates

toward the Year’s End you will go through a marked transition the birth pangs will

intensify signaling that the long awaited promise is ready to emerge now the onset of Labor announces

that the moment of birthing has arrived the vision is coming to full term this

will exceed the parameters of what your mind could presently grasp or contain

nothing about it fits neatly into your current schedule or plans it sheer scope

far exceeds any blueprint you have conceived for your life yet all the pieces bear my

fingerprints my heartbeat is strong within the vision my breath animated its

varied facets as I reveal the components you must recognize that engaging this vision

would require radical dependency upon me it would demand extraordinary Faith to

tackle something so far beyond apparent human capacity but they in line the Paradox

the grander my vision the greater the faith it requires anything obtainable by human

strength alone dies devoid of my eternal fingerprint if you can accomplish it in

your own wisdom and resources how can it glorify the Potter no my most powerful

demonstrations of sovereignty require vessels empty enough to carry Supernatural

blueprints as I reveal these plans instantly you know they could only have

originated in my heart their magnitude will both overwhelm and Electrify you as the year

expires boldly expand your capacity to contain more of me at this pivotal

transition Point determined to Steward bigger Visions requiring faith that

eclipses your current grasp take hold of the new territories I’m entrusting to

you the principles governing this new era will contrast starkly with the past

season former mindsets capabilities and strategies will prove

deficient as I direct you into Uncharted Realms you must embrace the Dynamics

unique to those Dimensions this pioneering Endeavor will demand a higher degree of wisdom

discretion and sensitivity to my leadership you will rely entirely upon

my guidance to navigate the unfamiliar terrain failure to discern and submit to

my Cadence could invite unnecessary casualties when Mary first learned about

the Monumental Destiny purposed for her life the Revelation so exceeded the grit

of her human reasoning that she withdrew for a season of quiet contemplation during this sacred

incubation phase she stewarded the seeds of Promise secretly in her heart the

coming fulfillment exceeds the developmental capacity of others around you premature exposure would invite

cynical judgments serving only to discredit and undermine my

purposes protection necessitates a sheltered environment allowing my design

to securely Advance beyond the scrutiny of those lacking eyes to see and ears to

hear there will be junctures in your journey likewise requiring prudent restraint rather than full

disclosure exists between unconventional vision and dogmatic

mindsets that demand everything align with status quo my plans routinely

disrupt and exceed human Comfort zones confronting small perspectives with

demonstrations of my power the navigation of sweeping Kingdom

campaigns inherently involves spiritual warfare aimed to sabotage and destroy my

work however through wisdom and discretion it is possible to bypass unnecessary battles thereby conserving

spiritual and emotional Vitality for the Long Haul avoid broadcasting strategic

details carelessly or prematurely as this attracts assignments of interference designed to undermine the

work protect progression by filtering communication during this special season

external validation must not dictate the pace of internal commission there is a subtle art to

venturing into Uncharted spiritual Realms this endeavor speaks of a silent

progression unseen by watchful foes and their Vigilant scrutiny it is about journeying beneath

the Gaze of adversaries sheltered within the sanctuary of my

presence within this hidden realm commune with me awaiting my signal to

arise and claim the territories destined for my glory in these moments of pause cherish

the profound communion in my tangible presence drawing sustenance for the next

phase of your journey you are chosen to quietly penetrate overcome and establish my

sovereign rule in lands yet untouched the struggle is intense as

your Advance threatens the domains wrongfully claimed by the enemy but remain discreet advancing only upon my

command and you shall pass unseen by the enemy’s watch stay concealed In My

Embrace until I choose to reveal and Empower you at the destined moment for

indeed you are anointed as a covert instrument of my will executing precise attacks that disrupt the enemy’s

schemes when Joseph unveiled his Divine Visions prematurely before fully

stepping into his destined role his youthful inexperience left him vulnerable to harsh betrayals even from

his kin yet what was meant for his ruin ultimately propelled him towards his

pre-ordained place of impact in the grand narrative I orchestrate despite the twists wrought

by human flaws I weave everything together to advance my benevolent

designs nonetheless Prudence calls for the adoption of spiritual subtlety to

preserve Vigor and avert needless Strife safeguard your communion with me

holding it as the most hallowed treasure allowing only a select few into your inner

sanctum this Inner Circle should be limited to trusted allies who have proven their allegiance wisdom and

spiritual maturity capable of nurturing without exploiting the seeds I am sewing

within you avoid those who would only twist dilute and diminish the blossoming

Vision Focus your energies on the primary goal do not waste them in fending off

Predators who oppose anything Innovative or unfamiliar their Spirits are Shackled to

the fears and confines of outdated spiritual Frameworks instead pour your essence

into this thrilling Venture I am leading through Souls who surrender unreservedly to my transformative

power there is coming a torrential outpouring of blessings unprecedented in your

lifetime stay positioned to receive this extravagant Deluge from Heaven’s

storehouses having persevered through pain to gain Integrity fight the noble

fight of Faith a little longer the fury of battle indicates that

a strategic Victory is imminent your Promised Land awaits just on the other side of this rigorous

training refuse to settle for anything less than my best for indeed the hour of

payback is at hand just recently as I moved through you with prophetic words I

proclaimed that the long anticipated latter rain outpouring has arrived in the language of the Divine

rain carries layers of meaning the early rain symbolizes my Springtime blessings

that soften the hard unyielding ground making way for the seeds of Destiny to

take root firmly in contrast the latter rain signifies the heavy Showers of Autumn

and winter bringing forth a Bountiful Harvest from The Ripe

Fields these two Divine interventions are merging in this unprecedented moment

transforming Barren lands into Lush fertile territories yielding copious

harvests within the same season the era of Swift growth has dawned the Earth is

restored lands yearning for the touch of Life are now saturated with my invigorating Spirit breaking the chains

of sterility as I pour out my boundless Love Like Rain the seeds burgeon rapidly reaching

maturity with astonishing speed witness how I shorten the intervals between

growth stages in this remarkable time of convergence various phases of

development intertwine showcasing my unwavering faithfulness through you to

All Peoples a massive Collision of blessings is imminent prepare to harvest

back to backto back breakthroughs as former and latter rains mingle into a mighty Crescendo that concludes this

season with great momentum ultimately spilling into this coming season this

abundant blessing will endure ensuring enough Surplus to extend beyond the immediate

period the realization of long anticipated promises will astonish you with their magnitude and

reach many will receive strategic Acquisitions soon enabling you to occupy

promised territories previous generations battled to claim charge forth boldly to conquer and

establish my kingdom purposes in these lands I am deeding to you establish

governance founded upon my word and wisdom to ensure this inheritance benefits future

Generations the Abundant blessing swiftly propelling you into a new era are the Divine catalysts launching the

sacred Endeavors birthed in your spirit in the previous season as this new period unfolds you

are endowed with a the sudden influx of resources empowering you to commence with Vigor and determination Embrace

this momentum zealously pursuing the tasks constructions and Acquisitions I

have destined for you in this fresh epic inquirers May wonder about the

sudden turnarounds leading to your recent triumphs yet discernment advises

restraint in your Revelations choosing not to divulge every detail vision still unfamiliar to many

require protected spaces for growth free from premature exposure to the scrutiny

and misunderstanding of those outside the Divine context misinterpretations can easily

disrupt movements born on the periphery of current Divine insights and manifestations therefore until these new

Expressions evolve into robust replicable models cautious articulation

is essential to protect the progress of my work through you my kingdom advances in stages beginning

with modest initiatives that gradually develop the capacity for wider influence each phase is accompanied by a

specific measure of Grace and anointing designed for optimal yield in that

period revealing these nosense stages too soon invites Skeptics and detractors

to assail these tender spiritual Beginnings which are not yet the formidable forces capable of countering

criticism through overt displays of my power so in this unique hour between

epics Bridge the old and the new through acts of consecration that separate and

sanctify you unto me sever soul ties with those content to languish in old

wine skins devoid of fresh vision and passion I am doing a new thing

independent of the old indeed many who once journeyed with you will feel

alienated and abandoned by your Force ful break with the past honor and bless them then

decisively part ways refusing to settle for anything less than every promise I

destined for you before the foundation of the world the journey ahead requires radical

obedience at Key junctures often involving choices that threaten your security and soul dependency upon me but

shrink not back from the knife of sacrifice knowing that what perishes of yourself positions you to experience

corresponding measures of Resurrection Life Death always precedes

rebirth but no side of the Cross is optional no true follower can bypass the

twin Paths of both surrendering and ascending which alone equip you to dwell

concurrently in the Timeless realm of Eternity even in this very moment so

with bold resolve step over the precipice with supernaturally lethal faith in the one who routinely raises

dead things to life again I ordained and destined you for

such a time as this Destiny awaits all who dare to

believe my child I have seen your heart’s desire for blessing and

prosperity I know the dreams and Visions I have placed within you and I say to

you now the time has come the season of release and outpouring is here for too

long my people have struggled and strived in their own strength they have relied on human

wisdom and Earthly means to obtain what only I can give no more the heavens are open the

floodgates are unlocked get ready for torrential blessing and abundant provision to

overflow but before I unleash my goodness you must prepare there are

prerequisites to step into this new level of favor and increase first I must

have my rightful place on the throne of your heart I cannot bless what exalts

itself above me anything that ascends higher than the knowledge of my greatness becomes an idol in your life

even good and Noble things Ministry business family when esteemed above me

become a hindrance to my best intentions for you my people you have made too much

of yourselves and too little of me repent and surrender self- worship

no longer make life about your name your ministry your will make it all about

magnifying my glory humble yourself before me that I may exalt you in due

time second you must honor the Sabbath that sacred weekly rhythm of work and

rest six days you shall labor but the seventh day is Holy consecrated to

commune with me my people run themselves ragged in ceaseless activity and anxiety

the noise and Chaos drowns out my gentle whisper be still and know that I am God

one day to see striving to let me carry your burdens to realign your pace to

match the rhythm of Heaven as you honor the Sabbath the blast of my blessing will drive back the

forces of chaos seeking to overwhelm you divine peace and order will rule in

every area of your life finally walk in wholehearted obedience to my commands

not legalistically or begrudgingly but out of love Faith and honor for who I am

allow my instructions to guide your steps into the abundance I have prepared for you as it is written if you

carefully observe all my commands I will give you rain at the proper time so your Harvest will

flourish yes abundant rain is coming I will pour out Waters of refreshing renew

renewal and prosperity over your life family business and Ministry I will give not just one type

of Reign but a convergence of all the prophetic Reigns found in my word what

are these life-giving Reigns soon to overwhelm you first is the reign of Beginnings symbolizing a time of

transition and the start of new Journeys this Divine downpour will lift

you from periods of stagnation and dryness to higher grounds and anticipate

remarkable New Opportunities open doors and divinely guided connections that

thrust you into your land of promise second is the reign of cleansing

which purges and prepares prepare for a powerful outpouring from the heavens

that washes away all past Sorrows failures injustices and impurities

renewing you entirely where you have faced Relentless opposition this rain will bring a

sweeping change subduing your adversaries Marvel at the transformation

I bring with this rain third is the reign of Promise arriving just before Bloom and harvest

having endured trials and tribulations while remaining steadfast in sowing seeds of Integrity bravery and

Excellence you will soon see abundant showers blessing all you have planted

heralding a season of breakthrough and restitution for all losses stand in Wonder at this foraste

of rain assuring that your Harvest is imminent fourth is the reign of guidance

carrying Direction and divine insights for building progressing and

conquering you may have visions and projects yet lack resources and knowledge to realize them this is about

to change Deluge is Rich with Divine instructions practical wisdom and

prophetic strategies will fully equip you to accomplish all I have set before you Revelations unveiling your purpose

will flow abundantly in this rain finally comes the rain of abundance

a sudden and intense outpouring of blessings the Gates of Heaven will open

wide as I pour out my generosity boundlessly after times of scarcity and

uncertainty prepare for an overwhelming array of blessings wealth healings

salvations and miracles the rapidity of these blessings will leave you in awe of my power and

Grace indeed a historic convergence of all these Heavenly Reigns is

imminent but there are two keys to properly position for this blessing typhoon first as I mentioned Dethrone

all idols and surrender to my lordship with wholehearted devotion second tread with spiritual

discretion by holding this prophetic Insight close to to your heart sharing it only with a select few confidants and

intercessors broadcasting what I am about to do exposes the assignment to satanic assault and

interference the enemy prows seeking fertile Visions to ravage Safeguard my nent promises until

the appointed time of their Revelation as it is written discretion

will keep your life and understanding will guard you as wisdom ushers you safe

through to break through so prepare in Stillness as the

first distant rumbles of blessing are heard the clouds are filling darkening

Poise to burst lift your head my child Redemption draws

near the time of lack and Wilderness wandering closes as a rising Glory caps

your witness shouts of Joy ReSound in Heaven’s halls in chorus with my Angelic

host in Praise of my faithfulness all creation groans in eager longing for

this faded hour where my manifested goodness forever settles all accounts stand in Readiness my faithful one as

Heaven Marshals its forces to honor your long season of trusting in me I am your

Vindicator rewarder provider and friend your story will Crescendo with

Symphonies of Grace favor and Destiny unlocked as you silence cynics and

demonstrate my power in surrendered lives hear Heaven’s signal bells ringing

the hour is upon you unfathomable blessing approaches like a violent Unstoppable storm lift

your eyes open your hands wide The God Who measures the universe with a span

and inhabits eternity has chosen you as the vessel through which to reveal his glory to your generation welcome the

first drops of the coming Deluge the latter rains have arrived D rejoice and

sing Victory increase and more than enough are here in the quiet of your

heart listen for the echo of my voice guiding you through Uncharted territories the path I set before you is

not one of ease or Comfort but of growth and fulfillment your journey is unique

forged by the fires of Trials and the soothing balm of my presence in this season of change remain

anchored in my word it is your compass in times of uncertainty and your light in moments of

Darkness remember I am not a distant deity observing from afar I am

intimately involved in every aspect of your life in moments of solitude seek my

face in the clamor of life’s demands listen for my guidance in this new

chapter you will encounter challenges that test your faith and stretch your belief but fear not for I Am With You

when doubts arise and your heart grows weary remember the testimonies of old

just as I was with Moses at the Red Sea and Daniel in the Lion’s Den so too am I

with you your faithfulness in small things will lead to Greater stewardship

trust in me and I will make your path straight

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