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today God speak to you me cherished

child you may also have one or so many

doubts while you don’t apprehend

whatever about what goes on on your

Lifestyles or when you don’t get an

answer to your prayers

always remember there are some seasons

in which you must flow forward having

faith through for accusing more on the

knowledge of knowing who I am and what

can I do as opposed to focusing more at

the uncertainty of the things which you

do not recognize like this video if your

faith is determination

so whilst you don’t understand something

or whilst you don’t get a solution to

your prayers do not worry at some point

you will recognize why all of it had

took place on this way on your life

then you will say that all had came

about for those blessings or even you

will thank me for all that had took

place for your existence

always keep in mind all which can be

occurring are a part of my plan for

getting ready you for the first straight

Lord says type yes if you want to be a

light in the Darkness

sweet kid I understand the load of the

fear and anxiety that has harassed your

soul and I am right here to offer my

unwavering help

know that you are not on my own in this

adventure for I am with you usually

guiding you via the dark stuff storms

and the private of fears I am the light

with a purpose to pierce through the

Shadows that problem your mind

I grant you the energy you are seeking

for the courage to stand your fears head

on and the Tranquility to soothe your

aggravating coronary heart remember my

toddler that within you lies a

Wellspring of resilience and bravery

that can overcome any tasks if you

believe in the Divine salvation of God

Joe your faith by hiding that subscribe


fear not for I am your Eternal parent

and I shall by no means abandon you in

times of Doubt close your eyes and

experience my presence a comforting in

body that envelops you in warmth and


believe in yourself my treasured one for

you possess the electricity to conquer

to thrive and to locate Serenity inside

the midst of turmoil embrace your inner

electricity and let her not it’s a

Beacon of Hope to your journey

you are cherished loved and divinely

protected your prayer has been heard and

also you shall locate the electricity to

overcome your fears and anxiety

type I love dearly you father

remember Hebrews – says in reality

although by way of this time you have to

be teachers you need someone to train

you the essential truths of God’s word

all over again you want milk no longer

stable food

God wants you to repeat these five

things out loud

one I consider in my competencies and am

determined to attain my goals challenges

are opportunities for boom and I will

conquer them

two I am inherently worth of love and

recognize no matter outside validation I

deal with myself with kindness and count

on The Identical from others

three I am profoundly grateful for the

abundance in my life both massive and

small I welcome even greater abundance

with Open Hands type yes too firm

four I believe in my resilience and

adaptableness knowing that challenges

are a part of Lifestyles as Adventure I

embrace them as possibilities for

private development


positivity and happiness are interested

in me I choose to see the intense facet

of conditions and cherish Lifestyles as

easy pleasures

comment amen if you receive today words

God says so many things change in life

however there remains a regular the mild

eye position it inside you the speaking

of Desire love and resilience charms

brilliantly even within the Shadows

As You Adventure forward accept as true

within this Inner Light for it not best

brightens your root but also serves as

an idea forth ones round you reminding

all the Divine warm temperature and

affection that illuminates every step

type . if you agree

you have experienced a multitude of

challenges and hardships enduring them

with unwavering love and support for

those around you your simple request was

for honesty and loyalty and return that

you’ve been wounded repeatedly due to

your compassionate and caring nature

you even shouldered responsibilities

that were not yours to Bear yet despite

the pain you persist in praising and

worshiping me I’m aware of your

suffering and I want you to know that I

will never abandon or forsake you your

life has been filled with trials that

few understand

you’ve been a steadfast pillar for

others supporting them through every

trial you’re not merely enduring you’re

emerging stronger this month my

blessings will touch your entire


as your heavenly father said by child if

you love to listen to my voice and

receive my blessings then I urge you to

watch this video till the end

today’s scripture says God is constantly

looking to take us to higher ranges he

wishes us to grow and boom in every area

of life change is often a catalyst for

increase in our lives it continues us

from getting caught in a rut

God will supernaturally open and near

doors to keep us at the root toward our

destiny he will stir us out of

comfortable situations and stretch us

because he loves us too much

to permit us to stay in mediocrity

you may be in a perfectly quality State

of Affairs for years however only he

opened that door all of a surprising he

closes it nothing happens through

coincidence subscriber to the channel if

you truly believe in God

God is directing your steps that means

if a Chum does you encrypt in case you

move via a setback if you lose a person

or if your place of business changes you

could either Embrace that change and God

will use it to take you higher

otherwise you can resist it and turn out

to be becoming stagnant and settling for

mediocrity stay open for change it can

be bad on the floor but consider that

God would not allowed if he did not have

a motive for it

if you Embrace that exchange the wins

that you idea could defeat you may in

reality push you and your Divine destiny

listen the complete message if you trust

in God’s Direction

God is telling you today trust me trust

me the silence trust me when it would

not Mac experience trust me when you do

not even see a manner what you are

dealing with these days isn’t by means

of accident nor twist of fate it is all

getting used in your properly

I recognize what you don’t see how

however in case you hold on to my

unchanging hand you may see how I

display up in the scenario stay in my

presence I have your peace I have your

pleasure I actually have your


apart from me you can done a thing but

in me all matters are viable for you you

are about to cancel each properly aspect

coming your way due to your thoughts and


if passed you will prevent that

specialize in all that isn’t go in your

Manner and awareness on me then you

definitely would start to see what I see

taipa man if you agree and share this

video with nine people who trust God

listen up for those who struggle with

the weight of their past it often feels

like progress is an elusive dream each

time they muster the courage to move

forward life throws obstacles that send

them tumbling back even further

it can become overwhelming leading to a

loss of faith in God’s purpose and

Promises as the Relentless attack from

the enemy take their toll some may

choose to retreat to opting for safety

over the adventure of faith believing

that God has abandoned them as others

may have

however it’s crucial to remember that as

long as there is breath in your lungs

God’s work in your life is not finished

embracing what God has spoken over you

and to you is a vital aspect of the

battle of Faith your challenge lies in

internalizing the truth of Roman to

which declares therefore there is now no

condemnation for those who are in Christ


type Jesus is Lord now

beloved listener join this Divine prayer

with me and repeat after me o mighty one

I devote my profession into your holy

Palms I pray what you direct my

direction and repair my strength each

day renew my love for what I do every


never permit me experience drag down or

disappointed with the aid of my

profession let me continually try for

what’s beforehand when I acquire

something permit me enjoy it help me see

my root truly and by no means ever

experience like there is to an awful lot

work to do

let me always trust in myself and my

talents grant me achievement at each

Milestone bless me usually and keep me

below your wing let me no longer be

discouraged by using in which others

have reached or where they may be going

let me usually Awareness on myself and

by no means that my competencies grant

me peace in my heart and assist me gain

all my goals amen

type amen if you believe we will always

encourage you to move from negative

emotions to positive emotions

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