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God is saying to you today oh my dear

child there have to no longer be the

slight doubt for your thoughts about the

paintings I commenced for your


Lifestyles always keep this for your

thoughts I am the one who have created

you and started out the Exquisite

paintings for the wonderful cause to



life that cause will never exchange and

that painting started out for that

topnotch cause will by no means stop and

middle I will maintain that it and could

carry that to a flourishing end trust


me in Bible verse Corinthians

always says no temptation has overtaken

you besides what is Not Unusual to

mankind kind and God is faithful he’s

going to not assist you to be tempted

past what you could


bear watch the complete video to witness


Miracle lovely kids I understand that

you have been struggling with feelings

of guilt and shame over your sins and

offenses even those who you have not

confessed or repented for but let me

assure you my pricey baby that I am a

merciful and forgiving

God I recognize that as an individual

you aren’t ideal you make errors and now

and again the one’s errors can harm

others or

yourself but I need you to realize that

I love you uncondition addtionally and I

am always willing to forgive you when

you come to me with a contrite


heart I realize that it is able to be

hard too confess your sins and apologize

but I need you to realize that even when

you don’t I am nevertheless

listening I see the ache to your

coronary heart and I need to heal it I

need that will help you La Cross of the

guilt and disgrace this is weighing you


down so my toddler do now not be afraid

to come to me in prayer to invite for my

mercy and pardon I promise you that I

will constantly be right here for you

prepared to concentrate and to forgive

trust in my love and realize that you

are always in my


care Lord says write on man if you

believe in my


words affirm I pick to Revel in myself

and stay inside the GI second I am right

in which I’m alleged to be in this very

moment everything is working out in my

favor I can easily let the past and

testin concerns go I am fully in music

with my instinct and the Splendor that

surrounds me

nowadays Almighty declares listen to the

love song that I am usually singing to

you I take high quality pleasure in you

I Rejoice over you with making a


song The Voice es of the international

are a cacophony of chaos pulling you

this manner and that don’t concentrate

to the one’s voices challenge them with


word learn to take many break from the

world locating a place to be nonetheless

in my presence and listen to my voice

there is Titanic hidden treasure to be

located through being attentive to

me though I pour out benefits upon you

constantly a number of my richest

blessings should be actively sought I

love to reveal myself to you and your

seeking coronary art opens you up to

receive greater of my

disclosure ask and it will likely be

given to you are seeking for and you may

Lo loate knock and the door will be

opened to

you typ our men if you

believe God wisdom give yourself fully

to the adventure of nowadays walk boldly

along the route of Life relying on


companion you have every motive to be

confident because my presence

accompanies you all the days of your

Lifestyles and onward into

eternity to not provide into fear or

worry the ones robbers of considerable

residing trust me enough to face

problems as they come instead of seeking

to count on


them fix your eyes on me the author and

perfector of your faith and many

problems on the road in advance will

vanish before you attain them whenever

you start to feel afraid do not forget

that I am keeping you by means of your

right hand nothing can separate you from


presence share this message is nine

individual who is closest to your

heart the scripture says one time Isaac

was in a famine there changed in into a

brilliant drought within the land

however Isaac went out and planted

vegetation right in center of that

famine it didn’t make any feel however

in some way in that same wi of drought

the scripture says Isaac received a

times what he had sound due to the fact

the Lord blessed him what’s exciting

that once Isaac got blessed the people

people around

him the Philistines and his bowels all

of the surprising got jealous of him

they were first rate as lengthy as he

became Brooke as long as they have been

on the same stage it became no huge deal

but whilst he stepped up to a brand new

stage whilst he started to wear his


well the scripture says the Philistines

hated is maybe you’ve observed this in

your personal life when you begin to do

better the people around you don’t

celebrate they come to be jealous but

you cannot permit the attitudes of

others to preser back and cause you to

live in

mediocrity instead when you’re blessed

brag on God shake off the criticism of

others and get hold of it his Blessing

where it well because whilst you honor

him he will retain to growth and promote

you all the days of your

existence typ I love dearly you

father Lester carefully I sense an

urgency to remind someone that God is

the one who opened the door for you so

walk through it God is the one who

created the possibility for you

so take

it stop over analyzing your reasons and

step into the subsequent segment of what

Jesus is doing in your Lifestyles you’ve

been second guessing yourself and

questioning if you definitely heard from

God or made it up yourself you’ll never

discover in case you don’t step

out it’s now not approximately whether

you’re right enough proficient

sufficient knowledgeable enough

resourced enough or holy enough it’s

sincerely were given very little to do

together with your

capabilities and everything to do with

what God desires to do in an V your life

for his

glory the enemy has been reminding you

of Ali or limitations screwups and


rendering you paralyzed it’s time to

silence the accuser and pay attention to

God he referred to as you you fail to

call yourself he chose you you did not


Yourself to accept it with belief please


take my yoke upon you and study from

me for I am gentle and humble in heart

and you will discover rest in your souls


dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together dear Jesus as you had

risen assist us to rise to and declare

what you had died for forgiveness of sin

and eternal lifestyles in

heaven victory over our enemies I pray

that as you reached for us

we can additionally attain for others

which are nonetheless within the de K I

do and so doing we’d cross a desolate

tract come upon storms cross an ocean

climb mountains face dangers hardships

we might get Hill and be

persecuted but I pray that regardless of

what our situations are we can continue


praying serving and obeying you let or

not it’s our purpose is to searching for

thy presence every day and fellowship

with different

Believers thank you that you will supply

us strength as we go through the narrow

course your word will manual us and the

Holy Spirit will walk with us thank you

oh God that despite the fact that we

might not not understand everything

especially when the Goen gets

difficult In Due Time answers will come

I pray then Lord that we might not

surrender even though we should most

effective see Darkness around us and we

handiest meet coldness around us part of

stones remind us usually that a fruitful

tree gets

stoned however the fruit of the tree

sustains the starvation of folks who eat

and the tree itself is a Haven for

individuals who need shelter and

relaxation so allow us to preserve to

Blossom and flourish the whole year

spherical and every place of Our Lives

For Your Glory oh

God I pray in Jesus name

amen our Channel needs your support more

than ever ever our aim is to bring

happiness in your life and to develop

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