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Jesus is telling you right now dot my

little kids the devils are skilled at

tempting people you cannot imagine how

powerful and intelligent they are you

call chair doain home furthermore giving

into these Temptations can have

disastrous effects on your soul other

people’s life and your close

relationship with the father and me if

only you understood my child how much of

the Temptation you encounter could be

averted if you would just ask the father

to guide you down routs that will keep

you away from

Temptation ask him to save you from the

evil one’s influence and path Satan is

aware of your

reactions and once he lights a spark he

knows just how to fan it he is skilled

kill at playing on all the emotions in

you including lust jealousy rage greed

and arrogance begin your day with prayer

and throughout the day ask God to

deliver you from those

Temptations If you don’t you either

overestimate Your Capacity to overcome

them or worse yet you underestimate the

strength of Satan and is it tempts each

and adhere to me day heed my teachings

pick up your

cross in the Bible versus Corinthians

says love is affected person love is

kind it does now not envy it does no

longer boast it isn’t always proud it

does now not dishonor others it isn’t

always self-locking for it is not

without difficulty anger

it maintains no report of

wrongs love does no longer satisfaction

and evil however rejoices with the

reality it continually protects usually

trusts always hopes usually

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dear child whenever you feel exhausted

just give me a shout I’m always here to

respond immediately whenever you’re in

need trust that I’ll be by your side

ready to assist in any way I can I

promise to guide you with affection

ensuring your safety for my love knows

no bounds your home will overflow with

Tranquility joy and Dan abundance of

sustenance rise My Love For Today brims

with blessings remember I am your

Shepherd always looking after your

Necessities everything you require in

life as your supporter I pledge to

provide my love enfolds and heals you as

a protector my wings shall Shield you

ensuring you find solace in the

sanctuary of my shadow my commitments

are solid my words ever true each Vibe

made every reassurance offered shall

Manifest this is the truth for I am God

and my words are always sincere I commit

to accompany you at every step on the

path I’ve laid out type our men if you

affirm now my dear I’d love to hear your

thoughts leave a comment like the

channel if you’re inclined and consider

subscribing your journey means the world

to me and I promise to be with you every

step of the way I’ll guide you through

this path even through its challenges in

difficult times hold tightly to me as

you cling to my spirit my right hand

will support you with my NeverEnding

love change is within every every one’s

grasp irrespective of past actions or

perceived worth don’t lose hope in the

face of religious norms and mandates my

affection isn’t contingent on virtuous

acts my Mercy surpasses all judgment my

benevolence calls you to me take a

moment to reflect my love serves as a

Beacon of Hope it doesn’t demand

perfection before acceptance but

welcomes you as you are facilitating

transformation from within just as a

doctor cares for the ill I extend my

hand to those fractured and disoriented

by life’s tumult the solution resides in

my beloved Son Jesus Christ despite the

darkness in the world he is the answer

to your struggles Embrace this eternal

truth truth my love for you is a

formidable Force capable of overcoming

evil and Reviving weary Spirits I don’t

seek Perfection for

transformation I ask for an open willing

heart fear not for my love will navigate

you through tempests towards Redemption

and Grace heed my son’s words about

Mercy triumphing over judgment and let

your heart overflow with Everlasting

hope open your hearts wide to receive my

love and witness its transformative

power within you true Comfort lies not

merely in adherence to laws but in the

profound personal Bond my son

offers Embrace this connection for it

strengthens my love WR thank you Lord if

you believe Christ

Christianity prayer for today dear God

grant me direction and mercy as the

light Rises keep my family and I safe

from any danger that could come our way

Lord please lead me so that I may

exercise judgment while making tough

choices I am aware that today May

provide obstacles and letdowns but

please REM remind me that your

intentions surpass mine the name of

Jesus is amen right I am thankful to

confirm today you have a strong message

from Lord my selected people are

cherished and holy even though you are

not blameless or Flawless you are

nevertheless holy in my eyes this is a

result of my righteousness is light

around you you are forever bathed in

complete righteousness as a follower of

mine and you are very much liked allow

this transforming truth to soak into

your spirit mind and innermost thoughts

your truest identity is your deepest one

beloved speak to yourself in the mirror

I am my beloveds throughout the day and

right before bed repeat these for Words

a strong base for your life is provided

by keeping in mind mind that the king of

glory loves you

fully you can relate to people more

effectively when you feel safe and who

you are I want you to dress in patience

kindness humility gentleness and

compassion make an effort to cultivate

these traits in your interpersonal

interactions Holy Spirit assistance is

on the way he is in you

delighting in living through you and

helping others through you go all the

way through this video if you want

Miracles moving about can help reduce a

lot of different types of stress even

the most basic exercises like walking

gardening or house cleaning can help us

feel better by releasing endorphins and

releasing physical

tension exercise therefore for can be

quite beneficial but no amount of Labor

or exercise will be able to relieve one

type of stress it’s the pressure

experienced by people who to and are

heavy laden in Jesus

words this is the anxiety that comes

with ever measuring up our souls are

distressed because they want to please

God so much yet are unable to do so due

to our then it is our Soul’s deep desire

to be accepted in his eyes it’s the

strain of Burden remorseful Hearts no

amount of Labor will be able to

alleviate it because sin and selfishness

remain permeate even our greatest

efforts Jesus asks us to let go of our

tension not on a treadmill or in a gem

but in him he completed all the tasks he

took up the burdensome load of our sin

on the cross God is happy with us and

Jesus and welcomes us as his own

children Jesus gentle and modest heart

replaces our heavy ungrateful Hearts

when we are forgiven of our sins through

the word of God Jesus is the test that

our anxious Spirits need type to

if you agree God you to listen this

five things one do never listen to

someone who says you’re incapable of

achieving a goal anyone who attempts to

diminish your goals and aspiration

shouldn’t listen to you since you are

capable of achieving everything you put

your mind to two watch you put your

confidence in you should always be wary

of offers that appear to go to be true

since not everyone is looking out for

you don’t be Hasty to Discount anything

based only on prior experiences however

since amazing things do sometimes happen

three acknowledging your errors and

growing from them is crucial when facing

the same opponent it’s crucial to keep

going ahead and never use the same

tactic repeatedly adjust and Prevail for

your body is a hallowed container don’t

misuse it by developing negative habits

that will only make things worse for you

in the future as long as you take good

care of it it will serve you

dutifully five there are situations when

it it’s preferable to avoid a

confrontation by turning away not every

struggle is worthwhile and if winning

the conflict means giving up the cause

you are fighting for it was never

worthwhile to begin with if you watch

the whole video without skipping it Lord

bless you

abundantly God is telling you that you

are going to go through a new door today

the difficulties you are now dealing

with are soon to end a quick burst of

blessings and possibilities is about to

arrive Paving the path for you have

patience have faith in my time it’s

going to happen soon you have been

doubting your abilities and strength to

carry out the tasks I have given you in

your heart recently allow me to remind

you that with Christ everything is

possible keep your dream alive and don’t

allow fear stop you keep in mind that

I’m with you and you will

succeed you’re capable of doing this

there is a lot of Heartache sadness and

pain in this world however it’s also

brimming with happiness magic and

Beauty make the most of your

relationship with the excellent thing in

this world and make an advantage of this

world suffering for your own gain let it

assist you in developing I cherish

you type Jesus is the almighty King the

almighty God declares many of us have a

fear of the unknown anticipating the

future make o’s worry anxiety and

exhaustion since we don’t know what will

happen or what other people will do that

will impact us our homes jobs

relationships money upheavals tragedies

and politics life is full with things we

can’t manage we don’t know almost

anything about the future not even a

certain amount of time is promised to

us and we might easily get anxious about

all of this or we can put all our

confidence in God we put our confidence

in God to lead us day by day he is in

complete charge we win because he wins

in order to grin through the uncertainty


trust trust to God and enjoy the journey

whatever happens trust and believe that

everything will work

out scripture makes it clear that God’s

s system is predicated on the idea of

sewing and reaping you will harvest

blessings and kindness in your life if

you seeed them into the lives of others

what occurs when you pray for each other


occurs you might experience a spiritual

Dynamic when you focus on others instead

of yourself you are planting a seed in

order to allow God to work in your life

do you have someone you can pray for in

your life perhaps a friend or relative

is in need they are not required to be

there as you go about your day or even

while you’re in your vehicle on the way

to work you may offer prayers for them

the length of faith is what allows God

to act powerfully in your favor as you

pray for one another see what God

does to express agreement type I trust

the divine

plan and without faith it smes

impossible to thr God because all of us

who comes to him should accept as true

what that he exists and that he rewards

folks who earnestly are looking for him


dear listeners let us unite in our

prayer sacred father I am humbled in the

presence of your vastness Majesty

Holiness and might as I approach you

today with reverence and awe and it

scares me to admit my wickedness in

front of your Immaculate and holy

presence nevertheless I boldly pray

because you have called me and accepted

me as your

my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with all

of my heart I thank you for your mercy I

also ask that your holy spirit guide me

that I may carry out your will

throughout the day in all my thoughts

and deeds and that my hands labor and my

tongue’s words would seek Your Glory

rather than

mine and I swear to be courageous in the

world with your assistance and Grace

because after all who can stand against

me if you are on my

side please don’t hesitate to answer my

call because your strength and love will

carry me through whatever this world

throws at me I give you all the glory

and gratitude almighty

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