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today Lord wants to tell you something


Heaven my dear child you are a stressful

and excessive amount of and causing

yourself strain don’t forget about who I

am nothing is to hard for me blessings

are coming your way even if you do not

see them everything goes to exercise I

will give you power when you can’t go on

don’t let the enemy convince you to move

back to the matters that I have already

brought you had of don’t give up in

Bible vce Isaiah

– says fear now not for I am with

you be no longer dismayed for I am your

God I will fortify you I will assist you

I will uphold you with my righteous


hand like this video if you follow

through in God my pricey kids I am

thrilled which you have them on your

heart as a God I am privy to the

demanding situations that my children

face in their day byday

lives I know that every so often it can

be tough to stay humble wise and

faithful but I want you to realize that

I am always with you and I will help you

conquer these

challenges humble the leaders and

servants are people who apprehend their

limitations and weaknesses they do not

try to find energy or Glory but rather

serve others with love and

compassion they are inclined to analyze

from others and admit their mistakes

they place the needs of others earlier

and their personal and lead by means of

example let us pray that our leaders and

servants are humble and continually are

looking for to serve others as leaders

and servants are those who seek

expertise and information they are

open-minded and inclined to pay

attention to others they make inform

selections based totally on records and

proof they are not afraid to take risks

and try new matters they are always

mastering and growing let us pray that

our leaders and servants are wise and

usually are seeking information and

information faithful leaders and

servants or folks who believe in God’s

plan and observe his teachings they are

devoted to their faith and live their

lives according to God’s will they are

honest straightforward forward and

dependable they are constantly there for

others and offer assist and

encouragement let us pray that our

leaders and servants are trustworthy and

constantly follow God’s

teachings God declare typow man if you

acknowledge my grace daily affirmation I

am an accountable and prepared man or

woman I prioritize my duties and control

my time correctly I am Dependable on

rable and I take ownership of my

actions I am thankful for the

opportunity to be productive and make a

high quality impact I am confident in my

capability to stay prepared and on

Pinnacle of my duties and I am

determined to keep a feel of order and

and manipulate in my life to confirm

right I am pleased my little kids I am

perpetually with you taking care of V

that is the maximum important truth of

your existence I am not constrained via

time or area my presence with you is all

the time

promise you need now not worry the

Destiny for I am already there when you

are making that Quantum bounce into

eternity you will locate me anticipating

you in heaven your destiny is in my arms

I launch it to you day by day Moment by

moment therefore do no longer fear


tomorrow I want you to stay nowadays

abundantly seeing all there is to peer

doing all there’s to do don’t be

distracted by me means of future worries

leave them to me each day of existence

is a glorious gift however so few people

understand how to live inside the

confines of

today much of their strength for ample

dwelling spills over the timeline in

today after today’s worries or past

regrets their remaining power is

sufficient only for limping through the

day not for dwelling it to the total I

am training you to hold your

Consciousness on my presence inside the

present this is how to acquire Apple

life which flows freely from my throne

of grace let me Infuse my peace into

innermost being as you sit quietly

within the light of my presence you may

feel peace developing within you this

isn’t always something that

you accomplish via strength of mind and

strength of will it’s far commencing

yourself to get hold of my

blessing in this age of Independence

people find it difficult to well known

their neediness however I even have

taken you along a course that has

highlighted your need for me placing you

in situations wherein your strengths

have been irrelevant and your weaknesses

were obviously

obvious through the rity of those

desolate tra marches I even have drawn

you nearer and in the direction of

myself you have observed plant life of

Peace blossoming inside the maximum


locations you have discovered to thank

me for tough instances and tough trips

trusting that through them I

accomplished my exceptional work you

have realized that Desiring me is the

important thing to understanding me

intimately which is the present


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this video three people listen carefully

we had been skilled to Method Lifestyles

based on the manner we feel we assume we

have to sense love for romance to exist

we assume we should feel wanted to

clearly be

chosen web think we should sense God’s

presence for him to actually be close

but God never supposed for us to sense

our manner to him God wants us to face

on the absolute reality that he with us

regardless of our feelings may betray

that truth when I manner existence since

fire my emotions I am left deceived and

disillusioned when technique existence

through God’s fact El amly comforted bya

his love and made confident in his

calling on my life I used to say didn’t

feel close to God and consequent leged

have to now not be close to me now I say

God is closed and if I elect to be near

again he’ll rearrange my emotions do to

whole and sunry accessible feeling on my

own betrayed hurt discouraged upset or

disillusioned this night I need you to

know that God could be very near to you

even in case you do not experience him

he is aware of he cares unfortunately

people unwell harm you

because we’re all human and unsuitable

some people sincerely cannot come up

with what you want or maybe deserve they

just do not have it to present don’t

hold going to them for the things that

you could simplest get from

God more frequently than not hurting

human beings harm humans the ache they

prompted you isn’t always about you it

may be very regularly approximately

their own pain throw yourself Upon Jesus

cast your care upon him because he

definitely does care for you

truly receiving it by typing

if any of you lacks awareness you

have to ask God who offers generously to

all without finding fault and it’ll be

given to you James

attention listener join this prayer with

me and say it with me oh holy Christ who

has commanded us to love others as

ourselves it’s far a venture to observe

this commandment regular

Le they I judge every other or develop

angry or look down upon someone or I am

in reality

egocentric I attempt to brag suddenly in

order that others will glorify me

without me seeming conceited I purchase

fibric matters I do not want simply so

that different human beings can be

impressed sometimes I fake to love

others whilst inside I understand my

words are a lie my prayer is that you

will assist me to burn your love on my

coronary heart and order that I May

additionally know the Peace of loving my

fellow man let me be sincere in choosing

top over evil let me are looking for my

glory in you Lord Christ as opposed to

my very own picture my very own fame or

reputation for status is not any more

than arrogance with a view to disappear

in the Blake of a watch soften my

coronary heart

so that I experience proper sympathy and

so I price others just as I do myself

may your Holy Spirit who’s with me

manual me in the whole thing I suppose

and do this present day and always

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