God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son I come to you with Arms

Wide Open ready to pour blessings and

victories into your life you have faced

trials sufferings and anxieties in

recent months but today I am here to

wipe away your sorrows and

discouragements your faith is a bright

light admired by many and those who once

mocked you will be astonished and

ashamed those who envied your downfall

will witness your Triumph in this month

I will part the seas of uncertainty and

Lead You towards a land of immense

spiritual blessings guiding you with my

mighty hand you have never been a loser

and you never will be I have reserved

life and strength for you you have the

right to rise prosper and find happiness

when turbulent Waters surround you fear

not for I Am by your side through

turbulent rivers and the Flames of life

you will remain unharmed I have granted

you the power to overcome all obstacles

and nothing shall harm you if you

believe comment I believe if you accept

to receive this plan in your life

demonstrate it in the comments by

writing I embrace it Lord follow the

path of righteousness and the Miracles

you seek will find their way to you

entrust your heart to me fix your Gaze

on my word and walk the path I lay

before you for I will grant you strength

and patience clearing your path of

adversaries the doors of blessings are

wide open for you rise with courage face

challenges with bravery and do not let

fear take hold beautiful days lie ahead

these words are engraved in your heart

and resonate in your soul you will no

longer wake up with discouragement and

sadness the chains that once bound you

are broken and the curses that loomed

over you will vanish forever your hope

will be renewed your smile will shine

and confidence will command respect in

your countenance you are entering a

realm of miraculous wonders and

Supernatural things prepare yourself for

this new life that awaits you and accept

the beautiful gifts humbly guard your

heart and remember who blesses you come

daily listen to my word strengthen your

faith fill your mind with promises to

overcome I am always watching over you

especially this month I will deliver you

from hidden dangers and invisible

attacks walk with Faith Like A

courageous Warrior and do not be

deceived by your enemies no matter who

is against you I am your father and I

defend mine with all my might I will

move Heaven and Earth to ensure your

happiness and blessings I respond to

your suffering protect you in times of

danger and offer assistance in your

needs my eternal support is with you

your family and future

Generations I desire your faith

sincerity obedience perseverance

tenacity and persistence in me my word

and my presence

do not worry about tomorrow your task is

to persevere obey and Trust everything

into my hands I am your father and your

God the time I have given you is not for

worrying if you choose not to trust me

and succumb to anxiety it will bring

sorrow to your heart and illness to your

body give me time seek my face daily

prepare your soul for I open the door to

abundance be ready for happiness

welcome to the world of Miracles nothing

is impossible for me everything is

attainable for you because you have

remain steadfast in your belief in me in

your small faithfulness I will exalt you

greatly pray with faith in times of need

call upon me and I will answer with

great and Supernatural things these

words will grant you a strength you have

never known before you will soar like an

eagle reaching the heights of my

Majestic Glory from there you will

witness the new blessings that await you

you know I do not lie and I love you I

have always come to your Aid when you

needed me and here I am now ready to

lift you up heal you and help you regain

all that is yours do not be discouraged

I am listening protecting and helping

you I am the one who heals liberates

rescues and prospers seek me with all

your heart and never forget the Miracles

I have reserved for you fill yourself

with peace be attentive listen to me

Delight in my word you can feel my

spirit touching you it is time for

changes in your life ask me to ease the

burden of your worries and anxieties and

I will encourage you to fully trust in

my word for I will never forsake you be

attentive to the clues I place along

your path for they indicate that

something truly extraordinary is about

to unfold in your life your heart

overflows with optimism for the

abundance of happiness and joy that

awaits you and with my help you are

capable of facing any challenge that

arises allow me to guide you to the

blessings that will renew your mind and

satisfy your thirsty Soul trust in my

mighty hands to Shield you from life’s

obstacles relieving your mind of all

tension and bringing Full Joy To Your

Existence your goals are not too great

for my grace and I am prepared to reveal

magnificent ideas to you that surpass


expectations you have honed your

strengths and are ready for the next

phase of your journey for my love and

understanding for you are unconditional

despite your

imperfections accept my endless love and

the incredible opportunities one have

prepared for you for you are truly

blessed with each step you take towards

spiritual growth I am by yourself side

ready to guide and strengthen you along

the way your willingness to enhance your

skills and elevate your soul

demonstrates your deep devotion and

desire to align with Divine favor you

honor me with your words and acknowledge

the greatness of my being know that

everything that happens in your life is

enveloped in my infinite wisdom and each

challenge is an opportunity for you to

grow and flourish on your journey by

humbling yourself before me you will

allow my healing energy to flow through

you surrounding you with my loving

protection even in the face of life’s

tensions you maintain happiness in your

heart and therefore I bless you

abundantly I grant you not only good in

place of difficulties but also endless

Joy understanding inner Serenity and

courage to make the right decisions as

it is written in Proverbs

I will guide your paths in all your


the blessings awaiting you are beyond

what you can imagine and I send them to

you with all my love I am grateful for

your life your unwavering faith and your

willingness to walk the path of light

even when darkness attempts to creep in

in times of trial know that my windows

are always open to you ready to refresh

your soul and renew your strength I am

here to guide protect and love you

eternally promise me that you will

always remember our sacred Bond and I

promise to be by your side in every

moment guiding you with love and wisdom

with love God hope this message has been

an inspiration to you if you liked it

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