God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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video because it is a message from God’s

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son today I Turn to You

with words of love and divine promises

guiding you through this unfolding day

like a book full of possibilities know

that abundance will surround every

aspect of your life nurturing growth in

all areas let these words penetrate your

heart as they contain valuable guidance

embrace them tightly allowing them to be

the first Whispers of the morning to

bring you Tranquility an unbreakable

spirit and a peace beyond the ordinary I

promise to give you a new perspective

and a new life but it all begins with

the choice to have faith in me I see

your struggles and efforts and as you

place your hand over your heart I make

you swear to seek me daily regardless of

life’s tumult When Storms Roar in your

soul and anxiety tries to block your

path Whispering that your goals are Out

Of Reach remember that you have the

strength to persevere refuse to listen

to negativity keeping defeat and failure

away from your thoughts for your destiny

is Success focus on what truly matters

Beyond material and individual

achievements take care of your loved

ones prioritizing their well-being and

do not allow old conflicts to persist in

your home throughout this unfolding year

as you choose to walk by my side

something extraordinary will happen

within you it will be as if the fibers

of your being begin to Shimmer with a

new light making you beautifully

different a reflection of the love we

share seek me daily with fervent faith

and my glory will water your home my

presence will dispel forces seeking to

divide your family and steal your joy

Lean on Me rise without fear and face

everything that opposes your destiny the

trials you face are temporary but facing

them fearlessly leads to Victory my

spirit protects you and my word is your

strength keep walking and if you pause

let it be for prayer meditation and rest

there is so much I wish to share with

you believe and understand that you are

valuable ignore those who have tried to

diminish your importance in my eyes

imagine waking up in the morning and

feeling that I am by your side guiding

and comforting you find joy in the small

moments that show how much I care for

you I love you something incredible is

on the way something so extraordinary

that it will change everything for you

and your loved ones I always keep my

promises and you have trusted them with

your faith remember when I told you to

call on me I am about to show you

something amazing in response prepare to

witness it happening take some time to

listen to my teachings again as they

will help you face anyone trying to harm

or take away the good things I have

given you some may be upset or envious

to see you successful but they do not

wish to see your happiness talk to me

every day learn from what I say grow in

wisdom and remain aware of what happens

around you the past years were

challenging I agree but your strong

faith has amazed me as unfolds your

heart is not empty but filled with love

courage and motivation in the coming

months of this year get ready to see

more blessings than ever amazing things

are about to happen it is true so hold

on to that belief firmly move forward

Ward with faith knowing that you carry

my promise of Victory let that beautiful

smile on your face show your bravery

confidence and the strength I have

instilled in you this message grants you

an unbreakable strength Express with

your own words your belief take a moment

to write with your own hands affirming

your faith feel how my Holy Spirit

supports and Embraces you rise with

excitement to walk the path of

achievements and Victory iies follow my

guidance do what I ask and move forward

with courage and Faith confirm that you

have taken this message to heart with

love and belief stand firm reach out

your hands and get ready for the amazing

blessings I will grant you in this year


the past with all its trials and

tribulations begins to fade mistakes and

regrets no longer Define you and witness

the storms dissipate

no black magic malicious gossip or lie

can control you I heard your cries when

you felt lost and scared as if your boat

was sinking I am here to calm the Sea

and the storms for you my hand guards

and protects you I extend my love to you

and my presence will be a constant in

your life my perception of you will

remain unwavering I arrive to bestow

upon you Freedom honoring the promises I

make resist the urge to cling to the

burdensome past and shield your mind

from the intrusive Shadows of dark

thoughts you are mine I stand as your

companion Advocate ready to defend you

and present compelling evidence for your

Liberation you will emerge from the

confinement of depression and I shall

extract the roots of Despair anointing

you with the oil of Joy today I lay my

hands upon your thoughts offering

healing to your life take time to rest

shed tears express your emotions and

share everything you feel whether aloud

or in silence I am committed to

transforming your sorrow into joy

release concerns about the opinions of

others attend to the well-being of your

loved ones and stay focused on your

spiritual journey Liberation from heavy

burdens is now yours if weariness Creeps

in lean on me for I will support you no

Force can impede your progress your home

is destined for peace challenges will

dissipate persist in your spiritual

journey let truth and kindness guide

your words clasp my hand together we

will confront challenges place your

trust in me for no harm shall befall you

always bear in mind that I deeply care

for you seek Solace under my protective

Embrace anticipate blessings on their

way your concerns will gradually fade

refuse to be haunted by the past Advance

with the assurance that you are

cherished with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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