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said my dear son I want you to surrender

this burden to me ask for my strength

wisdom and peace of mind I will lift the

heavy yoke from your neck and Grant you

victory over your stress and depression

the pain in your chest will vanish when

my Healing Hand touches you may my power

bring Liberation now at this very moment

a spiritual period has come to an end

the season of allowing certain things in

your life needs to finish that’s why it

feels like doors are closing and people

are letting you down it is I who

interrupts things to direct your heart

back to me my word says that I show my

loving kindness to lead you to


the blockages are of my making because I

want you to seek my will for your life I

am bringing about significant changes in

your lives for some I will remove people

who do not care about your destiny they

only care about their own interests not

out of genuine love for you but I will

change things and realign relationships

according to my Divine Purpose you have

struggled because you have adapted to

these Dynamics for too long as you turn

to me I will grant understanding and

peace look to me to show the next steps

I will guide you on my righteous path

some of you do not understand why I am

reorganizing things it is because I am

working even now I see many of you

needing a shift in spiritual Direction

which is why areas of life seem unstable

it is for your good that I disturb

comfortable patterns if things remain

the same you would not seek my will

receive this word in the name of your

lord type that I embrace my power to

affirm a spirit of neglect has persisted

for too long by my authority I command

it to leave now I am acting in your

heart bitterness resentment and

unforgiveness have kept you emotionally

captive but I am releasing you at this

moment there is a child of God here who

has been held captive by these feelings

it is time for Liberation open your

heart to receive my healing and

forgiveness meanwhile trust in my

unwavering love and wisdom I see the

struggles you face and I am with you in

every trial do not succumb to despair or

doubt for I am your strength and refuge

lean on me and find comfort in my

presence as you navigate the challenges

ahead remember that I am working all

things for your good though the path may

be difficult I I will safely guide you

to your destination trust in my plan and

have faith that I am leading you to a

place of abundance and fulfillment

continue to pray sincerely and seek my

guidance in all things your faithfulness

and obedience will be rewarded beyond

measure I am faithful to fulfill my

promises and will never forsake you

remain steadfast in your confidence in

me and you will see beauty arise From

the Ashes of your trials the dawn of a

new day is approaching full of Hope and

blessings Beyond Your Wildest

imagination so hold fast to your faith

for I am always with you guiding you

with love and grace as you continue to

walk in faith and obedience you will

experience the fullness of my blessings

your faithfulness will be rewarded and

you will see my hand at work in every

aspect of your life keep your eyes fixed

on me the author and finisher of your

faith and know that I am leading you to

a future filled with hope and prosperity

I am always with you guiding and

protecting so rest in my love and cast

aside your worries I am the god who

holds the universe in my hands and I

will never let you fall trust in me and

you will find peace amid life storms I

will make your path straight trust in my

wisdom and my unfailing love for I am

the one who holds your future in my

hands though the journey may be

challenging at times know that I am

always with you leading and guiding

every step of the way as you continue to

seek me with all your heart I will

reveal my plans to you in due time be

patient and Trust in my timing for I

know what is best for you do not fear

the unknown for I am the god of all

comfort and I will never forsake you so

lift your head my beloved child and walk

with confidence knowing that I am with

you trust in my promises for they are

firm and true your breakthrough is on

the horizon and I will fulfill every

purpose I have ordained for your life

keep your eyes fixed on me and I will

lead you to the Abundant Life I have

prepared for you and rekindle our

relationship I am always here ready to

welcome you with open arms do not let

feelings of distance or doubt keep you

from experiencing the fullness of my

love and presence come to me with

humility and sincerity and I will draw

near to you trust in the power of my

blood to Break Every curse and free you

from the snares of the enemy you are

under my protection and I will deliver

you from every obstacle in your path by

seeking my will above all else I will

guide you step by step to the destiny I

have prepared for you trust in my wisdom

and timing and free yourself from the

need to control every outcome surrender

completely to me and I will lead you

into a season of clarity freedom and

Abundant Life remember my beloved child

you are never alone I am always with you

guiding protecting and empowering you to

victory trust in me and together we will

overcome every obstacle and fulfill

every purpose I have for your life for

those who feel like they have been

wandering in the desert for too long

long without an oasis in sight hear me

when I say I am the Living Water ready

to quench your thirst and revive your

weary Soul trust in me and I will lead

you to Springs of water that never run

dry for those who feel like they are

going through the fire flames licking at

your heels and threatening to consume

you fear not for it is I Who Walks With

You Through the flames protecting you

from all harm though the fire May Roar

around you it will not touch you for I

am your refuge and Fortress for those

who feel lost and alone like sheep

without a Shepherd I tell you that I am

the Good Shepherd who lays down his life

for his sheep I will leave the to

seek the one that is lost and when I

find it I will rejoice with singing so

come my beloved children and find rest

for your souls lay your burdens on me

and I will give you rest even though

storms may rage and Mountain Mountain

May tremble I am with you always trust

in me and I will renew your strength I

am always with you guiding protecting

and empowering trust in my unfailing

love for it will sustain you through

every trial and tribulation by releasing

the burdens of the past into my hands I

will carry them for you lightening your

load and freeing you to embrace the new

season I have prepared for you with love

God hope this message has been an

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