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said my dear son today amidst eternity

and the vastness of my love I wish to

envelop you in words of affection

guidance and promises that transcend the

boundaries of time reflect reflecting on

the truths expressed in the Holy

scriptures you mentioned I feel a

profound urge to share with you the

fullness of my love and the Deep purpose

I have for your life I fondly recall the

special moment when I shared words of

encouragement with the believing Jews I

told them that by continuing to follow

my teachings they would truly become my

followers and experience the truth that

brings Freedom John

this is my fervent desire for a close

and ongoing relationship with you truth

is not just a complex concept it is

something alive and that something is me

when you stay connected to my teachings

you come into contact with a truth that

not only sets you free but also

transforms you in remarkable ways it’s

like a light that dispels Darkness

revealing the beauty and Clarity that

exist on the path I have laid out for

you when I speak of Freedom I’m not only

referring to physical freedom but

Liberation from the chains that bind

your soul the truth I offer is a healing

bomb for the deepest wounds a Liberation

that transcends Earthly

limitations by embracing my truth you

will find release from burdens that have

weighed on your heart and mind my word

is alive and active like a perennial

source of wisdom and guidance in the

scriptures you find not just words but

The Narrative of my unwavering love for

all Humanity every page every verse is a

testimony to my commitment to lead you

to a full and meaningful life when I

mentioned to my followers about abiding

in me I meant an intimate connection a

relationship that goes beyond religious

formalities it’s a union of Hearts a

shared Journey where your life finds

meaning in the pursuit of my will by

abiding in me you will discover a

constant communion that strengthens

consoles and guides I want you to

understand the depth of my love it’s not

conditional it’s Eternal and

unconditional in every word I spoke in

Every Act of Grace I revealed my

constant desire to envelop you in love

just like a father longing for the

well-being of his child so is my

constant desire for you as you consider

the promises in the Holy scriptures

recognize that each one is a tangible

expression of my commitment the promise

of Freedom forgiveness guidance and

peace are gifts I offer with an open

heart each one is a thread of Hope

weaving the fabric of your journey when

I speak of the truth that brings Freedom

I’m talking about a deeper understanding

of the purpose of your existence true

freedom is finding meaning in my will

living in alignment with the principles

I outline for you you it’s a journey of

Discovery and growth a constant

transformation as you draw nearer to me

child never forget that your journey is

not solitary I am always with you

guiding loving and sustaining you every

step you take in the pursuit of Truth

and freedom is a step toward the

fullness of life I desire for you let my

love envelop every aspect of your life

embrace the truths I have shared with

you and let them become the compass that

guides your steps on this path you will

find not only freedom but a deep

communion with me a relationship that

transcends time and

circumstances my beloved child the depth

of my love for you knows no bounds

please receive these words as a gentle

Echo emanating from the core of my being

an Earnest invitation to embark on a

journey with me that delves into deeper

and more profound meanings always always

know that I am by your side Arms Wide

Open eagerly anticipating the

opportunity to share with you the

overwhelming abundance of my love and

the inexhaustible richness of my

promises as we contemplate the concept

of Faith capable of moving mountains as

eloquently expressed in Mark

it is Paramount to fully grasp the

extraordinary potency inherent in

unwavering Faith picture it as if

through the steadfastness of your belief

you could relocate mountains and

submerge them into the vastness of the

sea your faith possesses the

extraordinary ability to surmount life’s

challenges guard against allowing doubt

to cast Shadows over the remarkable

nature of my power and the boundless

love I have for you embrace your belief

with unwavering confidence in the

enormity of what we can achieve together

turning our attention to the prayer

imparted in in Matthew

– I wish to underscore the precious

and intimate nature of our communion

when you address me as father you not

only acknowledge but also celebrate our

profound Connection in your pursuit of

my kingdom and adherence to my will you

will not only uncover guidance but also

the revelation of my redeeming love in

your life understand that prayer is more

than a routine it serves as a vital Bond

sustaining and invigorating our

connection with every word and thought

directed towards me we fortify our

connection enabling you to more

profoundly experience my love and

understand my purpose for you reflecting

on the Timeless promise of Mercy

compassion and forgiveness encapsulated

in Exodus – I feel compelled to

reiterate my compassionate Essence I am

the god whose compassion knows no bounds

whose anger is patient whose kindness is

abundant and whose truth stands

unwavering my forgiveness Knows No

Limits and the vast expanse of my Mercy

envelopes your

transgressions even in the darkest

moments it is my desire that you sense

the embracing warmth of my love consider

the profound statement in John

where I declare I am the light of the

world whoever follows me will not walk

in dark Darkness but will have the light

of life this goes beyond a mere

Proclamation it extends a personal

invitation to walk hand inand with me in

the light of Truth and Revelation

through our connection you will discover

the true essence of life and The Guiding

illumination that brightens every step

of your journey remember I am always

here Arms Wide Open eagerly awaiting the

opportunity to share with you the

overwhelming abundance of my love and

the inexhaustible richness of my

promises with love God hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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