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world God said my dear son today I come

to you with a message of love and

urgency for the uncertain times in which

we live call for our attention and

discernment in this world full of

challenges and uncertainties it is

imperative that you be vigilant and wise

not allowing every new idea or passing

distraction to divert your focus from

what is truly important we live in an

era of turmoil and upheaval but also of

unprecedented opportunities to manifest

my power and love in surprising ways

despite the darkness that seems to

spread around us my light continues to

shine brightly my children are bearers

of this light Guided by my my spirit and

clothed with my authority to resist evil

and be agents of transformation in a

needy World therefore I urge you to

remain steadfast in my word and to trust

in the discernment that I grant you to

distinguish between right and wrong this

is the time to be wise and perceptive to

understand the signs of the times and to

act wisely in the face of the

circumstances we face do not be swayed

by every new idea or notion that AR es

but seek my guidance and direction in

all your decisions for even amidst the

darkness that threatens to engulf the

world my light continues to shine

Illuminating the path of those who trust

in me recently in response to your

prayers my spirit touched your heart

alerting you to the importance of acting

with caution at this time trust fully in

my wisdom and timing for they are

perfect and never fail remember that my

thoughts are higher than yours and my

ways are higher than yours in the face

of the difficulties and challenges you

face I encourage you to look to me the

author and perfector of your faith even

when everything seems dark and hopeless

I remain Sovereign and worthy of your

trust therefore do not be overwhelmed by

fear or anxiety but keep your eyes fixed

on me the source of your strength and

hope as we approach the end time s

spiritual activity in the heavens

increases and the veil between the

natural and Supernatural worlds grows

thinner therefore it is more important

than ever that you maintain your

intimacy with me and keep your spiritual

senses attuned to the frequency of

Heaven for it is only in this way that

you will be able to discern my plans and

purposes for your life and for the world

around you do not fear the difficulties

and challenges you face for I am with

you at all times trust in my word and my

promise that all things work together

for the good of those who love me and

are called according to my purpose

remain steadfast in faith for I will

work wonders through you and use you as

an instrument of my love and Power in

this world you are like a river of

living water flowing from within you

destined to bring life and hope to the

desperate in the Days to Come As You

Stand in your true identity and

Authority as a beloved Warrior filled

with the spirit of God your kingdom will

shine brightly piercing the darkness and

proclaiming my glory to the ends of the

Earth it is essential that you remain

connected to the source which is Jesus

Christ allowing your life to be flooded

with my presence and power just as a

branch can only bear fruit if it remains

in the vine so too will you only reach

your fullest purpose when you are rooted

in me therefore for stand firm in my

word letting it guide every step you

take and be sensitive to the leading of

the Holy Spirit who will guide you in

all your ways as the times and purposes

of God unfold before you trust fully in

my sovereignty and unmatched wisdom

though the challenges may seem

overwhelming and the circumstances

tumultuous know that I am in control of

all things and that nothing is beyond my

redeeming power therefore do not be

shaken by fear or uncertainty but trust

in me with all your heart knowing that I

will make all things work together for

your good you have been called to be an

agent of transformation in this Fallen

World a channel through which my love

and power can flow freely be attentive

to the voice of my spirit who will

Empower you to do marvelous Works in my

name set the captives free heal the

brokenhearted and Proclaim freedom to

the captiv

in every action and word let my light

shine through you Illuminating the

darkest places with the hope and love

that can only be found in me however as

you advance in this calling be aware of

the enemy’s traps that seek to divert

you from your purpose there are false

and deceptive voices that seek to seow

confusion and discouragement among my

children therefore it is crucial that

you remain alert and Vigilant testing

every SP spirit in the light of my word

and the testimony of my Holy Spirit

within you do not be swayed by

conspiracy theories or strange doctrines

but stand firm in the truth that has

been revealed through the scriptures and

confirmed by the testimony of my spirit

this is a time of spiritual discernment

and maturity where those who are truly

mine will be separated from false

prophets and deceivers always remember

that you have been chosen and appointed

by me for this time and generation you

are a vessel in the hands of the Potter

molded and prepared to fulfill my

eternal purposes therefore do not fear

the difficulties or challenges that may

arise in your path for I am with you and

will Empower you to overcome every

obstacle that stands before you I want

to express to you the importance of

spiritual caution wisdom and discernment

in these tumultuous times I do not

desire for you to dismiss teachers and

Ministries hastily on the contrary my

desire is for all Christians to seek

these deeper virtues remain anchored in

my eternal word instead of impulsively

reacting to every alarming news or

theory that arises if you value my word

declare the word of God is my Foundation

I have given you a sound mind and the

ability to reason walking intimately

with the Holy Spirit does not mean

ignoring your intellect on the contrary

I invite you to surrender your mental

faculties to the leadership of the Holy

Spirit he will bring order to your

thoughts granting you Clarity and

discernment therefore do not accept

every teaching without first praying for

wisdom and Examining the Scriptures

ground yourself in the solid foundation

of my word not in the shifting Sands of

public opinion conspiracy theories or

alarmism listen to The Gentle Whisper of

the Holy Spirit which brings correction

Direction and Revelation aligned with

Biblical truth keep your eyes fixed on

Jesus the author and perfector of your

faith now let us unite our hearts in

fervent prayer focus and do not yield to

distractions for the enemy will try to

divert you from this moment of

connection with me receive this message

and our prayer as a blessing

feel invited to remain with me until the

end to receive all the blessings we have

to share trust in me my child I am with

you every step of the way illuminating

your path with my Truth and Love

continue to seek me with faith and

devotion and I will guide you with my

mighty hand with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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