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said my dear son in this sacred moment

when we connect through words I want to

envelop you with my unconditional and

infinite love I feel every beat of your

heart know every thought that crosses

your mind and present in Every Breath

You Take as your heavenly father I

desire to share with you the depths of

my love and the breadth of my promises

amidst the vicissitudes of life it is

natural for you to seek stability

guidance and comfort allow me to be your

firm rock your safe refuge and your

endless source of strength and peace in

moments of Joy I Rejoice with you in

moments of sadness I embrace you with my

comforting arms in every moment I am

with you walking by your side and

guiding you with my Divine Light I want

you to know that your steps are Guided

by my loving hand You Are Not Alone on

this journey I am with you every step of

the way when you feel lost or

discouraged remember that I am the

beacon that illuminates your path in the

darkness trust in me and allow me to

guide you through life storms for I have

the power to calm turbulent Waters and

bring peace to your troubled heart I

also want you to understand the depth of

my love for you it is a love that

surpasses all human understanding a love

that never fails and never gives up no

matter who you are or what you have done

my love for you remains unchanged there

is no sin too great that can separate

you from my love I am always ready to

forgive restore and renew just turn to

me with all your heart and the doors of

my love love will always be open to you

as your heavenly father I desire to

bless you in every area of your life I

want your faith to be strengthened your

health to be restored your relationships

to be harmonized and your prosperity to

be multiplied I am not only the god of

great blessings but also the god of

small details I am attentive to the

smallest details of your life and meet

your needs even before you express them

in prayer I want you to know that I am

with you in moments of joy and moments

of Sorrow I do not abandon you or forget

you but I am always by your side holding

your hand and guiding you with love and

grace if you feel your strength failing

remember that my grace is sufficient for

you in me you will find the strength you

need to face life’s challenges and

overcome all adversity I also want to

encourage you to keep your eyes fixed on

me even when the world around you seems

to crumble remember that my love for you

is eternal and unchanging and nothing in

this world can separate you from my love

trust in me and my faithfulness for I

have the power to turn your tears into

smiles and your mourning into songs of

Joy I want you to live a life of purpose

and meaning a life that reflects my

glory and grace do not settle for a

mediocre existence but aspire to great

things in my name remember that you were

created in my image and likeness and

that you have within you the potential

to accomplish great deeds in my name do

not be afraid to dream my dreams and

reach for the stars for I am with you to

empower and equip you for every good

work I also want to encourage you to

maintain intimate communion with me

through prayer and meditation on my word

these are the means by which you can

strengthen your faith renew your mind

and receive Direction and guidance

idance for your life do not

underestimate the power of prayer for it

is through prayer that miracles happen

and the heavens open over you I want you

to know that I am always willing to

listen to you and answer your prayers do

not hesitate to bring me your requests

concerns and joys for I am always

attentive to The Cry of your heart

remember that prayer is not only a way

to ask for what you want but also a way

to connect with me and align your your

will with mine I want to encourage you

to cultivate an attitude of gratitude

and praise even in the most adverse

circumstances of life thank me for all

the blessings you have received for all

the Miracles you have witnessed and for

all the provisions you have experienced

remember that gratitude is the secret to

a life of contentment and satisfaction

for it opens the doors to more blessings

and favors from me I also want you to

practice is forgiveness and compassion

toward others as I have shown toward you

do not hold on to the past or Harbor

resentment in your heart but free

yourself from the burden of resentment

and bitterness remember that forgiveness

is an act of love and freedom both for

you and for those who have hurt you by

forgiving you free yourself to live a

full and Abundant Life in me May the

words of my love and encouragement sink

deep into your heart and transform your

life from the inside out May you always

remember that you are loved cherished

and valued beyond measure by me your

heavenly father walk in the confidence

of my love knowing that I am with you

always to the End of the Age following

in the footsteps of my son Jesus Christ

you will experience a profound and


transformation he is the way the truth

and the life and in him you will find

the fullness of life you desire so much

may your heart be open to receive his

words of life and hope and may your life

reflect his love and grace I desire to

bless you in all areas of your life may

your finances be prosperous your health

vigorous and your relationships

uplifting May the light of my Love Shine

through you Illuminating the world

around you and bringing hope and healing

to those nearby never fear the

adversities of life for I am with you to

guide and protect you even in the

toughest moments you can trust in my

faithfulness and my power to sustain you

always remember my promises for they are

like anchors for your soul amidst life

storms when you feel weak or discouraged

remember to seek my strength and comfort

in prayer I am always ready to listen

and respond to your needs with love and

compassion never feel alone for I am

your refuge and strength your ever

present help in times of trouble I want

you to know that I have wonderful plans

for you plans for peace and not for harm

to give you a future full of Hope trust

in me and surrender completely to my

will for I have the best reserved for

you walk with faith and courage knowing

that I am with you in every moment and

that nothing can separate you from my

love may my peace which surpasses all

understanding fill your heart and mind

keeping you in Christ Jesus may your

life be a source of blessings and

inspiration to all around you revealing

the transformative power of my love and

grace with love God hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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