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said my dear son in the midst of the

Sorrows Weighing on your heart know that

the light of my love continues to shine

upon you even in the deepest Shadows my

compassionate gaze never ceases to

contemplate every f fiber of your being

you are a masterpiece of my creation

molded in my image and in your being I

see the beauty of a precious Soul the

Eternal promise of my love is the anchor

that sustains you even when others fail

and abandon let me wrap you in the

serenity of my spirit a gentle whisper

that brings Comfort to your weary soul

in moments of greatest despair when

anxiety threatens to suffocate I offer

the peace that surpasses all

understanding trust in me to dispel the

anger and resentment you carry

forgiveness is the key that frees your

soul not only for others but above all

for yourself know that I am not here to

condemn but to heal and restore all that

is broken within you feel my presence as

a torrent of Peace flowing through every

part of your being let me carry the

burdens you insist on bearing alone lay

at my feet the worries and pain pains

that have weighed on your heart I am

capable of bearing the weight for I am

your God always ready to welcome and

forgive allow me to fill you with the

power of my spirit the same power that

raised Jesus from the dead this power is

the promise that just as I conquered sin

and death I can bring restoration to

your life keep your eyes fixed on me the

source of Hope and Redemption trust that

even in the most challenging


I am able to do far more than you can

ask or imagine do not feel alone my

child even in moments when my presence

seems silent I am by your side holding

your hand in the darkness my promise is

eternal I will never leave you nor will

I forsake you feel the security of this

truth in your heart call upon me seek me

and you will find me knock and the door

of my love will open to welcome you you

persist in prayer in seeking my word

draw near to me and I will draw near to

you I know the deepest desires of your

heart the dreams and passions I place

there with a Divine Purpose offer me

these gifts allow me to use them for my

glory what you consider broken can

become an expression of my grace and

healing feel my peace penetrating every

fiber of your being let it wash away the

pains and angers that have kept you

bound understand that you were not made

to carry these burdens alone let me bear

the weight while you breathe deeply

absorbing my love and light with each

breath allow the darkness sorrow and

pain to dissipate with each exhale let

my joy grow within your spirit an

unshakable joy that transcends external

circumstances rejoice in being who you

are for every detail of your existence

Delights me there are there are no parts

of you that I do not love walk with your

head held high recognizing that you are

loved by the King of Kings declared

innocent before my Throne you don’t need

to prove anything for you are already

accepted and approved in my eyes rest in

this truth as you Journey Through Life

Trust in my perfect wisdom guiding each

of your steps even in days of delight

and the darkest nights remember that I

am with you keep your Fus focus on me in

moments of Joy so you won’t lose your

way and in difficult times look to me to

find Hope understand that my purpose for

you is to mold you into the image of

Christ in character let me replace

impatience with peace cruelty with

kindness Pride with humility and hatred

with love come to me for help in

reflecting my character allowing the

Holy Spirit to produce spiritual fruits

in your life submission may be

challenging but remember that you were

not made for Independence but for

interdependence on me and the community

I placed around you know that I know you

completely the good and the Ugly yet my

love for you is full and

unconditional there are no secrets that

surprise me or distance my love be

authentic with me without censorship

speak to me about your fears sins wounds

and doubts bring everything into the

light for my grace covers it all trust

that I am closer to you than the very

air you breathe the invitation you

extended to me in your heart marked the

moment we became one you are the temple

where my spirit dwells and my presence

is with you every step loneliness is a

call to draw nearer to me and I will

guide you to authentic and uplifting

relationships confess your sins share

your burdens with others and pray for

one another this is the essence of life

In My Kingdom know that even before you

reach the home prepared for you I am

guiding each of your steps the question

is not if but when I will welcome you

home with open arms the choice is yours

now go into the world carrying the grace

and love that I have shared with you be

tolerant patient forgive and love others

well just as I love you leave judgment

to me and focus on Love free free

yourself from regret and shame from the

past lie fully for me today for that is

what truly matters keep your eyes on the

future not the rear view mirror Victory

is a daily choice to recommit and follow

me even if you stumble or fall rise and

keep walking my Mercy is renewed every

morning I can redeem your past and

transform your future even in moments of

loneliness know that you were never

truly alone alone I am closer than the

air you breathe the journey may be

uncertain but trust that I guide it in

days of calm Waters and Green Pastures

or in days of fire and floods I am with

you when your strength is depleted I

will lift you up and carry you close to

my heart in this journey called life you

will never be without me the question is

not if but when I will welcome you home

with open arms in the land I have

prepared for you

the choice is yours now go into the

world carrying the same Grace and love

that I have shared with you with love

God hope this message has been an

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